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multiple8-Feb-2000personal attributesMaggie by votes1021154.7%


What is your natural eye color?

Not with contacts in.

17They change depending on what I am wearing.
13They change depending on my mood.
4They change depending on the time of day.

posted 8-Feb-2000 3:03pm  
My eyes are mostly green, and they change depending on what I'm wearing, and the time of day and the lighting in the room.
Maarten Happy Birthday to Me
posted 8-Feb-2000 3:36pm  
posted 8-Feb-2000 3:59pm  
posted 8-Feb-2000 4:00pm  
blue. Many people have commented on what a pretty color my eyes are. One person even used the word enchanting!
posted 8-Feb-2000 4:19pm  
blue within blue
posted 8-Feb-2000 4:34pm  
My eyes are normally a blue-grey, but will change color to green depending on my mood and what I'm wearing.
posted 8-Feb-2000 5:03pm  
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 8-Feb-2000 5:41pm  
Hazel. They change a lot, depending on what I'm wearing, generally on the blue to green scale. They have lots of little flecks of different colors in them.
posted 8-Feb-2000 6:13pm  
Mine are blue
posted 8-Feb-2000 7:38pm  
posted 8-Feb-2000 7:55pm  
Blue, but almost a hazel color sometimes.
posted 8-Feb-2000 8:02pm  
Eyes can change color based on mood? I wish mine did that...
Maarten Happy Birthday to Me
posted 8-Feb-2000 8:13pm  
Never heard of it either, Pom!
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 8-Feb-2000 10:43pm  
Mine change from hazel to green to gray to blue to brown depending on my mood.
posted 8-Feb-2000 10:59pm  
Blue. The best shade of blue. I have pretty blue eyes.
posted 9-Feb-2000 9:02am  
They change, but what that depends on I haven't noticed.
posted 9-Feb-2000 9:21am  
Sorta hazely grey.
posted 9-Feb-2000 10:10am  
My official eye colour (the one in my passport) is 'Mixed Colours'. They're generally green, though, tending to hazel. The colour does change, though I'm not sure what causes the changes.
bill Survey Central Gold Subscriber Gold Star Survey Creator
posted 9-Feb-2000 10:11am  
I think people tend to be narcissistic about their eyes.
posted 9-Feb-2000 10:31am  
Blue or green- they change
posted 9-Feb-2000 11:10am  
The eyes of my soul are a fiery red > * smile *
posted 9-Feb-2000 11:17am  
bill, I've noticed that also, and I always feel a little embarrassed and ridiculous when discussing eye color.
posted 9-Feb-2000 12:13pm  

I want to see photos of someone's eyes changing colour with their mood!!! they? jonathan?
posted 9-Feb-2000 2:23pm  
I know a few people who have an eye that is half one color and half another. I really like eyes like that.
posted 9-Feb-2000 3:43pm  
"Little girl with blue eyes there's a hole in your heart... And one between your legs... You've never had to wonder which one he's going ot fill... In spite of what he says..." ~Pulp
posted 9-Feb-2000 5:57pm  
Mine are camo colored - brown, green, and yellow.
posted 9-Feb-2000 6:45pm  
natsim: I didn't believe it until a number of different people told me, I've only witnessed it once myself. My eyes apparently get more green the more aroused I get.
posted 9-Feb-2000 7:21pm  
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 9-Feb-2000 7:58pm  
Mine turn an emerald green color when I cry. Blue when I'm happy.. and the rest of the time it varies.
posted 10-Feb-2000 2:05pm  
jonathan, they: Amazing. I've noticed that the colour of mine depends either on reflected colour or pupil dilation (since my eye colour is brownish near the centre, then green, then dark blue), but that doesn't explain mood changes. I wonder if it's a green-eye thing. Maybe I should pay attention to mine....
posted 10-Feb-2000 2:45pm  
I think pupil dilation probably has a lot to do with mood. Arousal most certainly does -- don't know how other emotions affect pupils, though.
posted 10-Feb-2000 4:19pm  
Blue with flecks of gray.
posted 10-Feb-2000 9:27pm  
jonathan: maybe because there is less blood going to them, so they get less red, which means more green?

It could also be that the observer's ability to see green is increasing the more aroused *they* get. Kind of like that thing where people look more attractive the more you drink...
posted 12-Feb-2000 4:09pm  
posted 13-Feb-2000 12:11am  
Light blue, ranging at times towards cyan, sky, aqua, cornflower, grey, or silver. They tend to reflect my clothes and the light around me, and sometimes my mood - when I cry, they turn this intense aqua-green.
posted 14-Feb-2000 1:26pm  
SueBee Survey Central Subscriber
posted 16-Feb-2000 2:10am  
Mostly hazel, but they do often look more blue or green depending on what I'm wearing.
Wicksy Gold Star Survey Creator
posted 16-Feb-2000 8:03am  
posted 17-Feb-2000 8:39pm  
All you people who click on Blue, only wish your eyes were blue!
Maarten Happy Birthday to Me
posted 17-Feb-2000 9:14pm  
Weezie: why would people lie about their eye color??
posted 17-Feb-2000 9:23pm  
vos...I believe this is a syndrome seen many times with those who have blue eyes. It's called the "You only wish your eyes were as blue and pretty as mine" syndrome.
My ex husband suffered from this. There is no cure  * smile *
Maarten Happy Birthday to Me
posted 18-Feb-2000 8:22am  
TwM: Thatīs pretty pathetic!
Wicksy Gold Star Survey Creator
posted 18-Feb-2000 8:40am  
vos: Two rather disparaging comments in a row from you....not had sex recently!?
Maarten Happy Birthday to Me
posted 18-Feb-2000 8:46am  
Wicksy: Donīt you think itīs pathetic to say to other people "You only wish your eyes were as blue and pretty as mine?". Itīs so childish.
Wicksy Gold Star Survey Creator
posted 18-Feb-2000 8:50am  
vos- I'll wait for TwM to comment!!
posted 18-Feb-2000 10:31am  
When I'm in a bad mood they turn green, good mood they're blue,when I'm sick they're brown.
posted 18-Feb-2000 7:30pm  
I think my ex husband is pathetic...yes  * wink *
posted 19-Feb-2000 10:43am  
whats disparaging abut what vos said? He's right in saying its pretty pathetic to say that people would lie about their eye color dont you think?
posted 19-Feb-2000 1:47pm  
I found nothing disparaging about what vos said.......but that crack about him not having sex was kinda rude, Wicksy. What's up with that?

posted 20-Feb-2000 2:32am  
He only wishes vos hadn't had sex recently?
posted 20-Feb-2000 3:04pm  
Maarten Happy Birthday to Me
posted 20-Feb-2000 3:49pm  
I didnīt get it either...
Wicksy Gold Star Survey Creator
posted 21-Feb-2000 8:17am  
Twister/Vos: Sorry, I was jet lagged....I didn't know what I was saying!!
posted 21-Feb-2000 1:48pm  
Mine eyes are hazel green with a ring of copper and a ring of blue. I have beautiful eyes.
bill Survey Central Gold Subscriber Gold Star Survey Creator
posted 22-Feb-2000 7:15am  
see what I mean?
posted 22-Feb-2000 11:27pm  
bill  * laughing out loud *
Maarten Happy Birthday to Me
posted 22-Feb-2000 11:49pm  
bill: yep, pretty narcissistic!
posted 24-Feb-2000 10:16pm  
This from the guy who has upwards of fifty pictures of himself on his web site. LOL
posted 25-Feb-2000 12:23am  
This from the guy who outwardly and honestly claims to be narcissistic when it comes to pictures of himself.  * wink *
posted 25-Feb-2000 12:55am  
GREEN!!! I wouldn't have it any other way!
posted 13-Mar-2000 6:21pm  
Sometimes a bright gold, sometimes a dark brown, sometimes all three and also a nice green.
posted 24-Apr-2000 4:44pm  
very grey
posted 24-May-2000 10:16pm  
Blue-ish, they can look grey or green depending on what I'm wearing, or which colours are around me.
posted 3-Jan-2006 3:30pm  
my eyes are awkward. They were blue when i was born but at the age of five became bluish gray, then gray, and now they are grey green. When i crie they turn blue with green close to the pupil. Can anybody tell me what my final eye colour will be?
posted 3-Jan-2006 3:31pm  
green eyes rock! I heard they are the rarest in the world...hehehe
posted 15-Nov-2006 5:38pm  
My eyes are a strange mix of grey-green and I can never actually pin point their exact colour,they have also been known to change colour (solid blue to solid brown has been known). I have had every basic colour in my eyes at one time.Yeah extremely weird if you look there is grey,running into blue,it then merged into a greenish colour but the camera killed it,then hazel and brown.
I would be grateful if anyone could tell me what eye colour this is as it's bugged me for many years now. (please no mocking the tired red eyes,lack of sleep is a b*#+@)

If I was guessing i'd say my eye colour is grey and it just picks up the other colours from my surroundings.

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