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single14-Oct-2004media/entertainmentEyesOfCharisma unsorted54745.1%


What are the names of your pornos?

porno - creative activity of no literary or artistic value other than to stimulate sexual desire

4My pornos names are:
5I don't know the names of my pornos
21I don't have any pornos
5I don't want to tell you

they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 14-Oct-2004 1:44am  
I don't have any pornos..

My man has one named Backseat drivers #6.
posted 14-Oct-2004 1:53am  
I'm not interested in things without artistic value. Things without artistic value don't stimulate sexual desire.
Not for me at least.
posted 14-Oct-2004 2:44am  
What pornos?
posted 14-Oct-2004 8:56am  
I don't have any pornos.
posted 14-Oct-2004 9:00am  
pornos? what's a porno? (short attention span...)
posted 14-Oct-2004 9:23am  
Don't have any; never have.
posted 14-Oct-2004 9:24am  
I,m guessing you mean names of movies I own?......... I have a XXX porno channel on my cable so I dont have any
posted 14-Oct-2004 9:26am  
Saw one last night called "Black in the saddle"..kind of amused me
posted 14-Oct-2004 11:00am  
I own three VHS tapes of the pornographic variety. The titles are: "Big bewb Tramps", "Home Movie Edition 3" and "Irresistible".
posted 14-Oct-2004 11:15am  
I threw them out a while ago cause they were on VHS. No more VHS for me.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 14-Oct-2004 12:36pm  
Don't have any.
posted 14-Oct-2004 12:37pm  
I don't remember the exact names, but they're all lesbian, girl-on-girl realted.
posted 14-Oct-2004 2:19pm  
ok here are mine... SOME WERE GIVIN TO ME AS A JOKE!!!!
1.Why not cum bi too
2. Where the boys arent
3. BYE-bi Buenos aires
4. Chicks with dicks (not good)
5. Purgaatory (MEOW)
6. Auto suck
7. Passion of the ass.
8. All star big bewb's
9. 5 star Kira
10. The gangbang girl #28 (I don't recomend this one)
11. Screw my wife please.
That is all love
BerrieGrrl 14 year anniversary at Survey Central today!
posted 14-Oct-2004 3:33pm  
i don't own any, but the names of porno movies crack me up! i remember seeing one once called 'knob gobblins"...whatever. i'd love to sit in on a meeting with the people that name the movies!
posted 14-Oct-2004 3:55pm  
StarBallz, and this one is a collection of Edgar Allan Poe porn a friend gave me. The Black Cat, Masque of the Red Death and all that. Those are the only ones I "own" and Starballz is purely entertainment value - they spoof a bunch of movies and it's animated.
(reply to EyesOfCharisma) posted 14-Oct-2004 3:56pm  
So . . . which ones do you recommend?
(reply to moviesnob) posted 14-Oct-2004 4:06pm  
Passion of the ass is good, except this one guy keeps mumbling in french, screw my wife please, I like that premise, but was done poorly, Where the boys arent is a good one, and well, the rest suck... Too bad you can't check them out before you buy them... rolls eyes
(reply to EyesOfCharisma) posted 14-Oct-2004 4:59pm  

> bad you can't check them out before you buy them... rolls eyes

I agree completely! And some of the wall-to-wall ones, they might have, like ONE good scene in them!
(reply to leahdoll) posted 14-Oct-2004 5:11pm  
You walk through a room with like 5,000 porns, and you are supposed to pick!! It is horrible, I have actually scratched the living hell out of one, because I hated it, and returned it saying "they were there" laughing out loud But whatever, the porn had NOTHING saying it was completely in spanish! We muted it, and made our commentary...But then it was just a laugh, nothing to get ya hot!
posted 14-Oct-2004 9:45pm  
I don't know the names but I ordered a bunch of oldies, you know; "the young woman in the film might be your grandmother" type oldies?

Birds and bees do it - turns out that Granma and Granpa grunted too!
(reply to dora) posted 14-Oct-2004 9:57pm  
> I'm not interested in things without artistic value. Things without
> artistic value don't stimulate sexual desire.
> Not for me at least.

Ha! Then you'd like Marc Dorsel porn flics - so they say...
They are porn snobs! Makes me laugh when they say that they only watch his films because there's a real story line, his films are artistic and the scenery/sets/people are beautiful and blah, blah, blah... They are all degenerates, just like me, hiding behind a veil of froufrou! To me it's pure and simple, it's all about screwing! The story is just an excuse to "do it". I hate those films... If I'm in the "mood" - I just want to see action - forget about the BS story!

Hmmm... I wonder if I got a little too close to that industry because many were customers in our printing business?! Where else would I have formed such an opinion on porn?
(reply to BerrieGrrl) posted 14-Oct-2004 10:21pm  
> i don't own any, but the names of porno movies crack me up! i remember
> seeing one once called 'knob gobblins"...whatever. i'd love to sit
> in on a meeting with the people that name the movies!

I did something quite similar for magazines. We got together with a distributor who "bagged" outdated magazines. A "bag" is a bargain where you get dated magazines cheap. It's an after market business, once the big names frontline their products; all the left overs from the previous month still have a market in the bags. Apparently, T&A never goes stale! So a distributor will collect all these extra magazines (good and bad) and bag them with a big name like Penthouse, Hustler, Playboy etc... The problem was finding the fillers to put in the bags with the big names so he got the idea of buying the rights from previously published magazines in Europe. In the deal, he'd get all the film that was used to produce, say a 128 page magazine. We'd strip them up into four 32 page magazines (they were mostly pictures with no text - not like American magazines that at least have some redeeming value in the articles...). Then we had to come up with some titles - that was the fun part; creating covers with blurbs without having a clue of what the content was! It didn't matter for the blurbs... "Bunny Bares All" Which one's Bunny? They're all naked!
We'd sit at the kitchen table, each with our note pads and think of any sexual related title that came to mind (if it was a butt magazine - we'd do titles appropriate to that, etc...). Then the distributor would take our notes and strike all the titles that were already in circulation until we ended up with just a few and cast votes.
That was so much fun! I really liked doing that!! I don't miss that part of the printing business but I do miss those creative "brain-bashing" meetings... We'd laugh 'till we'd piss our pants!

That reminds me... I came up with an unpublished title that I thought was pretty creative and it was poo-poohed. They said that the average guy (truck driver, labourer etc...) who buys that kind of crap wouldn't get it but I think the truth is that they didn't get it. It was "Bawdy House" and on the cover was a very muscular and lewd looking woman. I'm still sore about that one... What do you think of it?
posted 14-Oct-2004 10:22pm  
What kind are you talking about? Dirty magazines, dirty books or dirty movies?
posted 14-Oct-2004 10:42pm  
Went with other as we have 20 or so, and numerous "clips" from movies that we rented (clips becasue the rest of the movie wasreally bad or had unnatractive people)
posted 15-Oct-2004 3:35am  
they have names?
why name a 5 second clip?
(reply to BerrieGrrl) posted 15-Oct-2004 3:39am  
My personal favorites are the ones named after actual Hollywood movies. I saw Deep Space 69, and it was so hysterically bad. Also Passenger 69 (best line: "Now I know why they call it 'the friendly skies!'"). I regret not renting Edward Penishands before my local video store got rid of it.
(reply to Violet) posted 15-Oct-2004 3:40am  
laughing out loud
(reply to Irene007) posted 15-Oct-2004 9:38am  
I find artistic things sexual.

Also I'd rather read than see. And when I do I try to read stuff that is readable.

Because art is sexy that's why. erotically charged art is sexy, but also art in itself.

porn is laughable.

no hiding, the point is beauty, the rest is not sexually interesting. Talking about fudging or talking about fudging in an artistic way...well the difference is obvious! and it's not froufrou is the fundamental difference between blah and pleasure-

I say it once again. Porn is childish and laughable.
And boring.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 15-Oct-2004 12:18pm  
I don't have any.
(reply to EyesOfCharisma) posted 15-Oct-2004 12:49pm  
I never owned any, but I enjoyed the ones with Hyapatia Lee. I saw one once where the girl had two dicks in her pussy at once. Never have seen that before or after that.

How? she sat on the one guy's dick with him from behind and the second guy entered in front between their legs.
(reply to cerealkiller) posted 15-Oct-2004 5:26pm  
yeah, that is always fun!
(reply to EyesOfCharisma) posted 15-Oct-2004 5:40pm  
So, you saying you've done that?
(reply to EyesOfCharisma) posted 15-Oct-2004 5:59pm  
> But whatever, the porn had NOTHING saying it was completely in spanish!

A similar experence I had was when my then-boyfriend and I got one and it was dubbed in English and the dub job was terrible! More comical than sexy, that's for sure.
(reply to cerealkiller) posted 15-Oct-2004 6:04pm  
I plead the 5th.
(reply to leahdoll) posted 15-Oct-2004 6:05pm  
laughing out loud I think we should be siskel and ebert of the porn industry, view all porns and then rate em...yes
(reply to EyesOfCharisma) posted 15-Oct-2004 6:23pm  
Mmm, I'd love to help you with that but Wisconsin is too far away.
(reply to cerealkiller) posted 15-Oct-2004 6:46pm  
In my younger days.. HA!, I used to do a lot of stuff that I am not proud of...
(reply to EyesOfCharisma) posted 15-Oct-2004 6:49pm  
But it was fun, right? I do stuff now that I am not proud of..........
(reply to cerealkiller) posted 15-Oct-2004 7:06pm  
It was fun at the time yes~
(reply to EyesOfCharisma) posted 15-Oct-2004 7:11pm  
So that is all that matters. It's just the morals of society and what was engrained in you as a child that makes you think it was bad or not be proud of it. Now the stuff I've done crosses the line of just being good or immoral.
(reply to cerealkiller) posted 15-Oct-2004 7:13pm  
care to elaborate?
(reply to dora) posted 16-Oct-2004 1:06am  
Yeah but that's what I meant about Doral's films... All the degenerates feel better about watching them because they think that there is some redeeming quality because of all of the froufrou and then dare claim that these films are artistic!

Gimme a break guys! Porn is porn....
(reply to Irene007) posted 16-Oct-2004 2:00am  
laughing out loud So true, kinda like Bettie Page, her films are porn...and her photos could either be porn...or sensual, but her films were never sensual
(reply to thevelvetcure) posted 16-Oct-2004 2:15am  
I make no bones (laughing out loud) about it... If I'm to see a "fudge" film; I wanna see fudging! Forget about the froufrou!

*runs off to the bathroom to masturbate - panting, climax*

OK, I'm back... grin
posted 16-Oct-2004 2:31am  
laughing out loud
(reply to Irene007) posted 16-Oct-2004 10:42am  
Now ya got me all turned on!!! Thanks A LOT!
(reply to Irene007) posted 16-Oct-2004 10:55am  
No!! You don't understand. Porn is porn and it sucks. If it doesn't suck is not porn.
(reply to dora) posted 16-Oct-2004 2:41pm  
You don't have to have sucking in a porno to make it porn raspberry
(reply to thevelvetcure) posted 16-Oct-2004 2:53pm  

well there must be some sucking in there!! it's a porno after all!

posted 16-Oct-2004 2:54pm  
but not necessarily...could be alot of licking and biting
(reply to EyesOfCharisma) posted 16-Oct-2004 8:29pm  
care to elaborate?
That would be too self-incriminating.
(reply to EyesOfCharisma) posted 17-Oct-2004 11:06am  
(reply to dora) posted 17-Oct-2004 11:10am  
> No!! You don't understand. Porn is porn and it sucks. If it doesn't
> suck is not porn.

Well some like to say that Doral's films are artistic; the scenes and the sets are well chosen for their beauty as well as the actors...

To me, it's still porn, no matter how artistic.
(reply to Irene007) posted 17-Oct-2004 3:58pm  

You know porn doesn't turn me on that's what I mean. Not movies at least.
If it's "artistic" at least there's the chance I can be turned on by the art- but in that case it would be erotic, not porn. If still looks like porn to you it's because it's still porn=not artistic. Pretentious maybe.
posted 17-Oct-2004 10:12pm  
I don't have any.
BerrieGrrl 14 year anniversary at Survey Central today!
(reply to Irene007) posted 17-Oct-2004 11:35pm  
that is so cool! and i like that name too wink
BerrieGrrl 14 year anniversary at Survey Central today!
(reply to Violet) posted 17-Oct-2004 11:36pm  
laughing out loud edward penishands! how about saving ryan's privates? never saw it, but love that title as well.
(reply to EyesOfCharisma) posted 18-Oct-2004 1:18pm  
Sure...sounds good to me! Even better if we are getting paid!!!
Gold Star
Double Gold Star
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Quadruple Gold Star
(reply to leahdoll) posted 18-Oct-2004 4:21pm  
You rock... I really like you. grin
(reply to dora) posted 18-Oct-2004 5:06pm  
Pretentious porn... THAT'S IT! grin
(reply to EyesOfCharisma) posted 18-Oct-2004 5:52pm  
We RAWK! We need to think of a good rating how Hustler magazine has their 1 boner-5 boner icons.
(reply to BerrieGrrl) posted 18-Oct-2004 7:26pm  
> that is so cool! and i like that name too wink

Pfft! Girls are just too smart for guys... raspberry
BerrieGrrl 14 year anniversary at Survey Central today!
(reply to Irene007) posted 18-Oct-2004 11:26pm  
right on!
(reply to BerrieGrrl) posted 18-Oct-2004 11:34pm  
(reply to Irene007) posted 19-Oct-2004 2:43pm  

posted 21-Oct-2004 10:51pm  
Porn does not interest me, In fact, it pisses me off.
(reply to spidertea) posted 22-Oct-2004 9:49am  
Why does it piss you off?? Just curious....
(reply to EyesOfCharisma) posted 24-Oct-2004 1:33pm  
The way it depcits people. I wrote an entire research paper on it in college. It perpetuates rape myths in a lot of cases. (The woman screams no, no, but then really starts to enjoy it. All women secretly really want to be dominated.) Not to mentiona all the films where women are degraded/beaten/pissed on/tied up/humiliated/penetrated with objects or animal/called names..... There have been numerous studies done on the effects of porn on viewers. It has shown to lessen people's sympathy towards rape Or to quote Jean Kilbourne, "Once someone is objectifed, violence is invetitable."
(reply to EyesOfCharisma) posted 24-Oct-2004 1:35pm  
Not to mention all the butt-hole guys who tell their girlfriends, "What do you mean you don't like it when I do that? The girls on videos do." This has happened to me. Porn is a form of sex education for young men, and a very poor one at that.
(reply to spidertea) posted 24-Oct-2004 6:13pm  
That is understandable, I have seen some porns that are rough, and depict rape, and such, I simply choose not to buy those ones, allthough, I do have a regular one, I forget the name of it, that I will not watch anymore, because when the guy is done with the girl, he pushes her off of him like she is crap.... So yes, in that context I understand where you are coming from...
(reply to spidertea) posted 25-Oct-2004 4:56pm  
You have to keep in mind that these women choose to parkate in these movies and in that industry. Granted, it is a man objectifying/treating them horribly, but there is a woman that is letting her do that to him.
(reply to leahdoll) posted 25-Oct-2004 10:27pm  
But what kind of backgrounds do these women come from??
posted 8-Nov-2004 6:11pm  
I don't own any pornos. My sex life is x-rated enough.

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