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single20-Feb-2000opinionWeezie by votes651143.1%


Which of these names for a music group do you think is the best?

NOTE: The music is pop.

11If you have a good catchy one, please specify.
52nd Verse
4Westend Boys
35 Elements
3Broken Hearts

posted 21-Feb-2000 1:57pm  
Bleh to all. I'm guessing that this name is intended for a group of four to six effeminate young men with geometrically-shaved facial hair and oh-so-precious choreography scripted to vacuous pop tunes about how much I wanna love you girl? Do they regularly kiss their first two fingers and then make a V sign while saying "peace out"? Do they use phrases like "word is bond" and "keeping it real" in an attempt to come off like street-tough inner city youths but instead come off like white upper-middle class "My Own Private Idaho" wanna-bes? If that's the band you're looking to name, here are a few suggestions...

The Double Xs
Wallpaper and the Disposables
Boys II Women
Rough Trade
The Father in the Movie "Happiness"'s Favorite Band

I'm sure I can come up with a few more...
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 21-Feb-2000 3:10pm  
Millennium's a good name for a pop band of serial killers.
posted 21-Feb-2000 4:00pm  
Spud Puppies
posted 21-Feb-2000 4:14pm  
I hope I didn't say anything to offend anyone in my earlier comment/rant (some of it could be taken two ways I think); I apologize if I did. I'm in a very bad mood today. This survey didn't help any.
posted 21-Feb-2000 5:55pm  
Emaculate... would that be a combination of "immaculate" and "emasculate"?
bill Survey Central Gold Subscriber Silver Star Survey Creator
posted 22-Feb-2000 6:43am  
How about, "we suck".
posted 22-Feb-2000 8:55am  
Millennium would date too quickly. 2nd Verse sounds like an a capella group. Westend Boys sounds like a Pet Shop Boys tribute Band. Broken Hearts sounds like a 1950s doo wop group. 5 Elements is okay. Emaculate is pretty cool, though I don't understand why I like it. That's it, I'm voting for Emaculate.
posted 22-Feb-2000 9:13am  
Crikey. They all stink.
posted 22-Feb-2000 10:17am  
Mr. Quigley's Giant Bucket Of Squid.
Oh, maybe that's a better name for a restaurant than a band.
posted 22-Feb-2000 12:16pm  
natsim: Excellent analysis!
posted 22-Feb-2000 12:48pm  
drdt: gee shucks! I am concerned that Emaculate sounds a little heavy for a pop band though...
posted 22-Feb-2000 9:44pm  
natsim: Depends on how you pronounce it. How about 'Emma-queue-laddie', accent on the 'queue'?
posted 22-Feb-2000 9:59pm  
This was to help Weezie select a name for his band? Hahaha, we now have 3 votes for 5 names!  * smile *
posted 22-Feb-2000 10:07pm  
VOS: don't worry...keep it coming
posted 22-Feb-2000 10:15pm  
What about a non English name? Sounds much more sophisticated!
De Zeikerds for example!
posted 22-Feb-2000 11:14pm  
posted 22-Feb-2000 11:44pm  
Wow, how did you come up with *that* name, mandy??!!
posted 23-Feb-2000 12:10am  
divine inspiration!
posted 23-Feb-2000 12:15am  
 * smile *
posted 23-Feb-2000 8:56am  
drdt: or you could be sophisticated with Emma-queue-latte? With the accent on the latte... sounds like a Gwyneth Paltrow movie. Emma queues for a Latte.
posted 23-Feb-2000 11:47am  
Weezie Jefferson Starship
posted 23-Feb-2000 3:02pm  
posted 23-Feb-2000 4:51pm  
Westend Boys - a group of cowboys with tight pants
2nd Verse - Christian pop group
Millennium - stop already .
5 Elements - what the chemistry kids do on the weekend
Emaculate - a Catholic pop group
Broken Hearts -- NOPE - already done as the Heart Breakers!
posted 23-Feb-2000 10:27pm  
Resy: heartbreakers are not the same as broken hearts. Broken hearts are the result of romantic interactions with heartbreakers (and anybody else without a master's degree in human relations).
posted 25-Feb-2000 4:41pm  
drdt - ok, heartbreakers cause broken hearts ... I wasn't thinking of the function so much as a rearrangement of the words ... wonder how many of those phrases we have in our language....
posted 26-Feb-2000 4:40pm  
..None of the above.
posted 26-Feb-2000 6:43pm  
I can't believe people have not suggested Malkovich yet!  * wink *
posted 29-Feb-2000 3:44pm  
TOPPER: i like dat........but that doesn't mean i'm gonona use it. (No offense)
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 29-Feb-2000 9:21pm  
So which one are you gonona use?  * wink *
posted 29-Feb-2000 9:58pm  
so far we all agreed to use "westend boys" so far. that's what we've been using for teh shows and stuff
posted 1-Mar-2000 8:51pm  
Weezie-- Just being honest.. but the name "Westend boys" makes me cringe...
posted 1-Mar-2000 11:36pm  
The Knobslobbers
posted 1-Mar-2000 11:38pm  
westend boys makes me think of The Petshop Boys for some
posted 2-Mar-2000 1:06am  
Eeah: I know exactly how you feel. I hear the name Westend Boys and I think I feel a hate crime coming on...
posted 2-Mar-2000 1:26am  
I just get this twitch..when the name enters my mind.. Ooh.. Twitch..


Mag.. HA!
posted 16-Mar-2000 8:59pm  
(The Trill of) Chocolate Asphyxiation was one of the titles I was saving for my band... But seeing as that I have realised that a kazoo player will go nowhere in the world... I am setting it free...
Strider Survey Central Subscriber Survey Qualifier
posted 13-Apr-2000 1:53am  
How about the BackSide Boys
posted 27-Apr-2000 4:18am  
Tiny Bop Boys
posted 22-May-2000 3:40pm  
Ripweezl, Underwater Gas Machine, Mutated Hindus, Smacking Perkins, Alien Velocity, and Sac Rockets are all good, I think...and "Granulated Elvis and the Sevens" is good too.
posted 22-May-2000 4:14pm  
I wish somebody would name their band Sex in the Shower. I've never convinced anyone I was in a band with to do so, but it would be a great name.
posted 24-May-2000 9:00pm  
How about "The Weasels"?
posted 24-May-2000 9:03pm  
How about "The Weezels"? Get it? Like "Pop goes the weasel" only spelled wrong like they used to do back in the 60's...oh forget it... * smile *
posted 1-Jun-2000 1:04pm  
2nd verse, same as the first...a little bit louder and a little bit worse...
Broken Hearts is too sappy and depressing. You know what all their songs will be about!

Westend Boys...isn't there already Westend Girls?'s getting old. The Backstreet Boys did it, Robbie Williams named a song that...ZZZZzzzzz. Boring!

Emaculate...or 5 elements I guess, but I don't really like those either.


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