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single16-May-2004personalityROCKMAN by votes63957.9%


Does music affect your personality?

If it does please explain in the comment box.


bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 17-May-2004 9:01am  
No, but it affects my mood... is that what you meant?
posted 17-May-2004 9:04am  
Musicians on subway platforms make me annoyed and angry.
posted 17-May-2004 9:07am  
When I am seriously depressed I avoid music because it usually has a negative emotional effect on me.
posted 17-May-2004 9:08am  
Sometimes it does and sometimes it don't. It really depends on the song or type of music and what I'm doing at the tme.
(reply to bill) posted 17-May-2004 9:12am  
> No, but it affects my mood... is that what you meant?

This was a fix-me survey. I just tried to keep it as close to the original as possible. So I don't really know what the person really meant, but I think your right, mood seems like a better word for it.smiley:::smile
posted 17-May-2004 9:14am  
No, definitely not personality.
My mood, however, influences the music I listen to. I don't think I can say, however, that music influences my mood.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to ROCKMAN) posted 17-May-2004 9:20am  
ah, I see... I'm probably being too picky... I'll revote assuming mood was intended.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 17-May-2004 9:21am  
Sure, music can affect my mood greatly... though, more often it enhances whatever mood I'm going to be in anyway.
(reply to bill) posted 17-May-2004 9:35am  
That's cool, that's pretty much how I was thinking to was (mood). Some songs will put me in a good mood and some put me in a sad mood and some put me in a romantic mood,smiley:::smile (my favorit)!
(reply to judgescratch) posted 17-May-2004 9:38am  
You make a good point, but I think it works both ways for me now that I read what you said.smiley:::smile
posted 17-May-2004 9:52am  
No. It affects my mood.
On the other hand, my personality affects music. The way I am influences my taste both as a listener and as a writer.

(reply to bill) posted 17-May-2004 9:52am  
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to ROCKMAN) posted 17-May-2004 9:55am  
Some high-energy songs encourage me to drive faster. >smiley:::smile
(reply to bill) posted 17-May-2004 9:58am  
Me too! smiley:::cool grin
posted 17-May-2004 10:06am  
I don't think music affects your basic personality, but I do believe that music can enhance or detract from certain inclincations inherent in that personality. For example, listen to dark music and your mood/thoughts get more dark. The "Helter Skelter made me do it" defense doesn't hold water. Disturbed people can't blame music for their violent or destructive actions.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 17-May-2004 10:08am  
I'm not sure I understand. I don't think a specific piece of music has ever influenced my personality. In fact, I would think that my personality would influence the types of music I like. Music certainly moves me and may influence me in other ways, but I'm not sure it changes my personality.
posted 17-May-2004 10:44am  
Nope, but my personality will affect the music I listen to.

Mood - yes definitely, I can almost control what mood I'm going to be in 1/2 way through an album, and occasionally manipulate myself by doing this.

Feeling lazy? NIN broken, Marilyn Manson, Godsmack
Down & Out? The Beatles
Angry? The Beatles / or listent to NIN Broken/Godsmack, and pace the parking lot (done that before smiley:::wry smile )
Antsy? Cream, Pink Floyd (Wish You Were Here / Darkside of the Moon), Led Zepplin, Hendrix, Tom Petty (Wildflowers)

....but of course, that's just what works for me smiley:::grin
posted 17-May-2004 11:05am  
I don't think so. More likely, my personality affects my taste in music.
(reply to ROCKMAN) posted 17-May-2004 11:05am  
I suspected as much! smiley:::grin
(reply to Zang) posted 17-May-2004 11:16am  
I saw in qual you just said oh, close enough. But this would have been better worded different or just changed pesonalit to mood. I was in a hurry though.smiley:::raspberry
posted 17-May-2004 2:38pm  
totally...when i hear certain songs i can't help but smile, others remind me of places i've been and specific times in my life. i love music for that reason.
posted 17-May-2004 2:40pm  
ok, my bad...i thought it said "does music affect you personally?" whoops!
posted 17-May-2004 2:56pm  
like if im listening to a cd and on aim or another messenger site, it always does.
posted 17-May-2004 3:32pm  
Sometimes, but the music I choose to play is also determined by the way I feel at the time.
(reply to BerrieGrrl) posted 17-May-2004 6:55pm  
> ok, my bad...i thought it said "does music affect you personally?"
> whoops!

What it really should have said is, "Does music affect your mood?"
This was a FIX-ME upper survey and I was just trying to keep it as close to the original as possible and didn't take any time really to go over it. I just fixed a couple things and added some options that people in qal wanted and it seemed to go right through.
You did answer it right in your first comment really.smiley:::smile So you were "Good To Go"!
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator This user is on the site NOW (4 minutes ago)
posted 17-May-2004 6:56pm  
Not really.
posted 17-May-2004 8:42pm  
posted 18-May-2004 12:38am  
Mood, yes. Personality, no.
posted 18-May-2004 3:48am  
It's more like my personality affects my music, though if something loud and angry is playing I will either get amped up or annoyed. That feels more like a temporary attitude than a personality shift, though.
posted 18-May-2004 7:49am  
It can get me pumped up or make me remember something. Like most people, I am most susceptible to being swayed by music when I am already in a heightened emotional state, such as extremely sad or happy. If I'm riding the norm, then it might not have all that much effect on me.

This is a multi-faceted question. Like, the lyrics affect me in a certain way (if I can relate to them), and then there's the beat (will it get me moving or mellow me out) and then if I like the singer's voice, yada yada yada.

So, yeah, music affects my personality.
posted 18-May-2004 10:29am  
Yes, a song can cheer me up or depress me.
posted 18-May-2004 5:40pm  
Not really. It does calm me down usually, but I won't hear a song by Marilyn Manson and all of a sudden start killing people.
posted 19-May-2004 6:19pm  
I picked other because I believe that you pick music you like according to your own personality (likes/dislikes). Did that make sense?
posted 20-May-2004 12:01am  
No, I don't think so.
(reply to freebird) posted 20-May-2004 9:15am  
Yes, that made since.smiley:::smile
(reply to ROCKMAN) posted 20-May-2004 12:36pm  
posted 21-May-2004 4:50am  
It is often a reflection of my mood, except when I get into certain types of guitar playing meditation in which I am in an unaffected state while playing along to anything.
(reply to bill) posted 21-May-2004 4:58am  
Good thing I didn't get you that 'flight of the bumble bee' CD (or was that the russian sabre dance, I'm thinking of).
posted 22-May-2004 3:38pm  
I love music. Well, maybe love is too strong a word for Western (Blech!) I will hear a song on TV and drive myself to distraction trying to find out what it's called. There was one recently on 'Without a Trace' and I finally found it but I lost it again when my no-good frickin' lousy computer died! I'm gonna do a raindance on that piece of crap (after I take out the good parts, first.) DOES ANYBODY KNOW THAT SONG????
posted 23-May-2004 9:42am  
Classic rock and lite music sooth me.
Rap music aggrivates and irratates me.
posted 30-May-2004 10:19pm  
Yeah,'cause when I'm listening to music at home it can usually changes my mood very quickly.
posted 4-Jun-2004 8:23pm  
Music affects my mood but not my personality.
posted 10-Jun-2004 5:42pm  
yea, i think different types of music makes you feel differently. Like some rap songs make you wanna fight, or some songs make you hyper or wanna dance, or cry or just really happy,ect.
posted 15-Jun-2004 10:31am  
Music affects some people's personality but it shouldn't. It's just lyrics put into a certain beat and what not.
posted 20-Jun-2004 11:27am  
Yes, it can enhance a mood, it can change a mood. It can effect the speed in which I think or do things.
posted 25-Jul-2007 6:14am  
y because IT CHANGES OUR MOODS NOT OUR PERSONALITY..take 4 exampleFor example : A person that sings in a Rock Band does'nt mean there an Emo, a person that sings a Rock song doesn't change my personality even though I listen to rock sings, I haven't changed to a punk rocker.

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