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multiple6-Nov-2006opinionEnigma by votes45462.8%


Why does Mr. Clean have an earring?


15Because he's gay.
9Because he's a sailor.
9Because he's a genie.
7Because they made him that way.
5I don't know
3Because he's cool.
0All of the above.

posted 8-Nov-2006 12:43am  
For that nautical look. Popeye already had the anchor tattoos...
posted 8-Nov-2006 1:37am  
Because He's Cool-a-mundo!

Plus, he's MR. CLEAN. What else about him stands him apart? He just looks like a bouncer otherwise. The earring makes him CLEAN. Branded. Easy to (take up a) spot.
LJD Survey Qualifier
posted 8-Nov-2006 2:22am  
Good question...I've often thought of the earring. I suppose there is a mixed message??
posted 8-Nov-2006 6:02am  
I don't know, who is he?
bill Survey Central Gold Subscriber Silver Star Survey Creator
posted 8-Nov-2006 6:46am  
The intention is sailor, but...
posted 8-Nov-2006 8:26am  
cuz he is cool...and a genie
JessicaWoman99 Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 8-Nov-2006 12:49pm  
Mr. clean he is gay and why he wears an earring
posted 8-Nov-2006 1:19pm  

Euro Mr. Clean. Mr. Clean by any other name is still Mr. Clean wink
posted 8-Nov-2006 1:55pm  
He's gay.
posted 8-Nov-2006 2:33pm  
I don't know why men wear earings?
posted 8-Nov-2006 3:22pm  
I chose that he's a sailor because it's just too funny to equate an earring with a sailor.
posted 8-Nov-2006 3:49pm  
posted 8-Nov-2006 6:47pm  
He's totally gay.
posted 8-Nov-2006 7:39pm  
He's a cool genie who also happens to be a gay sailor.
posted 8-Nov-2006 9:00pm  
He is so gay, gay guys think he's too gay...
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 8-Nov-2006 11:28pm  
God wanted him to have an earring.
JessicaWoman99 Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to longhaultrucker) posted 9-Nov-2006 12:09am  
> I don't know why men wear earings?

Just like those professional Football players I see it on television some of them wear 2 earrings and same with NBA Basketball players 2 earrings probably because they are gay
(reply to JessicaWoman99) posted 9-Nov-2006 2:00am  
Why don't you tell a football player 7 foot 350 pound black man that he is gay because he wears a earring laughing out loud sure as hell i won't
posted 9-Nov-2006 7:35am  
people who work out and do nothing with theirs lives like clean must be gay.
Rock on Good Charlotte
JessicaWoman99 Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to longhaultrucker) posted 9-Nov-2006 11:51am  
> Why don't you tell a football player 7 foot 350 pound black man that
> he is gay because he wears a earring laughing out loud sure as hell i won't

Ok ok I will tell him he is gay
JessicaWoman99 Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 9-Nov-2006 11:54am  
And he might chuckle" and just laugh" about it, unless he is a womanizer and beats up women then I am in trouble
posted 9-Nov-2006 4:09pm  
posted 9-Nov-2006 4:13pm  
(reply to Enigma) posted 9-Nov-2006 4:41pm  
laughing out loud
posted 12-Nov-2006 9:39am  
Because someone thought it would look good on him. It`s not a sign of being gay.
posted 15-Nov-2006 11:16pm  
He started off a Sailor. He was meant to help the little ladies left at home when their husbands were away at war. He even wore an apron sometimes to help clean up. He has apparently become some kind of gay icon because he is so buff, likes to clean, has an earring and wears a white t-shirt. Not to mention the fact that he offers to help the lady of the house clean (and enjoys it) while her husband is away wink and he never hits on her.
posted 19-Nov-2006 4:31pm  
I thought all genies wore an earring!

Hell, I'd let a man with an earring clean my house anytime!
cloudhugger Survey Central Subscriber
posted 26-Nov-2006 11:58pm  
Other. Because I am so delinquint in answering this survey, I can count on all these users that have (admitedly) way too much time on their hands and googled the crap out of this one.
I know I heard why a long time ago, but becasue I don't give a ship rat's ass, I didn't retain the earth shattering reason why the big guy has one earring other than that becasue he can.
cloudhugger Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to Enigma) posted 27-Nov-2006 12:01am  
makes sense to me. You are having too much fun with this one laughing out loud
posted 24-Dec-2006 6:27pm  
He's a genie

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