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Is morality a learned trait or an inherent trait in most people?

10Morality is a learned trait.
7Morality is an inherent trait.

posted 12-Jun-2012 1:38pm  
Morality is inherent.
We all know what is right and wrong. Of course, it's not so black and white. Some people may feel that killing is always bad..but others may think that in self defense it's okay (for example). But everybody has a code that they go by..that is hardwired into them.
posted 12-Jun-2012 2:46pm  
Some of both, but I think mostly learned.
posted 12-Jun-2012 8:19pm  
I feel we were born with a moral conscience, and given free depends what we do with that free will, use it good, or succumb to sin.

If we are raised by parents with a good conscience, the child will better develop a good conscience.. As the Bible says, "the sins of the father shall visit three generations". We have, as a duty, to raise our children according to God's instruction....if not, the children suffer.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 13-Jun-2012 11:09am  
I don't know. (No one does.) I don't think it really matters either way, though.
posted 13-Jun-2012 11:26am  
I believe it is very much learnt. What a harsh view to think people are born immoral.
(reply to Dino) posted 13-Jun-2012 8:17pm  
posted 14-Jun-2012 8:56am  
Difficult when it involces the ego discerning what morality is and what it isn't. But I will say, to my definition be it right or wrong, I will say it is inherent. MHO it is inherited from the beginning of time.
The argument about that it could be learned still reflects back to inherent. If there is a morality gene in the body and the mind is willing to accept it then there ya go.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 17-Jun-2012 10:19am  
I think we have an inherent altruism and understanding of injustice which forms the basis for much of our morality, but the specific form our morality takes is undoubtedly learned.
posted 18-Jun-2012 2:18pm  
Learned, infants and young children are naturally selfish and self-centered.
posted 22-Jun-2012 8:37am  
check Both
posted 19-Oct-2014 10:29am  
A learned trait

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