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single29-Mar-2012personal experiencebill Bronze Star Survey Creator by votes29160.3%


Mid-story deja vu, what do you do?

Lets say you're relating a humorous personal anecdote that takes about 2 minutes to tell. But, one minute into it you get a funny feeling that you've told this story before to these same people.

The people you're telling it to are being mostly polite by not interrupting you to say they've heard it before but you did notice them looking around a bit.

10Mention to them that you think you've told this story before, apologize but keep telling the story until the end.
4Stop in the middle of the story and perhaps apologize and change the subject.
2Press on with the story until its proper conclusion.

posted 29-Mar-2012 9:55am  
Stop, and apologize
posted 29-Mar-2012 9:58am  
I'd mention that I think I've told it before, because I don't want to seem oblivious. Then I'd keep telling it because if it is a good story, it is worth telling twice.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 29-Mar-2012 11:27am  
I'd stop, although I'd say something about having told it before, and I might say something about why I was telling it in the first place--maybe the ending was relevant in some way.
posted 29-Mar-2012 12:31pm  
Change it on the fly and see if they notice by saying that's not how it goes.
I love messing with peoples heads smiley:::smile
posted 29-Mar-2012 1:07pm  
Mention that I think I've told the story before and stop if my listeners confirm they've heard it.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 29-Mar-2012 4:03pm  
The closest option was stop, but I would say, "Have I already told you this?"

When I try to repeat a story to my kid, she stops me.
posted 29-Mar-2012 4:09pm  
Mention to them that you think you've told this story before, apologize but keep telling the story until the end
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 29-Mar-2012 6:33pm  
I usually trail off a bit and then tell the rest of the story very quickly in order to come to a conclusion or make the point I was trying to make in the first place. If they make it clear to me that they recall the story (by saying so or through body language/expression), I'll just move on. I have a couple of friends who will retell it with every detail, even if someone tells them that they remember being told before - it's a bit annoying!
posted 30-Mar-2012 10:52am  
Other: Ask if they've heard this before. If they have, stop telling the story.
posted 30-Mar-2012 12:02pm  
That happens to me a little too often. I just can't quit once I've launched into an anecdote. More often than not, I'll admit that they've likely heard it before, but continue with an abbreviated version.
posted 1-Apr-2012 2:36am  
I'd apologize and stop. I find it annoying when someone tells
you a story more than once, but usually I will just humour them.
posted 1-Apr-2012 3:37pm  
I would stop and apologize/ Some people get angry hearing the same thing.
posted 2-Apr-2012 6:06pm  
Keep going..
(reply to Icarus, cloudhugger) posted 6-Apr-2012 10:05am  
It's funny how people don't like hearing the same story retold, but they will watch movies more than once and reruns of shows.
(reply to LindaH) posted 6-Apr-2012 10:10pm  
Good point. I can act smiley:::winking raspberry
posted 23-Apr-2012 12:38pm  
No big deal for me, I am often to be found telling the same story more than once, I never get any complaints...mine are good stories that bear repeated re-tellings. And I can't see myself telling them the same way twice.
posted 11-May-2015 10:36pm  
Don't say a word just keep quite
posted 12-May-2015 5:40pm  
I would point out that they've probably heard the story before. Maybe apologize, maybe not. Probably wrap up and reiterate the point.

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