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single28-Aug-2004personal preferencesROCKMAN by votes511354.7%


Mentholatum ointment or Vicks VapoRub?

These are aromatic ointments for colds and decongestants for stuffy noses.

16I don't use either.
3I have only used...
2I use something else.

posted 28-Aug-2004 8:36am  
I use neither.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator Survey Qualifier
posted 28-Aug-2004 8:44am  
Decongestants are nasty things - I would only use them if it was vitally important that I didn't seem or sound bunged up - eg. for an interview or if I were to give an important speech. I've used Boots own-brand decongestants when I was younger, but I haven't used any such thing in about 10 years.
bill Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 28-Aug-2004 8:51am  
I got Vicks VapoRub when I was a kid... odd stuff, I still remember the smell (which I didn't mind at all). Having my mother rub it on my chest was unusual, but I think it had a more visceral feeling of being cared for, which was nice.
posted 28-Aug-2004 9:09am  
I have used both but seem to buy and use Mentholatum more often.
(reply to bill) posted 28-Aug-2004 9:12am  
I love the smell of them and tend to put some on my own chest if I'm starting to feel stuffed up. I will do this at night while I sleep but wouldn't go out in public smelling like it.
posted 28-Aug-2004 9:44am  
I just saw your post in forum and went to go vote it good for you but I see it's already passed! wink
Anyway, I like vicks.
(reply to moonstone) posted 28-Aug-2004 10:18am  
> I just saw your post in forum and went to
> go vote it good for you but I see it's already
> passed! wink
> Anyway, I like vicks.

Thanks anyway, but someoe jumped right on it without leaving a post or maybe they were just in qual. I'll have to look at the adv. stats. smile
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 28-Aug-2004 10:27am  
I don't use either..
posted 28-Aug-2004 1:14pm  
posted 28-Aug-2004 1:18pm  
Vicks... i think
posted 28-Aug-2004 1:19pm  
sore brand usually
posted 28-Aug-2004 1:25pm  
I've only used Vicks so I can't compare.
(reply to ROCKMAN) posted 28-Aug-2004 1:47pm  
posted 28-Aug-2004 2:34pm  
Used Vicks but years ago , never use it now I for some reason consider it to be for kids
bill Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to ROCKMAN) posted 28-Aug-2004 8:45pm  
My wife's chiropractor uses some sort of menthol-like sports creme, she smells funny when she gets back. smile
posted 28-Aug-2004 10:49pm  
I haven't used anything like this for a long time but when I used to it was "White Flower," a Chinese liniment in a little bottle. I would prefer Vicks over Mentholatum though-I didn't know they still made Mentholatum.
posted 28-Aug-2004 11:18pm  
I've always used Vicks.
posted 29-Aug-2004 12:04am  
Have only used vick's
(reply to ROCKMAN) posted 29-Aug-2004 8:49am  
Looks like iamdonte is your qual hero!
posted 29-Aug-2004 9:26am  
I don't use either. I use Sudofed or Sinutab
(reply to Biggles) posted 30-Aug-2004 12:00am  
What's a decongestant?
(reply to CarolL) posted 30-Aug-2004 7:14am  
Yes I seen that. I'll have to thank her. I just didn't want it sitting there with 4 reasonable votes and run out of I'm gettin ready to do another one but don't know how it will go over. I'll listen to any comments though. It'll be the one about periods.laughing out loud
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator Survey Qualifier
(reply to Iseult) posted 30-Aug-2004 10:28am  
Something that clears out your sinuses by making all the thick gunky mucus thin out .
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 30-Aug-2004 12:05pm  
I've never used either. My mom never used them, so I guess that's why.
posted 30-Aug-2004 4:53pm  
I know I'm crazy, but I love the smell of Vicks.
they Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to leahdoll) posted 31-Aug-2004 12:15pm  
Me too..

I use Melaleuca in my fish tank for healing damaged fins.. and it smells like vicks.

posted 2-Sep-2004 3:16am  
Never heard of the other one...
(reply to they) posted 2-Sep-2004 5:23pm  
OMG Melaluca has the best zit medicine! I need to know where I can get some, but no one I know is a member, or in the "club," or however that company works...
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator Survey Qualifier
(reply to leahdoll) posted 2-Sep-2004 5:28pm  
I've been trying to use teatree (melaluca) oil for my spots, but adding oil to my skin just doesn't seem to be doing good, even if it is a strong antiseptic.
they Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to leahdoll) posted 2-Sep-2004 6:07pm  
Well, the product I use is called Melafix.. I'm sure you could find that pretty easily.. if you feel like using fish medicine on your face grin
posted 2-Sep-2004 6:48pm  
I don't use either.....does it work???
(reply to caviartaste) posted 5-Sep-2004 9:35am  
> I don't use either.....does it work???

It always seems to work for me, and I like the smell! I tend to need/use it in the winter months. I or my girlfriend will rub some in on my back and chest then I'll put a t-shirt over it and go to bed.
posted 11-Sep-2004 6:18pm  
I've used both. Never really noticed a difference.

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