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single5-Jul-2004healthdatagirl unsorted67947.7%


How many times have you vomited in the past year?

By times, separate illnesses. More than once with the same illness counts as only one.

4More than 5

posted 5-Jul-2004 5:20pm  
on the way home from a bar this past january...i had a few too many and threw up out the window.
posted 5-Jul-2004 5:27pm  
I don't know! This isn't something I keep track of!
(reply to datagirl) posted 5-Jul-2004 5:28pm  
Why didn't you give us an option for either "I don't know" or "I don't keep track"? This survey would have fared better had you done so.
posted 5-Jul-2004 6:50pm  
just once....oxycontin.
posted 5-Jul-2004 7:20pm  
Once... Got real, real, drunk! What a waste of a good day that was... smiley:::frown
posted 5-Jul-2004 8:46pm  
Let me take out my 'Vomiting Blog' (or Vlog, as I like to call it), and check. Oh wait, I don't have one. I guess I don't know then, since I have better things to do then keep a count of how often I vomit. Alas, poor me, there is no option for that.
posted 5-Jul-2004 9:12pm  
I'm not sure since I'm usually drunk when I do most of my vomiting I don't always remember it.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 5-Jul-2004 10:33pm  
I don't remember vomiting at all in years.
posted 5-Jul-2004 10:52pm  
I can't remember the last time I vomited. More than a year ago anyway. I think it might have been a bad case of food poisoning I had, early in 2001. Stay away from the Spicy Tuna Cones! smiley:::grin
posted 5-Jul-2004 11:06pm  
None, I think....not sure I would want to keep count
posted 6-Jul-2004 12:25am  
none, and ewww i don't like it! this survay kinda made me shiver in disgust, but i answred it anyway!
posted 6-Jul-2004 3:32am  
once I believe, after drinking 100 proof Southern Comfort (just under 1/2 bottle) and then having our own fight club in the grass...
posted 6-Jul-2004 6:20am  
I am a very heathly person I never get sick once a year I might get a cold but thats about it!
posted 6-Jul-2004 9:02am  
That's not exactly something I count.
I know at least once with the appendicitis though. That was pretty forceful vomiting too.
And I got drunk the night before my grandmother's funeral, so I was sick the next morning.
posted 6-Jul-2004 9:14am  
None, zero, zip! I can't remember the last time. I have had an up-set stomach though, just didn't puke! Luckly!
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 6-Jul-2004 9:27am  
in the past 12 months, maybe twice
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 6-Jul-2004 10:16am  
(reply to datagirl) posted 6-Jul-2004 1:54pm  
Do you have a vomit fetish? I looked and the 2 surveys you have made were about vomit.
posted 6-Jul-2004 2:26pm  
All hangover related, I believe...
paulyw Gold Star Survey Creator Happy Birthday to Me
posted 6-Jul-2004 2:52pm  
What?? ? I haven't vomited in ages.
posted 6-Jul-2004 5:06pm  
I can't remember what YEAR itwas that I vomited last. I think maybe it was around 1995.
I would suspect most people answering this aren't vomiting from illnesses, but more like being drunk.
posted 7-Jul-2004 11:06am  
It's been years now, and even the ones years ago were self-induced to reduce overnight alcohol processing.
posted 8-Jul-2004 12:17am  
I can't recall. Probably because I was drunk.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 8-Jul-2004 4:24am  
I honestly have no idea..
posted 8-Jul-2004 8:35am  
posted 8-Jul-2004 1:53pm  
gross and who cares
posted 10-Jul-2004 3:44am  
I haven't vomited in over 25 years. To respond to a comment made earlier, no, I don't have a vomit fetish, I have emetophobia. This page is all about emetophobia, the fear of vomiting:

I did this survey because another page on that site says that women vomit more than men. This survey only confirms that, which makes me quake in horror!
(reply to ASB) posted 10-Jul-2004 3:45am  
I don't have a fetish, I have emetophobia. This page tells all about it:
(reply to datagirl) posted 10-Jul-2004 10:35am  
posted 10-Jul-2004 6:26pm  
I had Spaghetti alle vongole at a restaurant where I won't go again... (It took me two days to return to normal.)
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to datagirl) posted 11-Jul-2004 8:33am  
That sounds horrible smiley:::frown
posted 13-Jul-2004 8:00am  
Twice or so. Hang overs....
posted 13-Jul-2004 5:59pm  
None! yes

In fact, it has been almost six years since I last threw up. smiley:::smile
(reply to datagirl) posted 18-Jul-2004 4:17pm  
Hey, datagirl. I have Emetophobia too. I seriously have no idea why I read surveys like this if I'm afraid of vomiting, except for the fact that seeing that a lot of people haven't vomited for a long time, and if they have vomited recently, most were because of alcohol, calms me down a little bit.
(reply to yellowlizard33) posted 18-Jul-2004 10:51pm  
Hey lizard! I always feel stronger when I look at this page:
posted 21-Jul-2004 6:01pm  
I don't know...more than one but less than 5 until today. I've been getting really sick this afternoon. Right now I would say 5 or 6? I really don't know. Sometimes because I was drunk, sometimes because I was sick. Never because of a proper illness. Not this year.
I really can't remember well.

smiley:::wry smile
(reply to datagirl) posted 21-Jul-2004 6:03pm  
How do you do if you're sick? you keep feeling nauseous because you're afraid to vomit? it must be hard

(reply to dora) posted 21-Jul-2004 8:32pm  
> How do you do if you're sick? you keep feeling nauseous because you're
> afraid to vomit? it must be hard
> smiley:::frown

Since I am Emetophobic, I can answer this too. Um.... When people with the fear panic, it may bring on nausea, but it is not the same as illness nausea to a lot of Emetophobics. I personally do not get nauseated from panicking a lot, but a lot of people with this fear do get panic nausea.
but I have gotten feelings in my stomach when I'm afraid and It is not easy to deal with it. But I usually get over it if I feel better. Many people who don't have this fear don't understand Emetophobia. I personally hate it when people say, "Nobody likes vomiting". They must not understand that not only do we not like vomiting, but we are afraid of it.;
(reply to yellowlizard33) posted 21-Jul-2004 8:40pm  
So if you vomit because you're nervous you're still afraid?

I know that whenever I'm sick or if I'm really nervous vomit is a positive thing, it's not a matter of liking it or not liking it. It's simply what comes natural and makes me feel better. What about vomit you can't really control? Like if you're pregnant?
I can't begin to think how it is. Especially for something that makes you panic for many people the answer would be vomiting indeed.
smiley:::wry smile

also are afraid of throwing up yourself or also if you see someone else doing it?
(reply to dora) posted 22-Jul-2004 5:02am  
Um...I am afraid of seeing other people vomit and myself vomiting. Yes, most Emetophobics are still afraid after vomiting no matter what. A lot of it after vomiting is that, even though most of the time you feel relieved after it, but for Emetophobics, it's like, "will I do it again?". is said that Emetophobics have the 'power' to stop themselves from vomiting from something psychological. I really don't know. Um.... some Emetophobics may not want to get pregnant because of the risk of morning sickness. Of course, vomiting comes natural, but it is hard to think that way if you are afraid of it. The fear of vomiting is actually pretty common, believe it or not. Peace.

(reply to dora) posted 24-Jul-2004 12:34am  
Hi Dora. When I'm sick I do everything in my power to keep from vomiting. The last time I was really nauseated (I think - not entirely sure what real nausea feels like) I woke up feeling out of sorts and had just a wee bit of diarrhea. I wasn't feeling bad enough to not go to work. At work, by the time lunch came around, I was feeling awful and was barely able to move (without disrupting my stomach). Spent at least 2 hours that way. I knew my stomach was out of sorts but still didn't identify it as nausea. I decided to go home. On the way home, I stopped and got a quart of soda pop with ice and drank most of it on the way home. About an hour later my stomach felt like a water balloon - the soda hadn't passed through and was just sitting there. That's when I realized I was feeling nausea. I took my temperature and it was way high. I took some Pepto Bismol to keep from vomiting. All emetophobes know that Pepto Bismol can keep you from barfing. I took it kind of easy the rest of the day and didn't do anything to upset my stomach, like sudden movements or sharp breaths. At bedtime I was still feeling ill so I took some Dramamine to keep from barfing in my sleep. When I woke up in the morning I was perfectly fine.

If I had let myself barf when I had the diarrhea, or when I realized I was sick at work, or when I realized the soda was just sitting in my stomach, I think I would have felt better right away. That's what most people would do. In fact, most people don't have my level of control over their stomachs and would have puked involuntarily sometime in the morning. Instead, I chose to keep from barfing and instead felt sick for the rest of the day. That's what being sick is like for an emetophobe.
(reply to datagirl) posted 24-Jul-2004 2:13am  
Can you think of it as a cleansing/purificatin ritual, to be embraced with noble diligence like an initiation wall one passs through? I think of it as having a polluted body, and the sooner I can flush myself and have a healthy rebirth, the better. I drink massive quantities of healthy fluids toward that end. An ice-cream float is just asking for it, even when one's not sick. Perhaps you are trying to avoid something else and unconsciously know how to make yourself sick. Do you have a history of being pampered sick in bed, in comfy retreat from the world, or is being back at work the more comfortable experience?

I once went through a feverish nauseous 3 day illness alone in a mountain cabin, seriously thinking I might die without anyone even knowing about it. That experience sort of broke me from ever allowing myself to indulge in sickness again.

It might also be about a supressed memory.
(reply to datagirl) posted 24-Jul-2004 10:09am  
But there are cures? psychotherapy? medicines? do you have a therapist or some support group?
I couldn't imagine because being slightly nauseous (not to the point of vomit often) is like a natural condition for me. I feel like it all the time.
And when it gets worse than usual it comes natural to vomit. But I wouldn't even think that I don't know if I have nausea or not. I'm too used to it. smiley:::wry smile
posted 31-Jul-2004 4:20pm  
I may have had a cold in the past year, but no other illnesses. So no vomiting incidences.
(reply to dora) posted 11-Aug-2004 4:44pm  
There are cures. Some therapists may try Exposure therapy, where they show you pictures of vomit and do some other things related to vomit. That scares me, but if it works, I may try it. Also, people go to therapists to help them. Also, there is a website, which has forums with support from other members and you get to meet other people with emetophobia. Many Emetophobics keep anti-nausea and anti-emetics in their homes, such as gravol or Dramamine. We will do ANYTHING to keep from vomiting. In fact, many of us would rather DIE than vomit. Weird.
posted 17-Aug-2004 1:59pm  
3 or 4. Due to drinking too heavily.
posted 11-Feb-2006 8:59pm  
With headaches sometimes.
posted 17-Jul-2006 4:13pm  
i would say near 100, get abdominal pain flair up's about once a fortnight and am sick atleast once each time!!!!!!!!!!
thoroughly fed up with it had it bout 3 years and they still investigating!
posted 19-Jul-2006 3:35am  
I don't know. I don't vomit very often and it's not something I really care to think about. The only reason I would keep track is if it became a chronic problem and I needed to see a doctor about it.
posted 2-Aug-2006 10:04pm  
none. lucky me!!!
posted 20-Jan-2007 1:48am  
I don't remember if I threw up in the last year. I usually only vomit when I've got a migraine that's lasted several days. I think it's possible that I had one of those in the past year, but I'm not sure. If I had to guess, I'd say possibly once.

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