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multiple9-Dec-2006monkeeeeeeelonghaultrucker by votes51548.9%


How many times a day do you take a dump?

211 to 3 times a day
9I don't count it
8Varies day to day
4I don't know
4Depends on what I eat
13 to 5 times a day
0More than 5 times a day smiley:::shock

posted 9-Dec-2006 9:12pm  
It varies day to day.
posted 9-Dec-2006 9:53pm  
How many times a day did I puke whilst reading this question?
posted 9-Dec-2006 10:24pm  
Well... I don't know... maybe once... I don't know...
posted 9-Dec-2006 11:04pm  
I do not know and I do not count how many times
posted 10-Dec-2006 1:04am  
is there something mentally wrong with you? I mean i know I have no right to be asking that but is there? do you seriously count your dumps? wtf?? lol cya
posted 10-Dec-2006 2:09am  
Just a sec while I consult my scat-journal...
posted 10-Dec-2006 5:49am  
Most of the time just once a day in the am right after I get up. Sometimes again in the pm, just depending on how late I stay up and what I ate.
posted 10-Dec-2006 9:01am  
Depends on what i eat
posted 10-Dec-2006 10:32am  
maybe 3
posted 10-Dec-2006 12:23pm  
This isn't a daily thing for me. Generally, I crap every 3-4 days.
posted 10-Dec-2006 12:58pm  
No offense to anyone, but this is a very tacky survey.
(reply to Amanda) posted 10-Dec-2006 1:10pm  
Amanda my dear, you have a serious issue. You might try magnesium citrate in powder form. Also, you may want to try some acidolphilis. Your body has or will become toxic. A person should defecate at least three times a for each time a meal is eaten. Take a descending formula to help you. There are teas you can also drink. I wish you well.
posted 10-Dec-2006 1:26pm  
Depends, at least once.
posted 10-Dec-2006 4:52pm  
1-3 smiley:::rolls eyes
posted 10-Dec-2006 4:55pm  
Nothing is sacred anymore. smiley:::frown
(reply to longhaultrucker) posted 10-Dec-2006 4:56pm  
Try is aspire higher with survey content and your ratings may go up! smiley:::wink
(reply to llamamama) posted 10-Dec-2006 4:57pm  
(reply to MiniMary) posted 10-Dec-2006 5:16pm  
That was why it was monkee, it's funny
posted 10-Dec-2006 8:26pm  
Usually once a day.
(reply to MiniMary) posted 10-Dec-2006 8:44pm  
(reply to Zang) posted 11-Dec-2006 10:15am  
> Just a sec while I consult my scat-journal...

Scat-journal laughing out loud You reminded me of the clip board we used to have to keep when I worked with developmentally disabled kids. It was a group home and we kept a clipboard in the bathroom we not only had to write how many times the "clients" crapped but comment on the crap. It was so the health nurse could closely monitor their diets and meds.
Man, we got a lecture about our colourful notes... they said "fuzzy", "chunky" and "thin and long" was not exactly what they needed to know. Hey, we weren't doctors! smiley:::grin
(reply to LJD) posted 11-Dec-2006 1:41pm  
Thanks for the advice, but I'm perfectly fine. I've had the same bowel habits for as long as I can remember. It doesn't bother me and my doctor's not concerned, so I don't see the point in fixing something that isn't broken. And, I don't know where you got the idea that people should go 3 times a day. Last I heard, everyone is different. There's no set rule for how often a person should use the restroom.
posted 11-Dec-2006 3:28pm  
Varies. Today, I find it rude.
(reply to Amanda) posted 11-Dec-2006 9:41pm  
This is what I've read, and experienced, ever since I was young, I've had issues. I' ve gone to accupuncturists/herbologists, studied some Chinese theory. One might think of their large intestine as a "garbage bin". It stands to reason the waste matter that has prolonged time in the colon, it will cause toxicity to the body. There is also such a thing as the "leaky gut" syndrome. Toxics seep through the lining of the intestine into the rest of the body. I doubt there is a person today that isn't somewhat toxic.
(reply to Enigma) posted 11-Dec-2006 11:55pm  
What did they want, colours? smiley:::grin
posted 13-Dec-2006 8:42am  
Once a day, same time every day. I'm regular as clockwork.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 14-Dec-2006 7:24am  
(reply to LJD) posted 18-Dec-2006 4:24pm  
The liver metabolize anything that is toxic to the body before it reaches the large intestine, Lois. I'm talking about chemicals...and such. I am sure organic waste ends up in the corn, which we are unable to break down. It's not a chemical.. so the liver doesn't toch it.
posted 18-Dec-2006 7:05pm  
Once every couple of days
(reply to MiniMary) posted 19-Dec-2006 2:49pm  
Mary, I'm not a scholar on this subject, but from what I've heard from my acupuncturist, and what I've read, If one does not defecate every day, or after they eat within a short period, the body starts becoming toxic. If our body doesn't have ample minerals/vitamins, fiber, or have a lot of stress, we'll have constipation. I think through constipation, the bad chemicals permeate the intestines into the tissues of the body, check that site I mentioned. I know you've heard of diverticulitis, another case of constipation over time. I once had a male patient that was unconscious from diverticulitis,he was so sick.

The liver, from what I understand is the orchestra leader in our body. It is instrumental in digestion, performs 400 tasks every day. It's highest function is at 1:00am to 3:00am. The strongest time of the large intestine/lower bowel is 5:00am to 7:00am, that is when the body, through the bowel works it's best.

I have read the average person in today's world carries around 20 lbs. of feces...not a good thing. I've read that John Wayne who died of cancer, had 65 lbs. of feces. I've read also that all cancer patients have had a past of constipation, but it doesn't mean all constipated people will get cancer.. Is it any wonder, due today's eating, living habits, and stress levels, that there is an increase in illness?

Bottom line, we have to eat well, sleep well, play our PH balance...acid/alkalinity. .
(reply to LJD) posted 20-Dec-2006 2:07pm  
smiley:::smile.....Just a few corrections, organic waste products and toxic chemicals are two separate things. The liver breaks down and chemicals. The liver takes the toxic (poisonous) by-products of: example... Tylenol metabolizes them into non-harmful (safe) substances....which are usually excreted by the filtering system of the kidneys (which further breaks down uric acid). What enters the large intestines consists of organic waste products of the foods that we eat and are not 'toxic' but merely unnecessary for nutrition. Everyone has different bowel patterns. Defecating everyday is not essential. The frequency of this depends on individual body metabolism, exercise, fiber, liquids and over all eating habits. Lois, diverticulitisis caused by years of heavy straining to defecate and chronic constipation. Due to this strain, small blood fed polyps manifest themselves on the intestinal wall. If the blood supply is impeded, the polyp decays (rots)...causing a cyst...what ruptures, taking the infection into the abdominal cavity causing peritonitis and septicemia (blood poisoning). Just wanted you to get the facts straight. We do not carry around 20 pounds of waste and cancer takes place when regular (healthy) cells stop functioning, become dysfunctional...destroying the ability of the infected organ to work. smiley:::smile
(reply to MiniMary) posted 20-Dec-2006 8:49pm  
smiley:::smileHello Mary, thank you for your post. I never studied biology, or chemistry, any of the sciences in school, so I appreciate your post. Much of what I've said I've learned from an acupuncturist, or this Chinese Herbology class I took, and different information from books I've read, and personal experiences. I was told, upon a visit, once to an acupuncturist I was in a state of acidosis, needed correcting. I've always had a problem with irregularity. Another asked me about my bowels, they said I needed to correct my irregularity. From what I understand if the large intestine is not doing it's job eliminating, then the small intestine will become clogged, the villi in the small intestine becomes matted down, therefore we're unable to absorb vital nutrients. I don't know too much on the body processes, but trying to learn, and I appreciate your input.

Regarding cancer, from what I understand, as you said, you are right, people with cancer their cells stop functioning, are not getting the nutrients needed for normal cell production. I have a wonderful explanation of this by Hoxsey, following is an excerpt from Harry Hoxsey's, N.D. book called "You Don't Have To Die". I have since read other books that have said the same, but in different words.

"We consider cancer a systemic disease. We don't pretend to know its fundamental cause (no one else does either, at this writing, 1956). But, we are convinced that without exception it occurs only in the presence of a profound physiological change in the constituents of body fluids and a consequent chemical imbalance in the organism. This concept, based on extensive practical experience in treating thousands of cancer cases, is in full accord with medically-accepted research outlined in the previous chapter.

For example, a boy bites his tongue in football practice and a sore appears; later it turns out that he has cancer of the tongue. In the course of the same year hundreds of other boys undoubtedly bit their tongues in precisely the same fashion, yet they did not develop cancer. It would appear obvious that in this case the bite was merely the mechanism that triggered the outbreak of the disease. Its real cause must be sought elsewhere, in the basic body chemistry and cell metabolism of the afflicted lad.

We believe that the organism's attempt to adapt itself to the new and abnormal environment produced by the chemical imbalance causes certain changes (mutations) in newly born cells of the body. The mutated cells differ radically in appearance and function from their parent cells. Eventually a viciously competent cell evolves which finds the new environment eminently suitable to survival and rapid self-reproduction. These cells are what is known as cancer.

It follows that if the constitution of body fluids can be normalized and the original chemical balance in the body restored, the environment again will become unfavorable for the survival and reproduction of these cells, they will cease to multiply and eventually they will die. Then if vital organs have not been too seriously damaged by the malignancy (or by surgery or irradiation) the entire organism will recover normal health.

That in brief is the theory of the Hoxsey treatment. We are convinced that cancer cannot be cured successfully as an isolated phenomenon, unrelated to basic body processes. We attempt to get at the roots of the disorder, rather than deal merely with its end result. Our primary effort is to restore the body to physiological normalcy.

We have a basic medicine which, taken orally, accomplishes this purpose. It stimulates the elimination of toxins which are poisoning the system, thereby corrects the abnormal blood chemistry and normalizes cell metabolism. Its ingredients are not secret. It contains potassium iodide combined with some or all of the following inorganic substances, as the individual case may demand: licorice, red clover, burdock root, stillingia root, barberis root, poke root, cascara, Aromatic USP 14, prickly ash bark, buckthorn bark.

It is worth noting that potassium iodide is commonly used in chronic diseases like syphilis to dissolve fibrous tissue in lesions caused by these diseases, and as preparatory action for actual treatment with arsenicals, bismuth and mercury, etc. And that the synthetic anti-coagulant Dicumarol derives from spoiled sweet clover.

We prescribe the above medication in all cases of cancer, internal and external. (Except where there is evidence of latent or arrested tuberculosis, in which instance the use of potassium iodide is contraindicated.) The exact ingredients and dosage vary, depending on the individual patient's general condition, the location of the cancer and the extent of previous treatment." END

The history of Hoxsey's fighting with the AMA is in the congressional record. He offered the formula to the AMA for free if the AMA made sure those that needed it got it at a reasonable rate, or free for those that couldn't afford it. The AMA President refused, saying they had to have a profit of $5 billion a year. The AMA railroaded Dr. Hoxsey out of the states.

I, personally, went to the BioMedical Clinic in Mexico and have met people that have used the formula, and instructions and have been healed. I met a woman through a friend that had cancer throughout her body, and with changing her eating to whole foods, her living habits, AND taking the Hoxsey formula, she completely recovered. I was impressed with her story. My friend was in the process of going to the clinic as she herself had cancer of the abdomen. My friend drank a quart of diluted with water, half/half grape juice a day, made her own bread, ate whole food. Her huge tumor dissolved to the size of a pea. She had the small pea surgically removed as she became fearful once she found out she had cancer. I suspect Mexico didn't tell her so as to not cause fear, which I suspect can further change body chemistry.

I bought a CD by a doctor on TV that had cancer, near death, and she healed herself by juicing fruits and vegetables, and ate whole foods. She refused chemotherapy and radiation as she said they damage the liver, the body. She explained pretty much but in a different way, the same thing as Dr. Hoxey. They sell the Hoxsey formula on the internet.

Bottom line, as we both know, it boils down to taking care of ourselves, and as the old adage of "we are what we eat" is so true, today, yesterday, and forever.

Mary, I wish a lovely Christmas Day to you and your family.

(reply to MiniMary) posted 21-Dec-2006 12:12am  
Mary I forgot to tell you before, but when I looked for my Hoxsey book to recite that excerpt, I found a $100 bill. I do not remember ever putting the bill in the book, and it was put in like a book mark would be. I NEVER put money in books, and I know no one else that would. It is truly strange. I told my husband about it immediately and he told me I should spend it on myself, it's like an omen. I told him I'll split it with him, he said no, I deserve it. I told him I believe in angels. I haven't opened the book in a long while, and the only reason I opened the book was to cite something from the book due to our conversation. Thank you for our conversation...smiley:::smile
(reply to LJD) posted 21-Dec-2006 8:26am  
You know, scientists have learned an awful lot about biology, DNA, and cancer in the half century since 1956. I think the statement that no one knows what causes cancer really isn't true any more.
(reply to dab) posted 21-Dec-2006 9:57am  
You're right...however, bottom line, the causes of cancer is what Dr. Hoxsey has stated, it cannot change. The problem with the medical community is I feel they don't look into the natural ways of healing....God's ways. God said he gave us the herb which will be used for healing, will be used for food. The AMA has a vested interest of NOT keeping people healthy, they lose profit, sad to say. They depend upon technology. Someone is investing in technology and make profit from these investments, at the price of human life......sinful. I'm not saying that all technology is bad, it's how it is used.
(reply to LJD) posted 21-Dec-2006 1:55pm  

Are you a cancer survivor? You seem to have devoted a great amount of time to this condition/cause, and I can't help but wonder if this personally affects you or your family. From your post, you mentioned irregularity...which can be a symptom of many ailments but the fact is:" not enough fluid in the large intestine....drying out the feces, adding weight to them...which makes normal peristalsis (your intestines expanding and contracting to push the food along) difficult". At the end of the intestine, if your body cannot push (contract) out fecal matter, it gathers there...thus, constipation occurs. Medicines that increase the intensity of your body's peristalic action help (cramps), and medications that take fluid from the body and place them back into the intestine help as well. Of course, tumors can cause blockages but you would be very ill if this were the case...and surgery would correct it...somewhat. I will not go into any more details. I do not know if you have this condition.

The small intestine never gets clogged (except in the case of a bowel obstruction). Your large intestine would not fill to capacity...backing up your small intestine. If there were an obstruction, you would be very ill. It is not a condition that you can live with...even for very short periods of time. You require immediate care.

Acidosis: simply means that your blood plasma is too acidic (in terms of pH)...due to dehydration, your body's metabolic rate and respiratory difficulties. As I've mentioned in an earlier post, the kidney's usually dilute and break down uric acid to a non-toxic level...and it is then excreted via the kidney/bladder. Your Chinese Herbalist/Acupuncturist would need to due a blood/urine test to determine this condition.

I am familiar with Hoxsey's cancer treatment, you know, it is very controversial. It gets a bad rap as there are not, AMA, ACA, NCI trial testing percentages to back up the cure claim. It is always rumored that there is a cure for cancer and it is the pharmaceutical companies who are preventing the appropriate studies. My opinion is that I believe that there is merit to some of the herbal medications. Some vegetation has shown to effect the growth of tumors...though the exact reason is not known. As for his (Hoxsey's):
"We are convinced that without exception it occurs only in the presence of a profound physiological change in the constituents of body fluids and a consequent chemical imbalance in the organism."
Nothing supports this and this aspect is never even mentioned in the AMA vs Hoxsey feud. It has very little merit.
But, as I have said, Lois, I believe that alternative therapies can be very useful, for just over all health, as well. Since I do not know your status. I'll stop here.
Yes, have a wonderful holiday. God Bless You and your loving family
posted 21-Dec-2006 2:28pm  
It is God thanking you for being such a lovable wife&mother.

Love, Mary&gang
(reply to LJD) posted 21-Dec-2006 3:27pm  
I'm hardly going to defend either the AMA or their cohorts the FDA and Congress. There are lots of problems there. You're also right that what caused cancer in 1956 is still causing cancer today, it hasn't changed. However, Dr. Hoxsey said, at least as far as you quoted, that no one knew anything about the fundamental cause of cancer and our knowledge has most definitely changed since 1956. It has changed a lot. If no one, including Dr Hoxsey, knew the fundamental causes of cancer, why should anyone believe his cure is useful? Even if you believe there is a god who put a cure somewhere on Earth, how is it that Dr Hoxsey knows which plant and what the right preparation is? I'm all for anyone having the freedom to try his cure if they want, don't get me wrong on that, but I'm a skeptic. A handful of successes proves only that his treatment is not invariably fatal.
(reply to dab) posted 27-Dec-2006 4:24am  
Through time, and study, Dr. Hoxsey stated the CAUSES of cancer cannot change. But, we do know the causes now....a lack of nutrients in our diet, pure and simple, a stressful lifestyle. You may check out another book by 10 doctors, one being Dr. Heimlich (Heimlich manuever), the doctors said "there will not be a cure for one disease until there's a disease to take it's place". In essence, there has to be a steady cash flow. I believe the name of the book is called Dissent in Medicine.

Ask yourself....who ever elected the AMA to be our voice for medicine?

. Dab, you would have to read Hoxsey's book to better understand, and they're still available I believe. Dr. Hoxsey started experimenting with herbs in the fields after he noticed his horses began to get healthier. So he started treating people with these herbs he found. In the book it shows pictures of people with very serious cancer cases. The people started getting well, several cases on the books. The key to longevity is to nourish and cleanse. I've personally met several people who have completely healed themselves, through a whole food diet, whole herb formulas.

The medical profession, pharmaceuticals in this country may use an herb in it's formulas, but they have to formulated by taking substances out of the herb and other chemicals put in in order to patent their medicine. =..(side effects) The law is a WHOLE natural herb cannot be patented.

What saddens me Dab, is that people have to needlessly die...all because of profit....which is pure wickedness.

Ezekiel 47:12 And by the river upon the bank thereof, on this side and on that side, shall grow all trees for meat, whose leaf shall not fade, neither shall the fruit thereof be consumed: it shall bring forth new fruit according to his months, because their waters they issued out of the sanctuary; and the fruit thereof shall be for meat, and the leaf thereof for medicine.

(reply to MiniMary) posted 27-Dec-2006 5:03am  
Mary, I've never been diagnosed with cancer. Thank you for being considerate and asking me. I went to Hoxsey's Clinic in Mexico many years ago with my daughter. Mary I want you to feel comfortable to talk freely with me.

While I was at the clinic I met people from all around the U.S. I talked to many of them, that were being treated. I talked to one woman whose grandson that had leukemia, had to be flown in and brought by ambulance, because the boy was so ill. Through treatment the boy was healed, survived the leukemia.

I guess Mary it boils down to what form of medicine you believe in. I believe Allopathy offers some wonderful care for body repair, emergency care, testing, but I have absolutely no faith in Allopathic medicine when it comes to disease. Over the years of working in the local acute hospital, and seeing people die needlessly, it broke my heart, having to deal with the sick people, and almost worse was watching the families grieve when their loved ones suffered and then pass on...too much for me to bear.

I met a woman that was a Chinese Herbologist,...this peaked my interest. I wanted to pursue the Chinese Five Element Theory. My daughter had a friend that was a nurse, and was wanting to leave the profession, and was training to be an acupuncturist/herbologist. One year, for Christmas, she gave me a couple really good books, peaked my interest again. I then started studying with a home study course from East/West Herbology. I believe in preventative medicine. But with preventative medicine, if you have a disease, you can heal yourself. As you mentioned the kidneys filter and I feel there is just too much stress put on our kidneys, to take care of all the acid in our bodies. From what I understand our body is supposed to be more alkaline, than acid, but with today's diet, and stress our bodies have become more acid. This causes health issues. May I suggest Dr. Morters PH system, and also a book called "The Web That Has No Weaver".

For me, the pieces of the puzzle are coming together.

I wish you and your family a safe, healthy Happy New Year!
(reply to LJD) posted 27-Dec-2006 12:40pm  
Well Lois, there are a number of body systems which all have their own specifically preferred pH. Overall, the body's internal chemical environment normally changes from a weak acid to a weak base within a 24-hour period, usually more acid at dawn and most base at sunset. It is kind of a rule of them. I take most of testing blood in the morning, for this it will always be a bit acidic. These physiological changes occur on a sine curve during this period. The slightly acid time period early morning: pH < 7.0 is optimal for the activity of the nerves, hormones and neurotransmitters such as adrenaline, thyroxine, histamine, acetylcholine and other biogenic amines. In this pH, the acidic connective tissue substances (stored acidic wastes) are dissolved by the hyaluronidase into liquid form and thereafter excreted from the body as wastes. Lois, with base and acid levels..the body is only able to handle very little changes one way or another.
Yes, the kidneys have a difficult time. But there are two of them doing the exact same thing. Very efficient. So efficient that you could live without one. You are doing good work, learning these alternatives now....when you are in good health. There would be a desparation about discovering them if you were already well into the illness. Yours is the best way to learn. love
(reply to MiniMary) posted 27-Dec-2006 1:20pm  
Thank you Mary, you're so right of your assessment of the PH in the morning. My level is a 5.5 acid...not so good. I have some PH paper from Dr. Morter, check my PH level in the morning. I agree a person can become desperate when they're well into an illness. According to the Five Element theory, when a person exhibits a hypochondriac behavior, or a strong curiosity towards healing they more than likely have a dysfunction of the liver. Perhaps this is what started me into searching, without knowing the behavior. I was diagnosed with a liver dysfunction by my Allopathy doctor and my acupuncturist. I only wish I knew many years ago, what I know now.......don't we all? LOL I think God designed our bodies so beautifully, for those that have a very difficult job, he supplied us with two...i.e. kidneys. Thank you for all the information you have're helping me, as well as, others on the site have a better understanding on the functioning of the body.

love Warmest Regards, Lois
posted 27-Dec-2006 1:26pm  
Lois, what is wrong with your liver?
posted 10-Jan-2007 6:51pm  
At least once a day. What's wrong with 'bowel movement'? I hate that phrase, take a dump. smiley:::wince
(reply to Enigma) posted 10-Jan-2007 6:54pm  
I have spent I great amount of time handling other peoples poo and documenting the details.. smiley:::wince
(reply to NewYorkForelli) posted 10-Jan-2007 6:58pm  
All cancer patients? I don't think so.
(reply to LJD) posted 10-Jan-2007 11:18pm  
How did they know you were in a state of acidosis? Did they draw blood and send it to the lab?

What body fluids is this referring to?
(reply to dab) posted 10-Jan-2007 11:19pm  
Yes, and how can you be sure those claiming cure aren't part of the scam?
(reply to RGirl) posted 11-Jan-2007 12:13am  
An acupuncturist diagnoses you by pulse, tongue, vision, behavior, questions. I also test, at home, my PH levels acid/alkaline....I'm definitely in a state of acidosis. I have PH paper, check myself. You can check to see if your acidosis is caused by the physical/urine test or the emotional/saliva test.
(reply to RGirl) posted 11-Jan-2007 8:00am  
Indeed. I assume they are.
posted 18-Mar-2007 11:20pm  
Depends if i got the runs or not. by the way do you get off on this
(reply to LJD) posted 18-Mar-2007 11:23pm  
Whats your bloody problem given people advice on how to do more craps a day. if shes still alive then she must be doin pretty well. but you have some serious issues. oh and what a gay picture

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