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single12-Feb-2002quizjustjulie unsorted531251.1%


How many pounds of apples does the average American eat in a year?

This includes applesauce, apple pie, etc.

76 pounds
1112 pounds
416 pounds
1118 pounds

posted 13-Feb-2002 7:59am  
Not a scoobie. 18 pounds?
posted 13-Feb-2002 7:59am  
Not a scoobie. 18 pounds?
posted 13-Feb-2002 8:15am  
Knowing Americans and the amount of food they consume I'm going for the biggest number. Then again as its all junk food maybe I should tick the lowest. No, I'm sure they love canned sugared apple in their McDonalds pies.
posted 13-Feb-2002 8:58am  
Sixteen pounds?
posted 13-Feb-2002 8:59am  
I picked 18. I would have guessed more. 18 lbs. a year doesn't sound like that much.
posted 13-Feb-2002 9:52am  
18. It doesn't take too many apples to make 18 lbs and there are alot of people who have at least one per day, not to mention pies, applesauce, apple desserts etc.
(reply to Dino) posted 13-Feb-2002 10:27am  

yes a majority love that sugar!!!!
posted 13-Feb-2002 10:28am's 18

i would have thought it to be more as well.

but like some of you said, i thimk that if this was a question of junk food, well then it would be astronomical!
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator Survey Qualifier
posted 13-Feb-2002 10:43am  
6 at most, surely. They aren't famed as the healthiest of people......frown
(reply to justjulie) posted 13-Feb-2002 12:01pm  
*dribbles pee down trouser leg - again!*
posted 13-Feb-2002 12:15pm  
Dont know, but I reckon its about 3 times as many pounds as they should.
posted 13-Feb-2002 1:06pm  
(reply to Dino) posted 13-Feb-2002 1:32pm  
what can i say my're just too good

well, except for that whole loss of bladder thing
posted 13-Feb-2002 2:28pm  
For me it would be maybe a half pound at one or two apples a year.
posted 13-Feb-2002 3:06pm  
6 pounds - you guys are junk food crazy aren't you?
posted 13-Feb-2002 4:19pm  
I don't care but you just made me incredibly hungry for apple and cheese smile
posted 13-Feb-2002 8:28pm  

posted 13-Feb-2002 11:29pm  
I don't know about the rest of the average Americans,but I never buy the stuff.I hate apples.The only way I like ANY sort of fruit is in juice form,cept tropical fruits.
posted 14-Feb-2002 1:16am  
I'll say 18 lbs.
(reply to Dino) posted 14-Feb-2002 1:17am  
Geez Man! Get a grip and get some Depends! smile
posted 14-Feb-2002 3:12pm  
posted 14-Feb-2002 6:43pm  
12? I have no idea.
posted 15-Feb-2002 12:13pm  
posted 22-Feb-2002 10:47pm  
I don't eat apples often, though i love apple sauce!
posted 23-Feb-2002 11:04am  
I actually don't know. How 'bout THEM apples? LOL
(reply to mandy) posted 23-Feb-2002 11:07am  
That's pretty crappy of you to say that, you being so concerned with political correctness and not offending people by denouncing them as a group and all.

If you want to call *me* a pig, I invite you to do so, but please don't be guilty of that which you yourself so object to in others.
(reply to Biggles) posted 23-Feb-2002 11:14am  
You're quite right about Americans as a group being pretty darned unhealthy, and I also think that as a nation we are perhaps the most socially irresponsible and self-infatuated. I'm proud of certain ideals that were part of our heritage, but I am not proud of the way we as a group live, and I dread to think of where we as a people are headed, because I see it on the streets and in the classrooms.

But I am so grateful that you didn't call nasty names.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator Survey Qualifier
(reply to mrsbbear) posted 23-Feb-2002 11:17am  
Oooh, those Americans are such dunderheads! wink

Joking! I can't even remember what dunderhead
(reply to mrsbbear) posted 23-Feb-2002 4:03pm  
It's pretty crappy of you to say It's crappy of me to say that.

Please lighten up...It was tongue in cheek.
Jeez, We really need an emoticon for that.

Anyway, that would include me as well. I live in the USA and apart from the fact that I am not legally a US citizen, I still consider myself American....and I consume apples.
cerealkiller Survey Qualifier
posted 2-May-2014 5:51pm  
How about "zero"? I rarely if ever eat apples.
posted 5-May-2014 5:23am  
18 is the top number? I eat that amount in 2-3 months.
But only fresh apples not processed in some filthy factory where the workers are spitting in the food, bleah.
If I want applesauce I make it myself. That way I know there is no sugar or chemical preservatives added.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator Survey Qualifier
(reply to Biggles) posted 5-May-2014 5:26am  
Dear God. I was a teenager once wry smile
(reply to Biggles) posted 5-May-2014 6:08am  
> Dear God. I was a teenager once wry smile

Well I would have to mostly agree with you.
Most Americans are dunderheads.
Throw a stone over here and I am sure you will hit one.
JessicaWoman99 Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 1-Jun-2014 12:12am  
12 Pounds my guess
posted 21-Jun-2014 6:49pm  
Not enough, I suspect.

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