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multiple2-Mar-1999personal experienceFirefly_618 unsorted731257.6%


How many jobs have you held in your lifetime?

25more than 7
25I am content with the position I am currently occupying
11I am not content with the position I am currently occupying

posted 2-Mar-1999 10:04am  
I'm assuming you mean career-type jobs, not like after-school type jobs...
posted 2-Mar-1999 10:50am  
I am assuming not counting summer jobs and varying positions within the same company over a time period.
posted 2-Mar-1999 11:56am  
What are we counting as jobs? Part time, during school, etc.? Temping? Or only full time jobs? And I am both content with my current job, for the moment, and not content, in the sense that I have hopes of doing something else someday.
posted 2-Mar-1999 12:04pm  
paper stuffer, busboy, apprentice tiler, WACCC, video store clerk, summer o' temp jobs, co-op #1: Heald, co-op #2: Apollo, Atria/Pure Atria/Rational. ...and a few odd ones I'm not going to count. Methinks your scale doesn't go high enough!
posted 2-Mar-1999 1:19pm  
I've been there 2.5 years...only reason I'm still there is the fact that they are flexible with my schedule.
posted 2-Mar-1999 3:29pm  
More than 7 if I count part-time stuff, but only 5 full-time jobs.
posted 2-Mar-1999 3:43pm  
More than 7. As for full-time work after college, that would be 3.
posted 2-Mar-1999 3:59pm  
More than 7 for part-time or summer jobs, only 3 full-time jobs not counting different positions within a company.
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 2-Mar-1999 5:05pm  
who's counting? :)... put it this way... A LOT
posted 2-Mar-1999 6:08pm  
If I just counted full-time work after college it would be be 1 (and even that is a little misleading as I started working where I am now before I got out of college). Oh, and the name of the company has changed a few times due to mergers and acquisitions -- each time it doubled in size and the corporate values changed -- so, it's unclear if I should count my current job more than once.

Nothing is simple.
posted 2-Mar-1999 8:32pm  
I am happy where I am for now.
posted 3-Mar-1999 7:14am  
How about "I am sort of content"? I like the work and some of the people. But wish there were more upward mobility. I held a lot of jobs working through college.
posted 3-Mar-1999 9:50am  
My intent was any kind of job, I thought that was implied by saying "jobs" and not specifying.

bill: it does too go high enough, "more than 7" usually means 7 to infinity. Sorry if I can't please all of you, but you know what Bill cosby says, "I don't know the key to succes, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone."
posted 3-Mar-1999 10:48am  
Firefly_618 - given that there are 4 times more people selecting "more than seven" than there are in any other category, I think it might have been better to extend the range of answers, or perhaps double them up (1-2, 3-4, 5-6, etc...). No big deal though, it didn't ruin the survey...
posted 3-Mar-1999 3:13pm  
Where's a "0" option? I have currently never had a job, but I'm hoping to get one during summer vacation.
posted 3-Mar-1999 4:59pm  
I'll assume part time jobs count for this survey. If it's full time only, none until May.
posted 3-Mar-1999 5:56pm  
depends on how you count, naturally, but 5 or so.
And I like my job!
posted 4-Mar-1999 9:51am  
All types of jobs: part-time, full-time, temporary, etc.

On the content w/ your job or not options: content or not content in any way, shape, or form.
posted 4-Mar-1999 12:02pm  
later, reading Firefly_618's comment, I revoted to "more than 7" (damned if I know how many, but certainly 8+)
posted 4-Mar-1999 12:14pm  
how about "i'm not happy at all but am waiting for stuff i already should have earned to become mine" (options clock, anyone?)
posted 4-Mar-1999 11:15pm  
I'm only counting full-time jobs.
posted 4-Mar-1999 11:17pm  
OK, I changed it (from 7 to more than 7) based on firefly's comment.
posted 9-Mar-1999 9:57am  
Each has been a stepping stone to the next. The number may be more a sign of how old I am and not how restless I've been (I counted 10 - although I changed jobs several times while working for the same boss 8.5 years).
posted 9-Mar-1999 4:44pm  
I move often, so my jobs used to change a lot. Until I started my own business :)
posted 3-Apr-1999 11:36am  
I've had two waitressing jobs that I quit, and now have two babysitting jobs that add up to almost full time. I'm rakin' it in!
posted 4-Apr-1999 2:17pm  
I had two ice cream jobs :)
posted 27-May-1999 7:12pm  
I chose a kind of arbitrary (approximately correct number) because I've held a number of "quasi-jobs" - postdoctoral researcher, which is really a job but pays half what a "real job" in the same field does, etc.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 12-Oct-2011 10:38am  
Two proper jobs and one Saturday/school holiday paid under the table job.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 7-Jan-2018 6:15pm  
It depends on how you define individual jobs. If we're talking about posts I had to apply for/interview for (rather than move into as part of a rotation), then one teenage under the table job (on and off for a couple of years), one summer job (four weeks), one nursing assistant job (17 months) and four doctor jobs over five and a half years - which is seven overall. If we're counting separate jobs within a rotation, then it's thirteen doctor jobs, and sixteen overall.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 9-Jan-2018 2:17pm  
More than 7. I am content with my current position (self-employed).
paulyw Silver Star Survey Creator
posted 9-Jan-2018 10:05pm  

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