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essay13-Feb-2007personal preferencesRGirl by votes46460.2%


What do you love the smell of in the morning?

And what does it smell like? Base your answer on the model below.
Apocalypse Now- "I love the smell of napalm in the morning, it smells like . . . victory."


posted 14-Feb-2007 12:37am  
COFFEE! It smells like the alertness of a new day coming to life. It sounds like the paper being thrown on the porch. It feels like the cars warming up for their morning commute, and it tastes like hope and promise. It looks like it's going to be another good day.
posted 14-Feb-2007 12:51am  
Coffee the smell of coffee in the morning
posted 14-Feb-2007 12:57am  
i love the smell of diesel fuel in the morning, it smells
posted 14-Feb-2007 1:05am  
I love the smell of toast in the morning, it smells like... satisfaction
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 14-Feb-2007 2:27am  
In this order:

1. Ben
2. Coffee
3. Marijuana
4. Bacon
posted 14-Feb-2007 2:34am  
I love the smell of my freshly showered hubby in the morning... he smells like soap and cologne.
I love the smell of my daughter in the morning... she smells like sweetness and innocence.
I love the smell of a fresh morning with heavy dew on the grass... smells like hope and a fresh new day.
I love the smell of wood stove fires in the morning... smells like old-time warmth and comfort.
posted 14-Feb-2007 5:43am  
Napalm also. smiley:::smile
posted 14-Feb-2007 6:36am  
Coffee, it smells like the start of a new day.
posted 14-Feb-2007 6:40am  
Coffee and marijuana smiley:::wink
posted 14-Feb-2007 6:58am  
I love the smell of porridge in the morning, it smells like... relaxation.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 14-Feb-2007 8:42am  
I love the smell toast of in the morning, it smells like comfort.
posted 14-Feb-2007 3:17pm  
Coffee even though I don't drink it. It means Anne is up already and it makes me feel cozy and some how safe. It smells like comfort, I guess.
posted 14-Feb-2007 6:07pm  
I love the smell of coffee in the morning. that means my so is thinking of me in unconditional love by taking a chance. I asked her why she won't make coffee and there's always some excuse.
(reply to ausfox) posted 14-Feb-2007 6:17pm  
I know this is off the subject, but could you tell me have you heard of a company called Tailor Aquaponics in Australia?
(reply to LJD) posted 14-Feb-2007 8:14pm  
No, sorry I haven't. Have you had a look on the net?
posted 14-Feb-2007 8:29pm  
Never really thought about it, but the aroma of breakfast comes to mind.
posted 14-Feb-2007 9:38pm  
Coffee, I dont like the taste of it, but I do like the smell.
posted 14-Feb-2007 10:27pm  
Rain. It smells like all is right and continuing.
Baked bread. It smells like the warmth of family and security.
Warm smell of summer through the window. It smells like happy.
(reply to ausfox) posted 14-Feb-2007 11:59pm  
Yes I did, it does exist in Australia...just thought you may have heard of it by chance. It's a company owned by my ex-husband, my daughters father. I just found out about it today. I guess my ex travels to Australia too. I know he had a business in Spain at one time. He's quite the traveler...LOL I wish him much success with the Aquaponics.
posted 16-Feb-2007 10:59am  
Cinnamon toast.
posted 16-Feb-2007 8:04pm  
Someday...this war will end...................................
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 16-Feb-2007 8:41pm  
freshly cut grass, coffee, the smell of my sheets.
posted 17-Feb-2007 7:36pm  
Coffee, My Son
posted 18-Feb-2007 12:12am  
Coffee mostly.
posted 18-Feb-2007 10:39am  
A woman after a wild night of sex lol...
posted 3-Mar-2007 6:38pm  
Toast.. it smells like toast.
posted 13-Mar-2007 10:46am  
posted 19-Mar-2007 11:06am  
I love the smell of the fact that in about 12 hours it will time to go back to sleep.
posted 7-Apr-2007 4:04pm  
Flowers, women, rain and spent cordite.
posted 27-Apr-2007 2:00am  
Cinnamon toast.
posted 15-May-2007 3:12am  
Fresh air, the smell of eggs cooking and in the colder months, the smell of wood smoke from my landlady's fireplace.
posted 26-May-2007 2:18am  
My cats, their fur always smells so good to me.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 6-Nov-2017 12:06pm  
I love the smell of my pillow in the morning, it smells like... a lie in.
posted 10-Nov-2017 9:25pm  

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