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multiple12-Jan-2013productsJessicaWoman99 by votes28148.1%


Do you love to shop any kind of Shopping?

Whether it be groceries your shopping for or it could be Target or Wal-Mart etc.


posted 12-Jan-2013 12:49pm  
I like to shop at (1) garage/yard sales or booksales; (2) anywhere else that has shops I like, but especially online specialty shops that I can't find locally and natural foods stores, but it helps to have money to spend in the first place - so I can get things other than absolute necessities.
posted 12-Jan-2013 1:06pm  
Yes grocery shopping and checking out some new and different kinds of food and Wal-Mart my other favorite I just love looking at everything there is to see
paulyw Gold Star Survey Creator
posted 12-Jan-2013 1:35pm  
Every now and then I like to shopping for shoes or sandals most of the time. Once in a while I do shop for other items.
posted 12-Jan-2013 5:47pm  
posted 12-Jan-2013 8:06pm  
No, I hate shopping. Just like my Dad!
posted 12-Jan-2013 10:22pm  
I never shop anymore, but grocery
posted 12-Jan-2013 10:39pm  
It's okay. I don't "love" it but I don't hate it either.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 12-Jan-2013 11:07pm  
I quite enjoy food shopping, but I wouldn't say that I loved it. I also rather like browsing in second-hand book shops, but I don't read as much as I used to so it's not something I do very often any more. I hate shopping for clothes and shoes.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 13-Jan-2013 11:31am  
I do enjoy shopping, yes. Of all kinds.
posted 13-Jan-2013 8:06pm  
Not really. I don't like shopping in any kind of store. I view it as a chore to get done and get the hell out. The closest to fun shopping is online when I'm researching and getting something or maybe on eBay.
posted 14-Jan-2013 4:48am  
No I hate shopping in stores.
If I have to go to a store it is get what I need and get out as quick as possible.
If I can do my shopping online that is the way I go.
posted 14-Jan-2013 7:22am  
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?
posted 14-Jan-2013 8:11am  
No really. I understand retail euphoria. I can get that on-line - which is scarily easy to do.
Visiting shops makes a bit anquished sometimes and that over-rides any retail euphoria I might feel.
(reply to Dino) posted 14-Jan-2013 12:00pm  
Dopamine rush at the point of sale.
posted 28-Jan-2013 5:17am  
Not conventional groceries, or even Target stuff, but just about anything else involving finding things I've never seen before.

Yesterday I bought a 1950's chinese ceramic vase of a pink prawn splashing about in ornate waves, at an antique store.

Things like clothes, vintage bizarre knick-knacks, hard woods, and lapidary stones are my favorites.
posted 2-Feb-2013 7:21pm  
Yes. I do love shopping, however, I don't have to buy stuff to enjoy the excursions. It's just fun.
posted 2-Feb-2013 7:22pm  
Oh c'mon you guys... this is a reasonable 'yes or no' question. Anything other than a 'yes' would be a 'no' Sheeeeeeesh smiley:::wry smile
(reply to cloudhugger) posted 3-Feb-2013 10:55pm  
What are you on about? Most everyone did vote, and no one complained about lack of options.

It's also a fairly gray question. Many people love a huge variety of shopping, and yet still do not technically qualify to vote for 'any' shopping. Not even shopping fanatics can be guaranteed to get into socks, chainsaws, and flu remedies.
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 4-Feb-2013 1:16pm  
What I 'was on' about, was the low rating. After I said that, I realized that there wasn't anything in qual, no one argued about the question, so you are absolutely right! just seemed really odd at that point. I guess it would have been more appropriate to say "why the low rating?" It's just odd that no one said anything smiley:::wry smile which in turn makes my remark add also.

I didn't see the question debateable. It is a yes or no question in my mind. If it isn't a yes, as in the example you provided, it would be a 'no'.
(reply to cloudhugger) posted 8-Feb-2013 8:20am  
It's kind of on the par with 'Do you prefer to drive or be a passenger', not one of those 'huh, I never thought about that before', or 'I've always wondered how people felt about that' sort of surveys.
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 8-Feb-2013 1:54pm  
I've been through yes or no black or white boot camp. I recognize a yes or no question when I see it lol
That is one thing I put in many of my surveys, I like to put the option of "I never thought of that..." or "I'll have to try that".
(reply to cloudhugger) posted 9-Feb-2013 2:03am  
I'm just saying this didn't score well because it was kind of blasť. 'Nothing wrong with a survey format' does not of itself warrant a good score. 'How does you feel about stuff squishing in your toes? Yes/No?' might actually rank better.

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