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single19-Feb-2013personal preferencesRainingFeathers Bronze Star Survey Creator by votes25158.0%


Which living room design would you pick?

You are getting your living room redone. The designer presents you with 8 designs (there is no option outside of these). Which do you choose?

7A. image
5D. image
5G. image
4F. image
2E. image
1H. image
0B. image
0C. image

Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator Survey Qualifier
posted 19-Feb-2013 6:01pm  
If I had to have one of these, I would choose G and then throw away the pictures, the two chairs in the foreground and everything but the plant on the table.
paulyw Silver Star Survey Creator
posted 19-Feb-2013 6:19pm  
I'd pick item D
posted 19-Feb-2013 6:25pm  
Toss up between D and E. I like traditional. My living room has cherry wood tables/queen anne legs. I have an oyster white damask sofa, loose cushions, with skirt. Chairs are oyster white wingback in damask, with cherry wood.. I have a deep red print persian rug in the middle, over hardwood floors. I love the traditional look, or what I see as traditional. The sofa and tables are 35 years old, and look like new.
cerealkiller Survey Qualifier
posted 19-Feb-2013 7:01pm  
This is more than a 'design' question. There's the construction/shape/materials used for the area, and also the furnishings. "D" would come closest, but none is totally what I'd want, and "H" is horrid.
posted 19-Feb-2013 9:53pm  

I was really tempted to go with the one with TV....
posted 20-Feb-2013 5:31am  
'E' or 'G'
'H' looks to bleah
'C' and 'F' are just too much white (I hate white walls)
'A' and 'B'' are just not to my taste of a living room.
'D' too much wasted space with high ceiling, would cost a fortune to heat.
posted 20-Feb-2013 8:11am  
G, warm looking without being too flowery. I like the fireplace the most.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 20-Feb-2013 10:55am  
Definitely A. I love the wall of windows, though I'm not sure how the designer is going to manage that in my Victorian! I might choose to keep my current chairs instead of the ones in the picture, though. I also kind of like G, though not the chairs. And the white upholstery would get too dirty too quickly. I don't care for any of the rest of them at all.
JessicaWoman99 Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 20-Feb-2013 3:17pm  
I like D that is my favorite
jettles Survey Central Subscriber Survey Qualifier
posted 21-Feb-2013 6:10pm  
A I have a thing for very large windows and I like the sofa in this one!
RainingFeathers Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 21-Feb-2013 6:59pm  
I like G best, but D and A were very close seconds. Seems like the majority here agree so far.
posted 24-Feb-2013 4:04pm  
Nope. They all suck. I would have to sit on each and every pice of furniture before I buy. And I'm looking for the tv... where do I get to be a couch potato and watch tv. If it's in another room and these living rooms are for entertaining...again I will have to sit on the chairs and there would not be a couch if there is no tv. How awkward woud that be for someone to be lying down and everyone else sitting. Most people I know don't want to sit next to someone else on a couch so it usually ends up one or two on a couch taking up sitting space. Unless this has changed I don't know.
posted 24-Feb-2013 4:05pm  
I went ahead and picked "H" assuming the furniture is comfortable.
(reply to cloudhugger) posted 25-Feb-2013 5:02am  
> Most people I know don't want to sit next to someone else on a couch
> so it usually ends up one or two on a couch taking up sitting space.

I don't know cloudy. There are a few I wouldn't mind sitting close to. wink

posted 25-Feb-2013 9:37am  
F. is best, I guess. A. and H. are close second and third.

E. is certainly the worst. I don't much care for G. either...
(reply to Lysannus) posted 2-Mar-2013 3:21pm  
Anyone I know? We'll have a party and find out grin lol

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