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multiple9-Jan-2005personal experienceSueBee unsorted651060.0%


Do you live near railroad tracks?

4My home shakes when trains go by
15I can hear trains in the distance at night
13There are train tracks in my town/city but I can't hear them from my home
4I live near railroad tracks that are no longer in use
0I'm not sure where the nearest railroad tracks are
2There are no railroad tracks in my town/city

LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 10-Jan-2005 12:47am  
No. There are some in my town, but most of the time I can't hear them from my house. Every once in a while (a few times a year) I can hear them whistle in the distance. I don't know why I can hear some but not most of them. Maybe they just don't use the whistles very often. I can never hear them rumbling on the tracks, though. Too far away.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 10-Jan-2005 2:45am  
No. There are plenty in the city, but not in my neighborhood.
posted 10-Jan-2005 3:09am  
I live about 3-4 blocks from a main track. It carries both freight and passenger (Amtrak) trains.
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 10-Jan-2005 3:18am  
I do not.. I once stayed in a friend's apartment that was right NEXT to the tracks.. you couldn't hear the tv or the person next to you when the train went by.. and it was a few times a day.

When we lived in NC, the train was about 1/4 of a mile away and it was just kind of homey sounding.

Here in my township, I can't think where the closest tracks would be... maybe downtown Cincinnati--10 miles or so away.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 10-Jan-2005 7:32am  
Near enough to hear the trains when they use their horns - not near enough just to hear them normally. There is also a railway line through my village but it's rarely used and the village station hasn't been used since the early 20th century.
posted 10-Jan-2005 8:37am  
Yes! A freight train runs right in front of my house. A lot of the trains carry coal, but there are mixed cars, too. I like the train sound, but I don't care for the whistle.
RainingFeathers Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 10-Jan-2005 8:48am  
Not anymore, but I used to.
posted 10-Jan-2005 9:27am  
I think the closest tracks are across the river, in another state (but it's only a 3 miles or so away). Amtrak still uses the tracks. I'm not sure, but I don't think my town has any railroad tracks in it.
posted 10-Jan-2005 9:43am  
See my quote, but people don't think twice of driving 6 miles down a nice curvey road, over 2 bridges, to get to the next nearest town.

I live in the Alleghany Mountains, how else do you think people traveled?
posted 10-Jan-2005 10:02am  
yup...they're practically in the back yard. actually, the last three houses my parents have owned have had railroad tracks pretty close (like within a block or so). i don't really even notice the trains going by anymore.
posted 10-Jan-2005 10:17am  
There's a huge train-yard about three blocks south that takes up about a square kilometre. Theres more tracks six blocks north and also eight blocks east. I don't hear the trains. I used to live and work nearer the tracks a few years ago. I love the sound of trains coupling; great booming resonant metallic sounds!
posted 10-Jan-2005 12:08pm  
There is a railroad line about a mile away for freight trains. I've never actually seen a train go through town.
I used to live in a townhouse about 50' from the passenger train line to San Francisco. Place would shake a bit.
posted 10-Jan-2005 1:29pm  
Yes, and I wish I had known that before I bought my house! Next time I will drive 10 mile radius before buying. All the trains seem to go through at 3am and they don't shut up!
posted 10-Jan-2005 1:36pm  
The Metro (subway) and BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) are considered to be "trains" and I am several blocks from these underground stations. The regular train station (the old-fashioned use of the word) is at least a couple miles away and I never have had occasion to use it.
posted 10-Jan-2005 3:07pm  
Yes, and I absolutely adore it. Some of my best time has been spent walking on or around the tracks near my house. There is something inescapably romantic about trains to me.

I'm going halfway across the country on Amtrak this summer, and I'm nearly dying with excitement!
posted 10-Jan-2005 8:57pm  
nope....but I spent a night in a hotel this weekend that was certainly near the tracks!
posted 10-Jan-2005 9:53pm  
Sort of. The train station is pretty close, but I can't hear the trains. I don't think the ones near my house are very loud, I know people who live just by tracks, not the station, and they say it's loud.
posted 10-Jan-2005 10:24pm  
No, but there are lots of boats in our marina!
posted 10-Jan-2005 11:48pm  
Yes but I rarely notice the trains because they're late at night. I used to hear ambulances a lot until they built the new super hospital across the highway - I noticed the silence!
posted 10-Jan-2005 11:52pm  
We have a lot of railroad tracks around here. The town just a couple miles north of me is a major junction with tracks branching off in all directions. (I just noticed that looking on a map the other day.) I can hear the rumble of trains in the distance a lot, and whistles blowing, especially at night when everything else is quiet. I find it very soothing. I used to work at a feed store that was right next to the railroad tracks, and I got used to the trains going by and shaking the whole building.
(reply to Zang) posted 10-Jan-2005 11:57pm  
Oh yeah -- that is a great sound! I heard that regularly when they would drop off and pick up cars at the feed mill where I used to work. smile Trains are cool!
(reply to cerealkiller) posted 11-Jan-2005 12:02am  
If I leave a few minutes late for work I usually get stuck waiting for a long freight train on the tracks about a mile from my house, which makes me REALLY late for work. The only good thing about waiting for a train is seeing all the grafitti that's been spray painted on the sides of the cars. Some of the tags are amazing, and those kids should be making a living with their art!
(reply to Galomorro) posted 11-Jan-2005 12:08am  
*sigh* Gold ol' BART. When it was pretty new, in the mid-70's, I visited my sister in Alameda and it was my first ride on a rapid transit type city train. Quite an experience for a country girl!
(reply to pandora) posted 11-Jan-2005 12:16am  
Umm, where are you going? Anywhere near Washington state??

When I was a teenager, my boyfriend (and future husband, although he's now my ex) insisted that we go sit under the railroad tressel near his house while a train passed by overhead. This was a very low tressel over a stream, and we sat on the ground with a freight train passing about four feet above our heads! It was quite an experience!!
(reply to kirst) posted 11-Jan-2005 12:17am  
I sure miss boating. Do you tire of it, living onboard, or is it still enjoyable?
(reply to SueBee) posted 11-Jan-2005 12:48am  
I find the sound of metal crashing against metal...very comforting... smile love
posted 11-Jan-2005 12:56am  
Yes and no. I live very near where there was tracks. But they ditched them all, the island is track-less.
(reply to Zang) posted 11-Jan-2005 2:00am  
What about the sound of Chinese women haggling over the price of dried squids? wink
posted 11-Jan-2005 6:33am  
Yes I have some that run through part of my property about a mile from my house. I go riding down them all the time. Good spot fr deer hunting (with a bow on horseback).
posted 11-Jan-2005 8:15am  
There's a small train station about 100 yards from my building.
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 11-Jan-2005 8:17am  
not near enough to hear the train but near enough that when i drive many places, i have to cross the tracks or i see the train.
(reply to SueBee) posted 11-Jan-2005 10:59am  
That too! grin
posted 11-Jan-2005 1:13pm  
no but I used to. I always found the sound of the train relaxing.
posted 11-Jan-2005 1:18pm  
At the last job I had the building was 15 feet from the tracks and I had to put people on hold on the phone because it was so loud.
paulyw Silver Star Survey Creator
posted 11-Jan-2005 2:10pm  
I used to live within 300 feet away from railroad tracks; however, they were not used in years. Therefore they removed them 2 years after we moved in that area. However, when the weather conditions are just right, you can hear a train in the distance, and there is a set of train tracks in my neighborhood, which are used weekly for a fright train in that is used in my county.

At a friends cabin, there is a railroad track at the end of the road, and when I go up there around 9:30 at night, and around 3:30 in the afternoon, you can hear the train go by very well, and it makes the cabin shake at times. And hearing a train out in the country is wonderful to me because it makes me sleepy. smile
posted 11-Jan-2005 4:38pm  
I can hear trains if I go out on my porch but not inside. To get out of my neigborhood, you have to cross over a set of tracks in either direction... I also live fairly close to the airport and can see and hear the planes taking off...but I live in the it's expected, somewhat. It's really not loud inside - my house is VERY old, and buffers alot of outside noise.
(reply to SueBee) posted 11-Jan-2005 4:44pm  
Going east this time, to Virginia. I'll have to start making some plans for a pacific northwest tour as well, though! I think I'm going to really love this whole Amtrak thing. grin

I don't think I would have the nerve to sit under a speeding train, however! Brave Sue-motorcycles *and* trains? What a daredevil! wink love
(reply to SueBee) posted 11-Jan-2005 4:57pm  
Actually after being in our house in the US for 17 days, we were all excited to be back on the boat in Hong Kong. Crazy, though, because the boat is a lot more compact! Things are a bit more of an effort here...hard to get more than one or two errands done in a day. Lots more walking around, lots less choice in the supermarket, long drive into the city twice a day to take Claire to and from school...but somehow it works for us.

The only thing that is bothering me about the boat at the minute is that our fuel is off balance. Thus everytime we use water from our tanks, we begin to list starboard. It's a strange feature of this steel boat...never had the problem with any of our fiberglass boats!
(reply to pandora) posted 11-Jan-2005 11:36pm  
laughing out loud I don't know about that.... I wanted a horse when I was a teenager, but my dad is afraid of horses so he got me a mini-bike for my 13th birthday. (He figured I'd be more in control of a motorcycle since it doesn't have a mind of its own.) I forgot all about horses and got hooked on motorcycles! The train thing was pure peer pressure! wink
(reply to kirst) posted 11-Jan-2005 11:49pm  
Well, it's certainly a unique experience, especially living in Hong Kong. After walking the crowded streets, your boat probably seems spacious! While you're listing you can think of your boat as a big piece of exercise equipment. Just think how you're strengthening your calf muscles walking up and down hill all day! wink
(reply to SueBee) posted 12-Jan-2005 2:39am  
How odd, I never thought to be much afraid of horses. That being said, don't think I went back to riding lessons after being thrown three times! A cracked rib is enough of a deterrent for meek old me. laughing out loud

I suppose I'll have to face the music and summon up some courage for a motorcycle ride one of these days. And wear your helmet, young lady! My nerves! grin
(reply to SueBee) posted 12-Jan-2005 9:28am  
If only exercising were that easy!!!
(reply to SueBee) posted 12-Jan-2005 9:56pm  
Wonderful thing. I just recently went to the airport (SFO) for the first time to see a friend off, then back to downtown SF again. Interesting, fast, no-nonsense transportation.
posted 13-Jan-2005 11:58pm  
I can't see nor hear them at home (but I still know they are there). They're relatively near despite that.
(reply to pandora) posted 14-Jan-2005 10:47pm  
My dad's friend had a teenage daughter who was killed when she was thrown from a horse, and a different girl who would have graduated in my class suffered the same fate. My dad always worries too much about things, and is afraid the worst possible thing might happen. He did let me ride horses with my friends, although I was supposed to stay in the fields and not ride alongside the road. (I did anyway -- I wasn't very obedient!) I was thrown several times, but never on the road. A cracked rib must have HURT!

Have you ever ridden a motorcycle? It is so much fun! You can accelerate really fast, and it's fun to lean into the turns. I always wear a helmet -- it's the law here in Washington, and having a wrap-around helmet probably saved from from a broken jaw one time when I ended up bouncing off the hood of a pickup truck, so I will never ride without one. I don't have a motorcycle right now, but I will again within the next couple years. I miss it!
posted 14-Jan-2005 10:50pm  
Yes, there is one only a block from my house that the nuclear power plant used but I haven't seen or heard a train in a few years.
(reply to Galomorro) posted 14-Jan-2005 10:51pm  
It's definitely the way to go. The people of Seattle have been arguing for years about what sort of system they should put into place. A lot of people want to extend the monorail line. They need to do something soon.
posted 16-Jan-2005 1:02am  
The nearest railroad tracks are probably less than a mile away. I haven't heard the trains, but then again, I've only been living in this building for about a month.

Railroad tracks are about 2 miles from my father's home and you can hear them late at night, when it's very quiet outside.
(reply to SueBee) posted 16-Jan-2005 3:06pm  
Well now I can see your dad's position on things! That's terrible.

The only motorcycle experience I have is sitting on my Granddad's when I was a toddler, which I think might have to satisfy me. I'm such a chicken! I'll just have to live vicariously through you, but watch out for those trucks! *Stern face*
(reply to pandora) posted 16-Jan-2005 5:56pm  
laughing out loud Yes, ma'am!
ElvisFan67 Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 16-Jan-2005 9:42pm  
I used to when I was a kid, but not now.
(reply to SueBee) posted 16-Jan-2005 11:10pm  
I wish we had a monorail that would go places in the city that BART and the Metro do not go. Looking out the window at scenery zipping by would be better than riding bored thru underground tunnels with nothing to look at.
(reply to Galomorro) posted 16-Jan-2005 11:19pm  
What about all those lovely colorful ads inside the cars, and the grafitti? wink

If I'm riding a monorail I prefer to be seeing things like Mickey Mouse and Space Mountain, but Seattle scenery isn't bad. smile
(reply to SueBee) posted 17-Jan-2005 3:37pm  
(reply to SueBee) posted 18-Jan-2005 10:58am  
I've long grown tired of trying to amuse myself by making as many words as I can out of different signs and sentences -- like "Front seats are reserved for the elderly and disabled" or whatever it says. I suppose it's good practice for Scrabble players. We have pretty good scenery here, at least in the winter with all the hilltop parks nice and green now with the rainy season. I think it's fairly interesting to just sit there and people-watch and check out the different neighborhoods you're going thru, like one does on a bus but just not stopping every block and bumping agonizingly slowly along in traffic the way buses do.
(reply to Galomorro) posted 21-Jan-2005 5:20pm  
Yes, it's much better than a bus. Less stinky, too. Or may the buses there are electric, but around here they're diesel engines and the exhaust fumes stink. I hate getting behind a bus in my car.
posted 23-Jan-2005 6:52pm  
Yes, but it's not used anymore.
posted 24-Jan-2005 12:26am  
no, they're at least a mile away.
(reply to southernyankee) posted 24-Jan-2005 2:29am  
Happy birthday! smile
posted 18-Mar-2006 12:52am  
posted 20-Dec-2008 6:22am  
I can see tram tacks from where I'm sitting (well, the bridge that they're ran along). It's like a two minute walk. But no train tracks.

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