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If you could live anywhere in the world - Earth only (apologies to any aliens), where would you want to live and why?


posted 30-Jul-2003 5:37pm  
posted 30-Jul-2003 5:38pm  
Here-is home.
Prague-is wonderful and cheap.Even though if I lived there I wouldn't find it cheap anymore!
posted 30-Jul-2003 5:41pm  
Somewhere near the sea. Maybe New England in the summertime, and Key West in the wintertime.
posted 30-Jul-2003 5:55pm  
Right where I am...
posted 30-Jul-2003 5:56pm  
I'm pretty happy where I am. I guess I wouldn't object to living on a quiet street in a rambling old house with a nice garden out back, as opposed to the one bedroom apt. where I live right now.
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 30-Jul-2003 5:58pm  
I would have to go visiting places to know for sure.
posted 30-Jul-2003 6:04pm  
Anchorage, Alaska. Because it's where all of my family are--and definately better than this place. (Bossier)
posted 30-Jul-2003 6:14pm  
I like where I live now. Well, I like the house and the property. I don't like the town I live in very much.

If I could move anywhere, though, I guess it would have to be SanDestin, Florida. It's a resort right outside of Destin, Florida. For the last several years, we've spent a couple of weeks during the summer there. I'd love to buy the house (which belongs to a friend) that we stay in. It's awesome. The whole place resort is very peaceful and beautiful. There's so much to do there. The resort is like a small, secluded town. There's lots of little shops and restaurants, but only people living in or vacationing in SanDestin can go to them, so it's really nice. It's got a private beach. The whole experience there is wonderful. Hurricane season would suck, though!!! We went the end of September through the beginning of October and a hurricane was coming in the day we left.

So, if I moved there, I'd want to keep the house I've got now, so I could come here during hurricanes.
posted 30-Jul-2003 6:55pm  
The Oregon Coast, because I love it.
posted 30-Jul-2003 8:06pm  
I don't want to answer because I want to keep this place as a paradise. But I know of one where it's tropical, and the music is exciting, the food is awesome, there's tons of natural beauty, and it's only a little dangerous. I'm working on living there.
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 30-Jul-2003 8:30pm  
in the US, i would like to live in northern california. in the world, maybe italy or sicily.
posted 30-Jul-2003 8:42pm  
Somewhere near the surface so that I could crawl out. wink
posted 30-Jul-2003 9:01pm  
I'd like to live in manhattan, probably. I'd really like to travel a lot first though. I've hardly been anywhere.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 30-Jul-2003 9:40pm  
Somewhere in Europe. Maybe Switzerland, because it's beautiful. Or maybe London, because it's a different country but I still speak the language.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 30-Jul-2003 11:18pm  
I could live pretty much anywhere in the world... most of us could... I'm very happy living right where I am right now.
posted 31-Jul-2003 7:10am  
Somewhere in Europe + where they speak English = UK
posted 31-Jul-2003 9:00am  
By the ocean. It's SO cool.
posted 31-Jul-2003 10:09am  
Big Bear Lake, California. Middle of the mountains -- clean, fresh air and peaceful!
posted 31-Jul-2003 3:06pm  
Wisbech, England because my family is there, and I want us all to be together. smile
posted 31-Jul-2003 4:15pm  
Somewhere close to a Hare Krishna Temple.
posted 1-Aug-2003 4:24am  
In a cave, in Southern Brazil.
posted 1-Aug-2003 7:29am  
I'm happy in London for now. Wouldn't mind temporarily finding out about Canada (not sure where), Seattle and San Fansisco.
posted 1-Aug-2003 10:42am  
The United States of America. No questions asked.
posted 1-Aug-2003 1:45pm  
The hinterland of the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia. The hinterland is featured at the bottom of that webpage. It is a rainforested country area in the hills behind the tourist strip of apartments and theme parks. It is cool and has enough rain but is close to the beach and to Brisbane, QLDs capital city. The coast has casinos, shows, nightclubs and great shopping. Right now I live about an hour from the coast in Brisbane.

Hinterland - Mt Tamborine

Surfers Paradise Beach with hinterland behind
(reply to kaleb777) posted 1-Aug-2003 1:52pm  
OK, I'm packing my bags! grinlaughing out loud
(reply to LoriJanine) posted 1-Aug-2003 2:14pm  
posted 1-Aug-2003 2:21pm  
Right the fudge here...where I live. I am never leaving. Not for any reason...except maybe deportation and then darn...I'd be sent to live in lovely great britain...poor Mandy.raspberry
(reply to kaleb777) posted 1-Aug-2003 4:03pm  
posted 1-Aug-2003 4:50pm  
hym, right here I guess. Naw, I think Id probabbly move. This survey makes it look like wishing I was somewhere else. Look, if I wanted to live somewhere else, dont you think I would move there eventually. Its not like living in a particular spot is like achiving a goal or anything (except for Austraila). Right now, I dont know where I would want to live, um, somewhere in the US. Where ever the job market will take me.

As far as the "(apologies to any aliens)" part, what about humans who want to live on other planets. Besides, this is an open-ended question, so I can write whatever the fudge I want. In that sense:

/me looks out side the window, rolling both eyes to the upper left handed corner, looking up with a gleem in his eyes. "I vant to goh to Maarrrrhhhhhrrrrhrhrhrzzzz!!!!!"
(reply to kaleb777) posted 2-Aug-2003 12:56am  
Fricky BEAUTIFUL! (Got to admit.) Damn I need a vacation.
posted 2-Aug-2003 3:21pm  
I don't think I could pick a place unless my family could come with me.
It would have to be in the United States though.

But I know where my husband would pick: Sandusky, Ohio home of Cedar Point, the greatest amusement park in the world.
(reply to kaleb777) posted 2-Aug-2003 3:25pm  
As the Crocodile Hunter-Steve Irwin would say "Gorgeous!"
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 3-Aug-2003 12:27am  
I'm really pretty happy where I am. I could fantasize about a beach house, but I suspect that the reality of living in one might tarnish it.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to kaleb777) posted 3-Aug-2003 12:28am  
Wow, that looks great!
posted 3-Aug-2003 12:29pm  
Okay, my answer has changed dramatically since my last vote. I have found the perfect city and the perfect house to buy within that city, for the lowest price...oh my god. THAT is where I want to be. I've never felt more at home in a community. Damn me and my poor credit. Can't get a mortgage to save my life, even though my house payments would be $100 less than what I pay for rent right now. Grrr.
(reply to bill) posted 3-Aug-2003 12:31pm  
Yeah. Maybe if I win lotto wry smile
posted 3-Aug-2003 12:31pm  
posted 3-Aug-2003 12:32pm  
Just look at the beauty of it...oh god.
posted 6-Aug-2003 6:31am  
Ireland, Sweden or Finland.

Beautiful countries, very nice people, not too crowded like The Netherlands.
posted 7-Aug-2003 7:22am  
New York City


Surfers Paradise
posted 7-Aug-2003 8:00am  
Southern Ireland - gorgeous place - going to retire there some day.
posted 7-Aug-2003 9:25am  
I'm pretty happy here in New Hampshire but Alaska has always intrigued me.
posted 9-Aug-2003 5:02pm  
New Orleans .... Drugs, Alcohol, Everything I could ever dream of....
posted 11-Aug-2003 2:16pm  
Somewhere in Ireland, I love that country.
posted 12-Aug-2003 2:23am  
North Dakota. It's in the US,(and therefore does not use the dreaded metric system), and yet is kind of an out of the way place. It's cold, but not so far north that the Sun does not climb very far above the horizon on the winter solstice.
posted 12-Aug-2003 11:23pm  
I can only comment on places I've visited or at least have some knowledge of. I'd have to say Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I'm a native of Atlanta, Georgia but I love the weather, the cleanliness and the open-mindedness of the people there.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 13-Aug-2003 1:23pm  
At home.

Home isn't a place, it's a sense of belonging, of safety, of understanding.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to mandy) posted 13-Aug-2003 1:27pm  
Poor mandy maybe, but lucky Brits!!! smile
(reply to Biggles) posted 13-Aug-2003 6:20pm  
posted 14-Aug-2003 10:20am  
One of the islands in the Bahamas, because I like the clear water and the tropical weather, and I will be there in a couple of years for sure.
posted 14-Sep-2003 2:15pm  
New Zealand. The beautiful enviroment.
posted 29-May-2007 11:11pm  
New Zealand or Australia.
posted 22-Oct-2013 5:59pm  
posted 23-Oct-2013 5:49am  
Anyplace there are mountains and trees. And of course little to no government intervention screwing up my life.
posted 23-Oct-2013 8:58am  
I'll take a log cabin in the woods... a country boy can survive.
posted 24-Oct-2013 4:37pm  
The Swiss Alps Switzerland because this reminds me of Colorado the Rockies
(reply to JessicaWoman99) posted 25-Oct-2013 6:28am  
> The Swiss Alps Switzerland because this reminds me of Colorado the
> Rockies

They are close but not quite the same. Been to both the US Rockies and the Canadian Rockies years ago with my dad and he said the Canadian Rockies reminded him of being in the Alps. He was stationed there for 4 years.
(reply to Lysannus) posted 25-Oct-2013 5:30pm  
Oh how cool I have seen pictures on TV of the Canadian Rockies yes I would live there as well I am a mountain type gal and I love living in the country

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