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multiple28-Nov-2006hypothetical questionCarlHalling by votes43359.5%


Do you like and welcome unexpected visits by parents/relations and/or friends?

You are just chilling on the computer or watching TV or whatever enjoying your own society and a family member or friend arrives unannounced at your front or back door, tapping to signal their desire to enter your premises. Do you like and welcome such situations?

13No, but sometimes I'm fine with it; it depends on my mood
9No, but I always make an effort to be polite and nice
6Yes, normally I like and encourage this, but sometimes it is just not appropriate
6Yes, always. My door is always open to relatives and friends.
4No, never, not under any circumstances, and people who know me know never to do this
2Are you kidding? I'm a confirmed hermit

posted 29-Nov-2006 8:54am  
No, never, not under any circumstances, and people who know me know never to do this!
posted 29-Nov-2006 9:17am  
I'd like to think myself a welcoming person but in reality I just hate it when people drop by unannounced. I have a full time job, a husband who can't work right now, a thirteen year old daughter, a house and a lot of the responsibility falls on me (my husband just can't do a lot of things now due to physical limitations). The last thing I need when I'm in the middle of cleaning, doing laundry, mowing the lawn, planning lunches and worrying about the fact that if something happens to the business we will have no other income (including the fact that I will have no health plan and can't apply for UI because of self employment). I won't have a dime coming in should something happen..... I don't need to have someone "drop in" unannounced. Just call me if you want, if we can get together we will if not... the call is great. It shows you're thinking of me. smiley:::smile
posted 29-Nov-2006 9:59am  
No. I don't know why, I freak when someone stops by unannounced and they plan on staying for more than 5 minutes. Mary finally stopped doing that to me, she was inviting people all the time and not being here and not telling me.
posted 29-Nov-2006 10:06am  
I think it is good manners to announce yourself when visiting others, family or friends. I expect the same from others. I have had unexpected guests, ..I may not like it, but always try to make my guests feel welcome. My family has never come over without letting me know.
posted 29-Nov-2006 10:26am  
It depends on what relative and how often they do that.
posted 29-Nov-2006 10:38am  
No. I'm a confirmed hermit. Except for one neighbor, no one drops by and that's fine with me. If someone ever comes over I prefer to know ahead of time so I can clean up a little.
posted 29-Nov-2006 10:45am  
It never happens, but if it did.............No, but I always make an effort to be polite and nice
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 29-Nov-2006 12:40pm  
I'm usually fine with friends just showing up, although it doesn't happen that often. And it would be really weird if a family member just showed up. But in general they're welcome to visit. It might be at a bad time sometimes, but not usually.
posted 29-Nov-2006 12:45pm  
I never get them.
posted 29-Nov-2006 1:13pm  
My door is always open to family and friends.
posted 29-Nov-2006 1:14pm  
I can't remember the last time I had unexpected guests, but I usually love company, even when unexpected. Timing might not always be the best, but when friends choose to visit me, I choose to welcome them.

If there's really a conflict, I'm "person" enough to be honest and extend an invitation for another time.

posted 29-Nov-2006 1:33pm  
I'd love to see my Mom, Step-Dad, and little Brother more often.
posted 29-Nov-2006 1:55pm  
Well yes of course I do not mind if my friend she shows up all of a sudden and I hear knocking at my door, I let her in and she and I love to talk and she is wondering how I am doing since I got out of the hospital some time ago, and she is concerned about my safety and making sure I am ok
posted 29-Nov-2006 2:05pm  
No, never. No one is allowed in or dares to visit.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 29-Nov-2006 3:05pm  
Initially, I may feel a little put on the spot, but usually it works out to be enjoyable. In the past, I've lived places where certain people would just show up fairly often and it was totally cool and in fact great and mellow and all that good stuff. I'd kind of like to get back to that somehow, but it seems incompatible with where I live.
posted 29-Nov-2006 3:20pm  
I don't like it at all but I make an effort to be polite. This doesn't really ever happen out here though.
(reply to ROCKMAN) posted 29-Nov-2006 3:47pm  
> My door is always open to family and friends.

Okay we'll all be over say... round six-ish? What's for dinner? smiley:::grin
posted 29-Nov-2006 5:16pm  
I don't generally get unexpected visits from anyone. I have a phone. People call before they drop by. The only exception being some of my neighbours. They don't do this very often. Usually I'll answer the door, invite them in, offer them a beverage, try to be a good host...Sometimes, if I don't feel like a visitor, I'll just be quiet and not answer the door.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 29-Nov-2006 6:52pm  
My closest friends and family live in other cities (bar my little brother) so it would give me a bit of a shock to have them pay an unexpected visit. It wouldn't be entirely welcome due to the very sudden nature of it. When I have lived closer to friends and family, unexpected visits have been very welcome - for example, when I was at university, it was nice to have a friend knock on my door and come in for a chat.
posted 29-Nov-2006 11:31pm  
I prefer that people call ahead of time. If I'm free, great, come in; if I'm not, you'll know.
posted 30-Nov-2006 2:25am  
Why not, unless i'm having sex
posted 30-Nov-2006 7:08am  
Polite but not appropriate?

While I welcome the unexpected company, I feel uncomfortable that I could not prepare. I really do not enjoy being the bearded lady, even if my guests could care less. It puts a damper on my ability to be a cheerful host.
posted 30-Nov-2006 11:07am  
posted 30-Nov-2006 1:55pm  
No, but I always make an effort to be polite and nice.
(reply to Enigma) posted 1-Dec-2006 8:42am  
I always eat good!
posted 2-Dec-2006 6:28am  
Maybe, if I like them, and aren't naked or anything.
posted 3-Dec-2006 11:43am  
Since I am a Hermit/Schizoid/Sociopath, I hate people who just drop over to visit. I do not do small talk and hate it when others sit and chit chat about nothing...or at least nothing I am interested in... I have a room mate but rarely see her so that makes it nice. Most of the time I am here alone. She just got a Irish Wolf Hound so now I expect the "Non-Announced visits by those who think they are my friends to stop rather quickly when the moose goes after them... Took me a while for her to get used to me, so I know she will not like any outsiders... gotta love it...
(reply to Gomezy3k) posted 3-Dec-2006 7:45pm  
The moose. Gorgeous choice of dog. I have no idea what their personalities are like though.
posted 12-Dec-2006 3:35pm  
I like it.
posted 26-Dec-2010 9:19pm  
I don't like it usually but it depends who it is lol Example 'a person I did not see for a year' lol But I really like to know when someone is coming over.

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