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multiple28-Sep-2005personal preferenceswaynec by votes68452.3%


Would you like to wear just your underwear in public on a hot day?

Would you like to wear just your underwear on a really hot day in public? for example, Go shopping, go on the beach, go to work, party etc.

11probably if everyone was doing it
7underwear should stay covered up
4i dont wear underwear
3underwear does costs loads and should be worn however you want even in public
2not sure

posted 28-Sep-2005 7:59pm  
Yes, indeed. Sometimes I do at home in the yard in the dark of night.
posted 28-Sep-2005 8:39pm  
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 28-Sep-2005 8:53pm  
No. Shorts and a t-shirt are close enough...
posted 28-Sep-2005 9:36pm  
If it was the norm, no problem for me to go outdoors in my undies. I tend to feel very uncomfortable during really hot days outdoors, so I probably wouldn't think twice... I'd just make sure there weren't any embarrassing holes!! I tend to wear out my under shorts until they are barely holding together. Of course, they are always fresh out of the wash. smiley:::cool smile
posted 29-Sep-2005 12:46am  
I try not to leave the house if it's too hot...
posted 29-Sep-2005 2:07am  
yeah why not, if everyone was then i wouldn't look as bad
posted 29-Sep-2005 3:49am  
No, I don't go out in the sun much anyway. I have an allergy to sun that makes me break out badly, so I avoid it as much as possible. If I did go out only in my underwear, I'd probably be haunted forevermore by the ghost of my aunt. She was prudish when it came to modesty.
posted 29-Sep-2005 4:31am  
What underwear?
posted 29-Sep-2005 6:21am  
For going to the beach boxers aren't much different then a swimming trunks.
(reply to patarnone) posted 29-Sep-2005 7:52am  
(glad i'm not the only one)
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 29-Sep-2005 12:28pm  
Not really.
posted 29-Sep-2005 2:27pm  
No matter how hot it is, I really don't think that wearing only my underwear is going to help that much.
posted 29-Sep-2005 3:22pm  
how does this differ to wearing a bikini
posted 29-Sep-2005 4:15pm  
No. I don't want to see other people's underwear either. Ick! Think of the skid marks you could see! laughing out loud
(reply to cloudhugger) posted 29-Sep-2005 5:24pm  
yes i wear just my briefs and a t shirt in the garden its cool!
(reply to mve17) posted 29-Sep-2005 5:27pm  
Briefs are the same as swim trunks. but ive never worn my briefs only to swim in. I dont know if its allowed.
(reply to waynec) posted 29-Sep-2005 6:03pm  
its illegal in poland
(reply to mve17) posted 29-Sep-2005 7:26pm  
its illegal in poland, but is illegal in the uk to be seen in your underwear?
posted 29-Sep-2005 8:24pm  
Sure, why not. Wearing a very elegant pair of leopard pattern, imitation silk boxers on a hot day is very becoming, don't you think?
(reply to waynec) posted 29-Sep-2005 9:23pm  
jDid you ever in the dark of night wander out naked? That's kinda cool to.
(reply to mve17) posted 29-Sep-2005 9:25pm  
Only in the price tag.
(reply to hypersky) posted 29-Sep-2005 9:26pm  
> Sure, why not. Wearing a very elegant pair of
> leopard pattern, imitation silk boxers on a hot
> day is very becoming, don't you think?

But some are better begoing.
posted 29-Sep-2005 10:21pm  
No I would not.
(reply to justjulie) posted 29-Sep-2005 10:49pm  
Those panty lines sure look gross, I don't think they're sexy one bit... and I only wear a bra if I want to.

So nice to be free!

posted 30-Sep-2005 12:04am  
yeah sure....I had to do it in my appartment after work this summer..
(reply to patarnone) posted 30-Sep-2005 6:34am  
i just recently started wearing bra again....for i realized that i must keep the girls under control while in public, for otherwise it's just a bit obscene.smiley:::wink
but...the second i walk into the house, off it comes. nice to be free indeed! smiley:::grin
(reply to waynec) posted 30-Sep-2005 12:10pm  
its illegal in poland?? why do i never get told anything?? smiley:::surprise
(reply to cloudhugger) posted 30-Sep-2005 12:11pm  
this is true
posted 2-Oct-2005 9:48am  
Um no.
(reply to cloudhugger) posted 2-Oct-2005 4:11pm  
Yes its cool. But my bits got a bit cold but if no one has ever tried this then you should its great feeling...
(reply to waynec) posted 2-Oct-2005 4:54pm  
posted 3-Oct-2005 4:21am  
Only if that "public place" was a beach!
(reply to verouge) posted 6-Oct-2005 10:58am  
what you would wear just your underwear on beach?
(reply to waynec) posted 7-Oct-2005 2:46am  
Why not??
An underwear, a swim wear is enough on beach!!
(reply to verouge) posted 8-Oct-2005 4:04am  
Are you allowed to wear just your underwear on the beach, its not illegal?
(reply to waynec) posted 10-Oct-2005 3:35am  
We can wear a swim-wear...
an underwear, you can't wear unless under your swimwear...
(reply to verouge) posted 10-Oct-2005 5:15am  
what you cannot be on the beach in just your underwear?
(reply to waynec) posted 10-Oct-2005 5:21am  
Just Underwear!! I have to wear a swim wear!!, or an underwear under my swim wear!!
(reply to verouge) posted 10-Oct-2005 8:06am  
Theres no different between underwear and swimwear, just swimwear is waterproof.
(reply to waynec) posted 11-Oct-2005 2:10am  
Yep, and here's the point; an underwear is not very comfortable when swimming, whereas you ca swim in a swimwear, that's you it's not a good idea to wear your underwear at beach, unless you are preparing to wear your swimwear, I think no one is interested in seeing your underwear!!! smiley:::raspberry
(reply to verouge) posted 1-Nov-2005 10:02am  
Its not to show off your underwear, its to be able to relax on the beach even if you dont have your swimwear with you, that you can strip down to just your underwear and be comfortable without anyone caring a less on the beach.
(reply to waynec) posted 2-Nov-2005 3:39pm  
No, we cannot just wear our underwear, this would not make us comfortable with yourself here, maybe at my home, I will sure feel comfortable with just my lovely underwear, but not at beach, with others!!!
Here, where I do live, at beach, they care about what you are wearing!!!
(reply to verouge) posted 4-Nov-2005 6:37pm  
why do they care what you wear on the beach. these days underwear and swimwear are very much alike some people cannot tell the difference. as they look the same.
(reply to waynec) posted 5-Nov-2005 5:21am  
not always, sometimes they are not!!
So at beach, it's better here, in Lebanon, and Arab country, to wear your swimwear and enjoy your underwear at your home!!!
(reply to verouge) posted 5-Nov-2005 6:58pm  
i have a pair of red briefs from Tesco's i wear. Tesco's have a pair of swim briefs exactly the same colour and look exactly the same, so nobody would ever tell if i was wearing red pants or red trunks.
(reply to waynec) posted 7-Nov-2005 3:48pm  
WOW!! Good for you, there are also here briefs like underwear, I am sure that sometimes you cannot defer between swimwear or underwear, but, just to avoid such a confusion, it's better here to wear your swimwear, and BTW, here, where I live, most guys wear pants (short at beach), there are some underwear that are shorts, here they like this style.
posted 17-Feb-2008 1:19am  
smiley:::winking raspberry I would absolutely do it. I normally wear my underwear to the state park lake beaches and walk the trails after a swim in just my underwear and a tank top or t-shirt. I'd be happy if it was the norm to run around in underwear in the summer, because I think women are sexier that way than completely naked.
posted 27-May-2008 5:45pm  
Under wear is just another piece of clothing. If you can wear shorts or pants without underwear why not underwear without the shorts or pants? I wear briefs and boxer briefs around the home, yard and out in around town when ever the temp gets above 65 degrees. I wear several different colors and designs including your basic white. I get a few raised eyebrows but, never anything more than that. It is legal here as you must be wearing something no public nudity here. Let freedom reign!! Put on a clean pair of briefs and lets go for a bicycle ride!!
posted 16-Jul-2008 3:10am  
Top but not bottom half, maybe.

Not bottom half as in I'd be wearing jeans or something, not that I'd not be wearing underwear laughing out loud

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