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multiple21-Mar-2015sportsJessicaWoman99 by votes25152.0%


Do you like to watch baseball?

Either on TV or watching baseball as a spectator.


posted 21-Mar-2015 7:40pm  
Yes at times and hoping to go to Denver this Summer to see the Colorado Rockies home opener
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 21-Mar-2015 8:03pm  
American sports are now being shown here, mostly on specialist sports channels, but I've never watched any. I find the usual sports shown on UK TV boring enough. I'll occasionally watch the snooker at The Crucible on TV (maybe catching a few frames of a couple of games), but that's about it for my sports watching. Baseball always sounds like rounders made boring, but I don't know much about it.
posted 21-Mar-2015 8:22pm  
Yes, I do.
I used to hate all sports - as in, really despise them.
But last summer I was really bored one evening and desperately needed out of the house. There was nothing going on that night - except a baseball game. I was surprised the tickets were so cheap, so I figured I'd get one, and I could just eat some food and drink beer. Didn't have to actually watch the game. Turns out, I really liked the game! I ended up going to 3 more games over the next few weeks, and am excited for the new season to start. Who woulda thunk?!
posted 21-Mar-2015 10:47pm  
Not really. I like watching basketball
posted 21-Mar-2015 10:49pm  
No. Can't stand sports.
posted 22-Mar-2015 2:56am  
I have in the past, watched professional baseball, but haven't in many years.
posted 22-Mar-2015 11:46am  
It's my all time favorite sport! :)
posted 23-Mar-2015 5:03am  
No. It is so mind numbingly dull (like watching golf). The batter swings at a pitch then has to step back and readjust everything before the next pitch. They could cut that game time in half if once in the box the batter has to stay there until a hit (walk, or getting beaned) and it would maybe make it more interesting to watch (although probably not)
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 23-Mar-2015 1:16pm  
Not really.
posted 24-Mar-2015 3:06pm  
I have to say, no, but then baseball has never really taken off over here, even though there is a British equivalent called Rounders, which I can recall playing as a kid, and then again as an adult, I always enjoyed it a whole lot. But then I've never really gotten into watching sports.
posted 26-Mar-2015 7:38pm  
NO!!! I would rather watch paint dry....
posted 27-Mar-2015 1:11pm  
Not on television.
posted 27-Mar-2015 11:13pm  
Yay whoo who it is baseball season
posted 28-Mar-2015 5:45pm  
Love it!! & FOOTBALL too!
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 4-Apr-2015 10:29pm  
Only in person. The view from the inside of our stadium is a sight to behold.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to Avalon) posted 4-Apr-2015 10:30pm  

posted 11-Apr-2015 11:01am  
No, it's way too slow and boring.
posted 11-Apr-2015 4:09pm  
(reply to Maarten) posted 13-Apr-2015 4:50am  
Well they could institute a rule that once the batter is in the box if he steps out for any reason (other than avoiding a wild pitch, need replacement equipment ie broken bat) it is an automatic strike.
Then also institute a pitching clock. The pitcher delays it is an automatic ball. This would speed things up greatly.
(reply to Lysannus) posted 13-Apr-2015 10:28am  
I guess that would help. I attended a baseball game in 1990 between de Phillies and another team. After 4 hours we left and they were still playing... smiley:::surprise
(reply to Maarten) posted 13-Apr-2015 12:09pm  
I know my dad dragged me to a couple when I was 10 or so and that was just utterly boring.

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