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multiple30-May-2000personal habitsAustinsMom unsorted721454.7%


Do you like to wash dishes?

10Other, please explain.

posted 30-May-2000 11:34am  
When the mood strikes me.
posted 30-May-2000 12:25pm  
I like to wash other peoples' dishes.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 30-May-2000 12:45pm  
sometimes it feels good, sometimes it's annoying. It's annoying when I've been doing a lot of the cooking and a lot of the cleanup.

I have to echo bill's comment about categorization - there've been a lot of miscellaneous surveys recently; this really should have been in another category.
posted 30-May-2000 1:51pm  
I hate to do it, but once I am doing it it is kind of enjoyable.

Mindless labor is so relaxing.
posted 30-May-2000 2:10pm  
(reply to jonathan) posted 30-May-2000 2:54pm  
Would you like to come and do mine? We could organise an SC roster, where you come to everyone's house once a week to do the dishes!
posted 30-May-2000 6:13pm  
I really dislike doing dishes by hand, but I like running them thru the dishwasher. There's only one thing we don't put in the dishwasher: an aluminum coffee maker that would otherwise get this dark tarnish that makes the coffee taste bad.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 30-May-2000 6:47pm  
Sometimes. I dislike it less than other house hold tasks.
posted 30-May-2000 6:51pm  
only if they have blood on them
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to romkey) posted 30-May-2000 6:55pm  
OK, I've just added a feature that allows any survey that is classified as "miscellaneous" to be re-classified in the voting phase (just under your survey rating). So, users can fix miscellaneous surveys on the fly, after they are released.
(reply to bill) posted 30-May-2000 7:17pm  
Reclassification Central -- weee! This is fun!
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 30-May-2000 8:17pm  
monkey dishes!
posted 30-May-2000 8:17pm  
NO! I hate to clean.
posted 30-May-2000 8:30pm  
It depends on my mood. Usually washing dishes is a mediative task for me, something I can let my hands do and let my mind wander a bit.
posted 30-May-2000 9:23pm  
Goddess, no.

My one indulgence in overt sexism is a small fridge magnet that says, "No woman ever shot a man while he was doing the dishes."

posted 30-May-2000 10:23pm  
Nope.It's just a necessary evil since my husband doesn't want me to use the dishwasher.
(reply to picklesmom) posted 30-May-2000 11:34pm  
Why? Is it broken? You should point out to him that if the dishwasher is less than 10 years old or so, it's likely to use way less hot water (read energy or dollars) than if you do it by hand. The majority of dishwashers uses less than 10 gallons per cycle (if you let the water running on warm for a little over 8 minutes with a low-flow faucet, you used more than 20 gallons water, 10 hot and 10 cold). Yeah, it uses electricity too, but that's way less energy than the hot water and, if he really minds it, pay him the 10 cents of electricity the dishwasher would use per cycle or, just for the heck of it, pay him 10 cents to do the dishes for you... :->
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 30-May-2000 11:50pm  
no, i hate the debris that floats in the water while washing!!
(reply to pcpr) posted 31-May-2000 9:20am  
pcpr: Do people wash their dishes with running water? I have only heard of people doing that in areas where the water source is not clean. I generally fill my largest rinsed saucepan with water and wash my dishes in that. It's a lot less than 10 gallons! And I only do the dishes a few times a week.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to natsim) posted 31-May-2000 11:01am  
I only wash with running water. Using a basin filled up with water squicks me, and I wouldn't feel like the dishes got as clean.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to natsim) posted 31-May-2000 11:21am  
What Enhe said: Me too.
(reply to pcpr) posted 31-May-2000 12:16pm  
I have to do them by hand because that's the way his mother does things.He just doesn't feel that the dishes get clean enough in the dishwasher.No amount of reasoning can change his opinion.It's easier just to wash the stuff and avoid the conflict.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to picklesmom) posted 31-May-2000 12:24pm  
I'd tell him if he wants them done how his mother does them, then he should go back to her... or do them himself.
(reply to they) posted 31-May-2000 2:50pm  
More evidence of my desert childhood I suppose...
posted 31-May-2000 11:17pm  
I love it cause I be getting paid for it!
posted 31-May-2000 11:38pm  
i like the feeling of completion once i'm done but i don't enjoy the washing.
(reply to romkey) posted 1-Jun-2000 12:57am  
Sorry I always forget to categorize them smiley:::frown
(reply to natsim) posted 1-Jun-2000 3:12am  
Even people who wash the dishes in a pan/bin usually rinse them under running water. I mentioned 10 gallons because that's what the Department of Energy used to consider the "cut off" for mechanical dishwashers being more energy efficient than handwashing and most dishwashers meet that criteria. Most new dishwashers make do with far less, my new dishwasher uses about 7 gallons on the heaviest "pots&pans" cycle, it can use as little as 3 gallons or so on the lighter cycles and there are brands that use less. Also, chemically speaking, the less water one uses, the higher the temperature for washing and rinsing should be, so there is some support for the people who rinse with warm water doing so under running water. The machines doing the job with 3-5 gallons are reaching 140-170F. Even then, the new dishwashers use so little water to rinse that one has to use a liquid "rinse agent" to neutralize the detergent and help it rinse away. My opinion is that if you are using less than 8 gallons to rinse with warm water (at least 3 rinses are necessary if you are doing so by changing water in a pan) you probably have detergent residue left on the dishes.
(reply to picklesmom) posted 1-Jun-2000 3:30am  
I'm sorry to hear that. I do have to say that I feel queasy when I reach into a cabinet and get silverware and/or dishes that are dirty. But if your dishwasher is not broken (in which case no matter what you do you can still get dirty dishes), there are things you can try to avoid dirty dishes from the machine. Recently, detergents with enzymes have been introduced to the American market, and they work much better at dissolving the food away. I have had very good luck with Electrasol (tablets or powder, "Dual Action" is their keyword for the formulas with the enzymes) and CascadePlus or Cascade Complete (both in powder and gel form). As I said above, you need a "Rinse Agent" in the dishwasher, and both JetDry and Cascade make them. Also, pay attention to the water hardness, for very hard water you need a detergent with high phosphate (8% or more, or the machine doesn't clean well) and soft water needs very low phosphate or you get etched dishes. Avoid the standard stuff (Cascade, for example) that is mostly chlorine bleach with very little detergent and no enzymes -- it doesn't get the dishes as clean and the chlorine destroys almost anything it touches at that high a temperature. I also recommend you do some research on the web, there are plenty of pages about how many more germs there are on dishes done by hand, maybe you can show him something that will make him feel bad about it and you can use the dishwasher. (Me, I know there will always be germs on dishes, it's not that important unless it becomes excessive, but if he's not acting rationally, you can take advantage of the situation easily.)

On the other hand, I understand the desire not to argue anymore, just thought I'd give you more ammunition if you felt like stirring some trouble.
(reply to pcpr) posted 1-Jun-2000 10:09am  
We never rinsed ordinary dishes either (only good dishes and silverware). My husband thinks it's terrible, but nothing ever tasted like detergent. When you rely on rain water and live in a desert, you can't afford to waste anything. I am really interested to hear that dishwashers can be so efficient now, though, because I had previously thought that anyone who uses a dishwasher is both lazy and wasteful. My opinion has changed!
PS. A gallon is 4 litres, right?
(reply to pcpr) posted 1-Jun-2000 1:26pm  
Thanks for all the info but I more than enough trouble stirring around this house without adding anything to it!I totally agree with you about all the germ stuff.It's definitely just a problem with him. I also have to hang out the clothes instead of using the dryer because that's how his mom does it!
(reply to natsim) posted 2-Jun-2000 3:55am  
Yes, a gallon is about 4 liters (a tad less for US gallons, a tad more for UK gallons).

I'm not sure where you live, but the usual detergents sold in US for handwashing are not safe enough to be ingested, they are potential carcinogens. I had some friends who lived in Sweden and they told me one could buy detergents that degrade in less than 30 minutes and didn't need any rinsing, it degrades while air drying. The food industry certainly uses some detergents that can be ingested safely, but I'm not sure how easy it would be for a normal person to buy it.
posted 3-Jun-2000 6:56pm  
sometimes, strangely, I find it kind of relaxing before I go to bed???
posted 4-Jun-2000 12:22pm  
Bleh. I am so glad we have a robot to take care of that now.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 4-Jun-2000 8:58pm  
I was in heaven when we visited my mom for a week and we could just throw the bottles in her dishwasher... I handwash 5-10 bottles, nipples, and lids each night.
posted 5-Jun-2000 9:08am  
Anyone who does is always a welcome guest.
posted 5-Jun-2000 9:36am  
hell no, but i do it
posted 5-Jun-2000 10:02am  
Yes when my other option is to scrub floors
posted 18-Jun-2000 2:29am  
kind of.. i been do dishes wash since 9 yrs old for my chores every day but now every Friday and Saturday nite.. but summer time now.. abt 5 time a week.. :)
posted 6-Jul-2000 8:31pm  
Yes, but I'm more than willing to let someone else do them.
posted 19-Jul-2000 6:34am  
I hate it!
posted 29-Aug-2000 9:10am  
I hate it and thankfully don't have to as my dishwasher never complains.
posted 28-Sep-2000 8:09pm  
No. I hate it. With a passion. And I hate washing other peoples dishes. And it makes your hands all dry and it is disgusting.
posted 3-Feb-2007 10:22pm  
I hate having to wash dishes by hand, but most of my dishes and cookware are safe to go into the dishwasher. If the dishwasher isn't full enough to do a load & I need a particular pan or am out of clean plates, I'll wash those items by hand.

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