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multiple20-Nov-2017media/entertainmentpaulyw Gold Star Survey Creator by votes13157.7%


Do you like to roll dice?

7Yes, I like to roll dice.
5No, I do not like to roll dice.
1I have something else to share.
0I used to roll dice, but I do not anymore.

posted 20-Nov-2017 4:53pm  
I neither like nor dislike rolling dice.
posted 20-Nov-2017 5:42pm  
I can't remember ever having rolled dice, so no, I think I may have rolled dice from a cup once although why I can't remember.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 20-Nov-2017 8:54pm  
Yes, dice are appealing in many ways.
posted 21-Nov-2017 8:33am  
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 21-Nov-2017 10:43am  
I don't have feelings either way about rolling dice.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 22-Nov-2017 6:04pm  
I do like to roll dice. Thank you for asking!

Last week, we could only find one die, but we were playing Monopoly. I wanted to use Trouble's pop-a-matic bubble, but my kid told me no. I got one from Trivial Pursuit instead.

Yahtzee is another fun way to play with dice. I just realized I could have gotten a die from Yahtzee.
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 23-Nov-2017 11:31pm  
c'mon snake eyes! baby needs a new pair of shoes!

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