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multiple12-Feb-2009personal attributespaulyw Gold Star Survey Creator Happy Birthday to Me by votes49355.3%


Do you like to look at people's feet?

21No I do not like look at people's feet.
11Yes I like to look at people's feet.
11I have something else to share.

posted 13-Feb-2009 9:35pm  
Not my kind of fetish.
posted 13-Feb-2009 11:04pm  
I don't really care about their actual feet -- but I've always liked to look at peoples' hiking boots. Hiking boots have always been my favorite kind of footwear so I like to look at them on other people and in catalogs.
posted 13-Feb-2009 11:06pm  
Yes i look at other peoples feet
paulyw Gold Star Survey Creator Happy Birthday to Me
posted 13-Feb-2009 11:28pm  
I do have a foot fetish, when I see someone barefoot of in sandals, I have to talk a look at their feet.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 14-Feb-2009 10:49am  
I live in Britain, so day-to-day I don't really see many feet. I wear socks in bed and have been wearing two pairs of socks every day for the last few months so I barely even see my own feet! The one period of my life when I saw a lot of feet was when I was working as a nursing assistant. Ill people generally do not have nice feet because often their illness and advanced age have meant they cannot take good care of their feet. As a result, the vast majority of the feet that I have seen in my life have been crusty, dirty, bony and fungal with those resultant inch thick, discoloured overlong toenails. Many of them have also had pressure sores on the back on the ankle and the tips of the toes (people in some nursing homes should be jailed) or have had hideous diabetic foot ulcers or missing toes/forefeet (and sometimes the whole foot/leg/lower limb has been lost to diabetes).

So, no, I wouldn't really say that I 'liked' looking at feet.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 14-Feb-2009 11:12am  
Only if they have very cool shoes on them.
posted 14-Feb-2009 11:20am  
not particularly
posted 14-Feb-2009 12:23pm  
Feet are gross
posted 14-Feb-2009 12:45pm  
I do not like to look at people's feet; nor do I dislike to look at people's feet, unless they're ugly, then I probably wouldn't like to look at them.
posted 14-Feb-2009 6:13pm  
Women's sometimes.........but this is because I am viewing the whole package
posted 14-Feb-2009 7:02pm  
I love to look at women's feet when they have no socks/nylons and are wearing flip-flops; it gives me a chubby.
posted 15-Feb-2009 8:45am  
I don't get freaky about it, but I don't look fast. I mean, if they are wretched and scary looking I would rather get an eyeful slowly, not a fast good look and be ucky the rest of the day.
Memories of childhood, sitting on the curb for a parade, and sitting right next to some nasty looking feet. THey were right freaking there.The toenails had so much fungus they were curled in opposite directions and black. She had sandals on of course. What parade? Train wreck all the way, I couldn't stop staring at them.
(reply to FauxLo) posted 15-Feb-2009 8:47am  
Feet with eye tattoos on them so they can look back laughing out loud
posted 15-Feb-2009 2:49pm  
Feet are not pretty...
posted 15-Feb-2009 9:58pm  
No, unless baby feet count. I love those wee little toes!
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 16-Feb-2009 9:51am  
I like to look at people.

I don't care if it's their feet, stomachs, brains, faces, teeth, genitals, elbows, etc.

I like to watch how their minds work and how their bodies are shaped and how they move. I'm fascinated with everything different from me.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to Galomorro) posted 16-Feb-2009 9:53am  
I feel the same way about combat boots. I love how they look on people.
posted 16-Feb-2009 10:39am  
Shoes yes. Feet no.
(reply to they) posted 16-Feb-2009 12:32pm  
Cool - I can understand that.
posted 19-Feb-2009 12:07am  
I like feet. I like colorful toenails. Sandals. Little tattoos. Ankle bracelets. Summer!
posted 21-Feb-2009 11:59pm  
No, I don't look at other people's feet very often. I wear high heels a lot and notice quite a few people looking at my feet, especially men.
posted 24-Feb-2009 11:21pm  
I never look at people's feet, but being 6'6", it's hardly even an option.
posted 7-Feb-2010 2:30pm  
I love looking at womens feet.
posted 13-Dec-2010 9:28am  
There is nothing sexier about a woman that has well proportioned cute sexy feet with pretty painted toes. I will massage, kiss lick and suck on pretty feet as long as they are clean, pedicured and cute. Any woman that wants a sexy foot massage that will last for a long time and likes to have their feet "taken care of" just say hi.

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