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single25-Oct-2017productspaulyw Silver Star Survey Creator by votes15156.7%


Do you like to collect old toys?

9No, I do not like to collect old toys.
3Yes, I like to collect old toys.
2I have something else to share.
1I used to like to collect old toys, but I don't anymore.
0What are old toys?

paulyw Silver Star Survey Creator
posted 25-Oct-2017 11:01pm  
I still have my childhood toys
posted 26-Oct-2017 3:09am  
I have a couple old toys. Not sure I collect them, just keep them for nostalgia.
posted 26-Oct-2017 6:43am  
I've kept quite a lot of my old toys from when I was a kid, but I'm not a collector as such, so much as an inveterate hoarder.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 26-Oct-2017 12:58pm  
posted 27-Oct-2017 6:52pm  
I'm not much of a collector. For a while when I was traveling a lot on business, I started collecting Tom Swift books. This gave me an excuse to get out of the hotel in the evenings and search out used book stores in whatever city I was in. I also have some sliderules.
posted 28-Oct-2017 9:08pm  
Not me, but my brother-in-law does.
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 22-Nov-2017 6:16pm  
Sure. I have some 1940s dollhouse furniture, children's story and text books from the 1920s or earlier, some freaky dolls from the 50s, a resin horse statue that my grandpa won my grandma on their first date at a fair in the 30s, a really super old sliding square puzzle, and several great saves from my own childhood in the 70s-80s: A ghostbuster's marshmallow man figurine, a gizmo, some barbie furniture and accessories, a few dolls, tons of books, and a lot of games too.

I have some grown-up toys too: a 5 gallon glass/metal/wood butter churn, a metal egg grading scale, some collectible/memorable copies of Hustler/Playboy.

But I'm not a hoarder. It's all very organized lol.

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