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Do you have a legal written will?


romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 28-Jun-1998 10:36am  
I've had a will for several years. It's on file at my attorney's office. I set up the will when I realized how pissed I'd be if I realized I was about to die and the state would get my money; I'd much rather have friends and anyone I might be in a relationship with at the time get my estate. Unfortunately the will's a little out of date and I'd still be pissed now. I usually think about updating it just before taking long plane flights.
posted 28-Jun-1998 11:10am  
No I do not. But since I don't have much I wouldn't need it notarized or put through probate. So I should probably get around to doing a quick draft sign it and put it away somewhere safe.
posted 29-Jun-1998 3:31am  
No, I want to have my family doing battle for my properties. :)
posted 29-Jun-1998 10:04am  
I think it's important to assign stuff that's important to you to the people you want to have it. Also, in some states, if you don't have a will the government takes half of everything (including life insurance payment). Ick. I give them enough as it is.
posted 29-Jun-1998 10:17am  
first, I don't plan to die. second, what do I care? I'm dead. I have considered it, what I would want to go to whom, but chances are my stuff would be tossed or sold (which would cut a good chunk out of my current debt.. which is the better option).
posted 29-Jun-1998 1:31pm  
bill: that wasn't firesign theatre, actually. == at least I don't think it was.
posted 29-Jun-1998 2:44pm  
Ain't got nuthin', and ain't got no one to leave it to.
posted 29-Jun-1998 9:54pm  
I thought that was Barnes and Barnes... the title of the piece was certainly Last Will and Temperament
posted 29-Jun-1998 10:13pm  
I should, but I never quite get around to it.
posted 30-Jun-1998 8:06am  
....and to Fluffy I bequeath... a boot to the head thump. (A firesign theater will-reading gag)
*** I stand corrected - my assignment of the above paraphrased quote to firesign theatre was erroneous. A thousand apologies to you all...
posted 30-Jun-1998 12:50pm  
I have specific wishes for my son, so I wrote the will. ****lisashea, not so much what he'd get, but where he'd GO ... I didn't want to leave that to chance OR the nearest living relative (I assume you thought of that already since you speak fondly of your son, but if you haven't you might want to ...not that I'd presume to tell a Mother what to do ...)
posted 30-Jun-1998 3:16pm  
No, and when I do, it probably won't be very extensive.
posted 30-Jun-1998 8:20pm  
It's something I've been meaning to do for a very long time. I have no worries that my kids would share equally but I'd hate to think of the State ending up with any of my meager assets....*** your son a favor and check the laws in your state just to be sure he's going to get whatever you have if you DON'T have a will.
posted 1-Jul-1998 11:03am  
Nope. All of my possessions and assets will go to my son, as it should be.

***Resy: He lives with his dad and stepmother, so that would stay the same if I died. I'd want him to have my assets though.

Emily: I have: The mass laws are all on line and can be found here. It all goes to James.

posted 1-Jul-1998 3:43pm  
I've started one a couple of times but haven't finished any yet.
posted 2-Jul-1998 4:59am  
Currently I don't. When we have a child (most likely next year), then it will be serious will-writing time.
posted 2-Jul-1998 10:05am  
It should be updated since it's about 30 years old.
posted 9-Jul-1998 3:16am  
I'm waiting until I have assets. Or other important things to be decided post mortem.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 9-Jan-2018 7:08pm  
I keep meaning to make one, but I never get around to it. As things stand, with no will, my assets would go to my parents. They inherited some money from my grandparents and have paid off their mortgage, so wouldn't really benefit from my savings. I would want my money to be divided between my brothers and then my possessions divvied up as my family saw fit.
posted 10-Jan-2018 7:53am  
No, but I probably should.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 10-Jan-2018 1:27pm  
No; this is on our long to-do list.
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 15-Jan-2018 12:44pm  
they Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to kirst) posted 15-Jan-2018 12:47pm  
> Currently I don't. When we have a child (most likely next year), then it will be
> serious will-writing time.

Two mostly grown children later --- Do you have a will?

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