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single1-Dec-2010dreamsCarolL by votes37159.7%


Last week I dreamt...

13...about this:
3...nothing at all.
2...nothing, but I will tell about something recently I dreamt about.
0...nothing, but a long time ago I dreamt something I will tell about.

LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 1-Dec-2010 11:14pm  
I don't remember. One dream I had earlier this week... I was sitting on a wooden deck in the tropics. A carved wooden tiki leaned forward and ate a bowl of fruit (no hands!) and then barfed.

Sometimes dreams are just too memorable.
dab This user is on the site NOW (6 minutes ago)
posted 1-Dec-2010 11:15pm  
...nothing I remember.
posted 2-Dec-2010 4:14am  
I was lying on a street and a torrential downpour began. There was a small earthquake, which both blocked all the drains and knocked all the squirrels from their trees, so all the squirrels drowned.
posted 2-Dec-2010 6:07am  
...about many strange and occasionally sinister things/situations, and as usual, my past. Many people, loves, friends, make visits into my dreams. I learn, understand a lot from them. I have a deeply vivid, constant dream life. "I don't sleep, I dream".
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 2-Dec-2010 6:53am  
Lots of things. The only one I remember with any degree of clarity (because I discussed it later that day) was during a nap between a day in uni and an evening out. I dreamed that I was going to meet up with my tutor group (which I actually was), but that the members of my tutor group were not who they were in real life. Not very exciting! I have more interesting (and scary) dreams, but trying to remember them from last week isn't easy!
posted 2-Dec-2010 8:51am  
I had a dream last week that I was between Liss and M when they.... oh boy, I think I'm going to pass out!
RainingFeathers Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 2-Dec-2010 9:29am  
I have no idea. I know that I dream (as people tell me I talk in my sleep quite a bit), but I have never remembered a dream in my lifetime.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 2-Dec-2010 9:55am  
my brother was in it, but that's all I remember.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 2-Dec-2010 11:04am  
I don't remember.
posted 2-Dec-2010 12:36pm  
There was a volcano erupting and the resort we were at in the mountains had only one road out of town. Traffic was piling up. I kept telling my wife we had to hurry but she didn't appear concerned. She had ton's of luggage, shoes everywhere. I had to brace myself against the outer door to keep the force of the wind from blowing it down.
posted 2-Dec-2010 6:20pm  
Being up on a favorite mountain.
posted 2-Dec-2010 9:07pm  
I know I dream but I VERY rarely remember them.
posted 3-Dec-2010 12:02am  
I just love being dreamy.
posted 3-Dec-2010 1:27am  
Of being madly in love with a man who is madly in love with me. Walk off in the sunset, arm in arm...
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 4-Dec-2010 1:24pm  
You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to LindaH) posted 4-Dec-2010 1:25pm  
> I don't remember. One dream
> I had earlier this week...
> I was sitting on a wooden
> deck in the tropics. A carved
> wooden tiki leaned forward
> and ate a bowl of fruit (no
> hands!) and then barfed.

laughing out loud Are you making that up???
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 4-Dec-2010 2:43pm  
I've remembered three of my dreams this week. In the first dream, I was walking down a spiral staircase, and at the bottom I could see a dwarf wearing a gorilla mask glaring up at me. As I got to the bottom of the staircase and had to walk past the dwarf, I deliberately avoided making eye contact because I was uncomfortable with the way he'd been glaring at me. He then followed me and accused me of discriminating against him. Then we became friends as we walked across the carpark...

In the second dream, I got back to some sort of rented accommodation and found Sam from Supernatural there. At first I thought he'd become really fat, but then I realised it was just abdominal distension. It looked really bad and I wanted to take him to the hospital, but Dean came and said we had to fight a demon first. The demon was a killer whale. Once it had been dealt with, I was determined to take Sam to hospital, but an old lady and a fat man stopped us.

In my third dream, I was working as some kind of hostess/waitress at someone's birthday party in a bar. I did a lot of cleaning, but then I had to take drinks orders. But not being a drinker myself, I didn't understand what anyone was ordering and had to go and wake my friends up to take over.

Seems to be a theme of lack of confidence and failure to achieve goals... not surprising given that I have exams on Monday and Tuesday!
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to they) posted 4-Dec-2010 4:51pm  
No, I'm not. laughing out loud
posted 5-Dec-2010 3:11pm  
I don't remember. I prefer it that way, my dreams have been very upsetting lately.
posted 6-Dec-2010 11:08am  
..........nothing, but i will tell about something recently i dreamt about is my bf
posted 7-Dec-2010 5:46am  
u sad jerks
posted 7-Dec-2010 5:47am  
Of a chicken
posted 7-Dec-2010 7:20am  
posted 15-Dec-2010 9:03pm  
mmmmm can't remember I've slept since then.
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 17-Dec-2010 10:36am  
I dreamt a song last night and this morning I keep wanting to sing it
posted 17-Dec-2010 8:03pm  
I don't remember...
posted 18-Dec-2010 5:56pm  
I love this one.
I was in Affleck's looking at a rack of Stone Roses tshirts in a shop which specialises in band tshirts. I then said to myself:
'Why would they have a whole rack of Stone Roses tshirts? This must be a dream.'
Then I woke up.
posted 26-Jun-2011 8:17pm  
I dreamt that I was in a an operation room doing surgery on myself. I was cutting parts of my body open and putting coins and cards inside myself.
I had another dream about shoving goats and pterodactyls down a storm drain, but I fell into one and it was filled with full whisky and Kahula bottles along with drunk goats and pterodactyls.
posted 3-Nov-2014 7:27pm  
That it will soon snow one of these days

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