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single21-Mar-2014possessionsBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator unsorted26260.0%


What was the last purchase you made over $100?

This website is helpful for currency conversions, but $100 is (very) roughly 60 British pounds, 70 Euros, or 110 Canadian dollars.

Please exclude regular payments (rent, mortgage, bills, etc.) for the purposes of this survey.

Question stolen borrowed from the Ask A Question Game in Forum.

This question courtesy of Jen.

18My last purchase over $100 was:
1I would rather not say.
2I have never purchased anything for more than $100.
3I don't remember.

posted 21-Mar-2014 10:21pm  
A control yoke and throttle quadrant for flight simulator software.
posted 21-Mar-2014 10:51pm  
Lego Mindstorms for Brian's 13th birthday
paulyw Silver Star Survey Creator
posted 21-Mar-2014 10:51pm  
A flat screen TV
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 21-Mar-2014 10:59pm  
It's very unusual for me to spend that kind of money. I've looked at my account history from when I started working (about 20 months ago) to now, and there are only four purchases over 60 in all that time. The most recent was a Fitbit that I bought my Dad for Xmas/birthday. It didn't really cost me that much though, as it was bought jointly with my brother (hmm, I don't remember him ever paying me...). Before that, it was an order from an online health food shop which came to about 63 (got to keep myself in nutritional yeast smiley:::smile) but none of the individual items cost more than a few pounds. I did buy an X-Box (with Kinect) last year for 149 which is my most expensive individual purchase. The most I spent was about 300 on a clothes shopping spree just after I first got paid, but that was all for work clothes and nothing that I bought will have cost more than about 30.

Oh, I did buy settees, curtains, a TV and a laptop in the month before I started work, but that's ages ago now and won't be replaced until broken (as the TV already has been - thankfully within warranty!)
posted 21-Mar-2014 11:11pm  
Cat food, litter and some other things at Costco a couple days ago. Last single item over $100 was a digital camera back around Christmas. And, not really a purchase, but I spent $140 last Saturday taking a cat to the vet.
posted 21-Mar-2014 11:59pm  
Down payment on a new pair of Z-CoiL shoes; starting payments on a new Mac as my old one died suddenly. These things both cost over $100 but I have to make payments on them as I can't buy anything that expensive outright. I also have no credit cards. Oh - didn't count food and supplement orders. Usually pay $100, over, or nearly on paydays for groceries and also over $100 each month on online nutritional supplements and nonperishable groceries.
posted 22-Mar-2014 1:49am  
I bought a 60" flat screen TV, that comes with Netflix. Bought at a reasonable price.
posted 22-Mar-2014 7:35am  
I purchased a new pair of running shoes yesterday - they were $150 CDN.
More than I wanted to spend, but I'd rather spend money than get injured!
posted 22-Mar-2014 7:56am  
I don't remember. I rarely spend over $100 on one thing. Probably my camera or the pool. I don't know which one we've had longer.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 22-Mar-2014 8:40am  
An Amazon order: compact reading glasses (I'm getting old), An old Heavy Metal magazine from October, 1979 (HP Lovecraft special edition), EVE Source (video game related), Dark Souls 2 guide (ditto), Feynman (bio of famous scientist) graphic novel, Where Late The Sweet Birds Sang: a 1977 Hugo award winning novel by Kate Wilhelm.

I could have said our weekly groceries, which vary in cost, but are generally over $100.
posted 22-Mar-2014 10:36am  
I have not purchased anything more than a $100.00
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 22-Mar-2014 10:41am  
Does paying an accountant for doing my taxes count? If not, then it was probably a 10-class yoga pass. Oh wait, no, probably groceries. I see people are including that, though I think of it more as a recurring, regular expense.
posted 22-Mar-2014 1:21pm  
The flights for my trip to London this summer.
posted 22-Mar-2014 1:33pm  
I paid for an continuing education course few days ago. It was $695 CDN.
jen Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 22-Mar-2014 3:10pm  
livestock for my salt water aquarium
posted 23-Mar-2014 12:15pm  
Our five year old TV quit and had to buy a new one!
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 23-Mar-2014 4:08pm  
I bought a used camera body off of ebay and lens from craig's list
posted 23-Mar-2014 4:52pm  
A 12 X 9 area rug, or some size about there, I don't know it's the biggest one they had. I took their 6 month to pay deal so technically I paid $100 so far, another to go smiley:::smile
(reply to RainingFeathers) posted 23-Mar-2014 4:55pm  
Yes! I've resigned to the fact that new shoes will cost over $60 min. Then I wait for the sale, cheap shoes are rarely worth it. I wore cheap shoes the past 6 years but no more. They haven't lasted that long, and need to be replaced already.
(reply to jen) posted 23-Mar-2014 4:57pm  
'Livestock'? Like those tiny cows? They wear SCUBA's?
(reply to cloudhugger) posted 23-Mar-2014 5:06pm  
Unfortunately there wasn't a sale on when I went to the store. Usually I wait for a sale, but I'm hoping to run a race early May and want to get used to the shoes before then, so I bought now anyway.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 23-Mar-2014 9:33pm  
I would rather not say.

But, the one before that was computer equipment on Friday. I got a new laptop and he got a video card and new monitor and some other parts to soup his up.
posted 24-Mar-2014 4:56am  
Weekly food shopping.
posted 24-Mar-2014 8:01am  
My new truck.
posted 28-Mar-2014 11:16am  
I'm pretty sure it was groceries. Almost positive.
posted 28-Mar-2014 11:19am  
If we're only talking about individual items, it would be a pair of shoes I bought a couple of weeks ago. Came to $105 and change.
posted 10-Apr-2014 6:42pm  
A bass guitar, about, hm, seven years ago. I bought it with the inheritance money my grandma left me.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 30-Oct-2017 9:10pm  
I just spent about 225 on some clothes from an online shop (ASOS) as there was a 20% off code available for today only. Having not bought new clothes for several years, I realised I was looking very threadbare and scruffy so I have been making an effort to pick up some new clothes recently. I expect to send at least some of the clothes back, so the final amount should be less.

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