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single29-Sep-2004personal experiencegambler unsorted58657.1%


What is the largest amount of money you have ever won whilst gambling in one day?

This includes money won from a casino, lottery, bingo, scratch cards, horse racing or internet gambling etc.

32The most I have ever won in one day is $...
2I have never won any money
3I have won, but I would rather not say how much
10I do not gamble

posted 30-Sep-2004 8:51pm  
(reply to gambler) posted 30-Sep-2004 8:51pm  
laughing out loud Somehow I knew this was yours, even before it got out of qualification.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 30-Sep-2004 9:13pm  
I think I won about $30 playing poker once.
posted 30-Sep-2004 9:28pm  
Few Euros, that's about it. I can't wait to turn 19 to go and gamble. Oh wait, I have a fake ID now. I'm 21.
posted 30-Sep-2004 10:14pm  
A little over $300.
posted 30-Sep-2004 10:22pm  
5 bucks. Ive only gambled a few times, and it has always been on the rippies.
posted 30-Sep-2004 10:43pm  
posted 30-Sep-2004 10:47pm  
I guess it seems only right that this survey should come from me smiley:::smile anyway the most is $2500 at a casino here in Jamaica and my wife and I together won around $8000 when we were in Vegas.
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 30-Sep-2004 10:48pm  
Yea well, who else? smiley:::smile
(reply to gambler) posted 30-Sep-2004 11:01pm  
Are you saying that only someone with the user name of gambler can do a survey about gambling? smiley:::winking raspberry
posted 30-Sep-2004 11:45pm  
I don't gamble.
posted 1-Oct-2004 12:21am  
ok i'll answer now....$50
posted 1-Oct-2004 1:28am  
300 dollars in 30 minutes. BUT, I should have quit when i was ahead. Roulette.
posted 1-Oct-2004 2:17am  
I don't gamble.
posted 1-Oct-2004 3:04am  
maybe $20 on scratchoffs as I've never been to a casino or gambling cruise
Strider Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 1-Oct-2004 3:41am  
$50 CDN
posted 1-Oct-2004 4:51am  
The only time I ever gambled, I hit a jackpot on a quarter slot machine on my third pull. I haven't gambled before or after. I was underage on vacation in the bahamas, and it was rather embarrassing to have all the bells and whistles going off while security was tapping on my shoulder. I had an entire t-shirt loaded with quarters, so i guess it was $100.00.

I was eagerly learning counting strategies for blackjack as a teen, and waiting for a chance to gamble as an adult, but became a spiritual person and lost my chance to do so in a normal sense. I had a girlfriend insist that I get lottery tickets, so I kept getting ones that simply covered their cost until i could talk her out of the idea.
posted 1-Oct-2004 5:44am  
I won $5,000 on a slot machine in Reno a few weeks ago.
(reply to gambler) posted 1-Oct-2004 7:54am  
Well, Yes of course smiley:::smile
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 1-Oct-2004 8:50am  
I don't recall, probably $40 or so.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to ROCKMAN) posted 1-Oct-2004 8:51am  
posted 1-Oct-2004 9:51am  
posted 1-Oct-2004 9:51am  
Drinks are on Rockman tonight!!!
paulyw Gold Star Survey Creator Happy Birthday to Me
posted 1-Oct-2004 10:57am  
The most money I won in one day of gambling is $350.00 I went to one machine at a tavern, which I am a regular customer at and put in $20.00 and make another $30.00. And I went to a different machine and hit both bonuses, and won $300.00 alone on that machine.
posted 1-Oct-2004 11:58am  
50 dollars in a superbowl random pick thingy.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 1-Oct-2004 12:07pm  
I've only gambled a few times. I think the most I won was about $50.
posted 1-Oct-2004 1:47pm  
I don't gamble. I'm not a risk taker. I won $64.00 once on a Lotto ticket. I only buy those when the pot goes over $20 million.
posted 1-Oct-2004 5:00pm  
Twenty-some dollars.
posted 1-Oct-2004 5:19pm  
$5. I forgot what the bet was about, but it was probabbly something stupid.
posted 1-Oct-2004 5:34pm  
(reply to bill) posted 2-Oct-2004 5:31am  
Well my two month vacation cost me well over that but it was a nice win. Over all between Reno and Vegas I came out about $2,000 ahead after the expenses. My woman came out better than that though. Not sure how much.
(reply to Maarten) posted 2-Oct-2004 5:37am  
> Drinks are on Rockman tonight!!!

I might have done good that day but my whole 2 month vacation/trip cost me a lot more than that. I'll have to figure out what I spent on gas alone. I know it was a lot. Motels added up to a lot too. I spent a lot on meals too. smiley:::smile
posted 2-Oct-2004 7:18am  
$1500 at bingo.
(reply to ROCKMAN) posted 2-Oct-2004 8:54am  
I was staying at the Venetian , I am at the black jack table up about $400 my wife comes up to me and says "I need you"
I say " Honey I am up here , you need me RIGHT THIS SECOND?
she says " I was playing the $5 deuces wild poker machine and I hit the four deuces ....$5000 and they need ID and you have the room key!!!!!"

I told the dealer to hold my chips!!!!!
posted 2-Oct-2004 9:27am  
160 pounds. Betting a tenner on the Grand National this year.
posted 2-Oct-2004 12:53pm  
I think I won $1.50 once on a scratch lottery ticket that cost $2.00 to buy. Is that still considered "winning"?
posted 2-Oct-2004 1:15pm  
probably $50
(reply to gambler) posted 2-Oct-2004 3:14pm  
What would have happend if you weren't guests there?
posted 2-Oct-2004 6:38pm  
A few dollars from a scratch off lottery ticket. I won what I paid for the ticket so I guess I broke even. I don't gamble much because I have better things to do with my money.
posted 2-Oct-2004 8:25pm  
posted 2-Oct-2004 10:40pm  
Around $20 or so on horse-racing.
posted 2-Oct-2004 11:44pm  
The most money I've ever won is $50 in the state lottery.
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 3-Oct-2004 5:40am  
$360. or so, on the horse races.
maybe $150. or so at the casino.
i love to gamble.
(reply to gambler) posted 3-Oct-2004 6:18am  
Hell yeah hold them chips for 5 grand. All you had to do is give her the room key though, right?
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 3-Oct-2004 9:44am  
No problem they still woulda paid just waited till we got the ID, its just that she did not have her ID with her that why she needed the room key
(reply to ROCKMAN) posted 3-Oct-2004 9:45am  
True, but I wanted to go over there and see it too smiley:::smile..............
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 3-Oct-2004 10:44am  
I won about 2 by getting bar bar bar on a one-armed-bandit in Skeggie once. I fed in a 2p and won on pretty much my first attempt. We had to collect all my 2p coins in my dad's hat. It was a big deal as I was only about 8 at the time. 2 was about 10 times my weekly pocket money!
(reply to gambler) posted 3-Oct-2004 4:03pm  
ok, making sure they weren't leveraging payoffs in even shadier ways.
posted 3-Oct-2004 4:53pm  
No idea. I'm not much of a gambler. I doubt that it was any more than $20. It could be a lot less.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 3-Oct-2004 9:30pm  
I don't know.. maybe 20 bucks.
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 4-Oct-2004 8:49am  
No, Not really but to see 4 wild deuces on a $5 poker machine...... smiley:::smile
posted 4-Oct-2004 11:14pm  
i've only ever won a couple bucks from a scratch-off, like 2 or something. of course i proceeded to buy more scratch-offs and then lost. oh well.
posted 6-Oct-2004 7:40am  
I don't gamble often enough to remember. It's a mugs game.
posted 10-Oct-2004 7:08pm  
50$ I think.
posted 21-Oct-2004 12:41pm  
slightly over $300.00 I don't remember the exact amount
posted 21-Oct-2004 8:01pm  
I just made my second bet in decades this week.
First, I reversed the curse again-st presidents dying in office every 20 years with a bet that Reagas would live though his term (won double-or nothing in his second term).
This week I followed my first baseball game, betting a 12 pack of beer (I'll never get around to drinking) against a bottle of raspberry dessert wine. It wasn't a fair bet, $9 payoff either direction, even though the red sox were down three games, and would be reversing an 86 year old curse and making baseball history.
My neighbor takes it too seriously. The whole building could hear him slamming and pounding things when the yankees lost their third game and shot at the world series.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 22-Oct-2004 6:07am  
I won over 75,000 Neopoints yesterday...

That's sad, I know.

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