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You know you're in trouble when...


posted 22-Nov-2004 8:51pm  
...he pops his neck twice. :P
posted 22-Nov-2004 8:56pm  
the cops pull you over and you're naked from the waist down!
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 22-Nov-2004 9:11pm  
When you do anything that makes you appear suspicious.

When you are a convenient scapegoat.

When you look out of place.

When you are in the presence of a busybody.

When people around you act superior.

When someone wants to stir up trouble over nothing.

When people don't know what you are up to, so they make stuff up.

When you don't feel obligated to defend yourself against false assumptions.
posted 22-Nov-2004 10:05pm  
It's 9:02, the bus comes at 9:01, and you still have to print the paper you have due at 9:30.
posted 22-Nov-2004 11:48pm  
the cops pull you over and you are smoking some dope
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 23-Nov-2004 7:34am  
you get the "look"!
posted 23-Nov-2004 8:13am  
you don't hear the squishing sound
posted 23-Nov-2004 9:55am  
All four tires are off the ground...
posted 23-Nov-2004 10:27am  
you start feeling guilty
posted 23-Nov-2004 12:32pm  
you get that feeling like "Oh, CRAP, I've been caught!!" winking raspberry
posted 23-Nov-2004 1:42pm  
several police cars pull up in front of your house. Had that happen.

On a daily basis it's whenever the cell phone ring and I see it's my wife calling.
posted 23-Nov-2004 3:31pm  
.... you open up a letter begining with "we are sorry to regret..."

.... you're professor says "ok, pass up your homework to the front (the one that you totally forgot about)

.... you open up a letter beginng with "due to your neglect, we are hearby filling out a civil law s....."

.... a police officer says the words "do you have any prior arrests."

.... you are walking along and suddenly feel that there is no solid ground underneath

.... a police officer begins with a monolog "you have the right to ....."

..... you suddenly realize that that stick of dynamite you are holding this moment has its wick ignited

.... you are taking an exam and looking at the questions your thoughs are somewhere along the lines "what is all this crap?" "what exactly is a anyway"

.... a man who you suddently realize is a security guard says "this way"

.... imeadiatly after you feel a sharp nudge from behind, a man from behind says the words "gimmy yoh money bych"

.... while driving your car you hear a squaiking noise and realize its coming from behing you and an 18-wheeler is behind you trying to slow down

.... you look at your watch and say "shouldnt I have been to (insert important place or meeting) about an hour ago

and the list goes on but I dont have the time to keep on going

posted 23-Nov-2004 9:31pm  
Josephine the Plumber floats by on your kitchen table.
Your pacemaker has a 30-day guarantee.
The captain of your cruise ship is running around in a lifejacket.
Your mailbox is ticking.
A black cat crosses your path...and drops dead!
posted 24-Nov-2004 7:38am  
John Ashcroft kicks in your front door.
posted 24-Nov-2004 12:05pm  
When you have lost your freedom.
(reply to bill) posted 24-Nov-2004 12:06pm  
> you don't hear the squishing sound
laughing out loud
gambler Silver Star Survey Creator
posted 24-Nov-2004 6:26pm  
Your Boss says " Have you ever looked at the website"?
gambler Silver Star Survey Creator
(reply to gambler) posted 24-Nov-2004 6:30pm  
........(And this happened to me!!!!)

I was driving my p/up after a service in the evening I came down this hill and a wheel flew past me and my first thought was (and i kid u not!) "Crap, that wheel looks exactly like the ones on this truck!"............................
posted 26-Nov-2004 10:37am  
You're in jail.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 27-Nov-2004 1:56pm  
you feel a cold sweat on the back of your neck.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 27-Nov-2004 8:07pm try and dance barefoot on a floor that has metal grilles scattered about.

(My poor, poor feet frown)
posted 28-Nov-2004 12:22pm  
You know you're in trouble when you realize that your kids actually DO know more than you do! You're in trouble when your hair goes north and your chest (breasts) go south!
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 28-Nov-2004 2:29pm drop a frozen pea down your top and can't find it frown
posted 28-Nov-2004 5:47pm  
Your windshield wipers fall apart , and it is snowing real hard, and you all of a sudden! have no wipers? Or you will be driving through the snow and then! all of a sudden you lose traction and cannot go any further, tires start spinning ouch" help me? you get that one telephone call, and it is a bill collector who keeps calling and calling all hours of the day.
posted 30-Nov-2004 11:06pm  
The thought "Oh, No" goes through my head. That is the normal response for anything from my dog has chewed all the stuffing out of my new couch to I just hit that pot hole doing 40 and now the car is not driving right.
RainingFeathers Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 7-Dec-2004 3:32pm  
Your mom uses your full name.
posted 8-Dec-2004 11:49pm  
uhhhh? i don't get in trouble. fudge 'em.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 7-Jan-2018 7:31pm  
... you're on the wrong side of the needle.

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