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multiple30-Jun-2017lawJessicaWoman99 by votes20155.0%


Do you know most names of the Police officers in your town or city?

Such as Officer Mark or Police Officer Kathy etc.


bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 30-Jun-2017 11:17am  
Yes, his name is Doug.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 30-Jun-2017 1:36pm  
No. I live in a city with, presumably, hundreds of police officers; I don't know the names of any of them.
posted 30-Jun-2017 3:19pm  
In New York City? No.
posted 30-Jun-2017 6:04pm  
Only the chief.
posted 30-Jun-2017 6:43pm  
No. We have far too many police officers for that.
I know the first names of a few, but they are people I know in other ways (not because of their job)
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 30-Jun-2017 7:40pm  
No lol.

I live in a large township outside of a medium to large sized city, surrounded by other large townships, and ALL of it is in a big fat county which is surrounded by other large nearby counties. I'm in a tri-state area, so there are two more sets of state, city, and county police within less than 20 miles of me in different directions.

Also, I work in a downtown area just crawling with cops on horses, bikes, motorcycles, cars, suvs, segways, and foot.

I do not know a single one of their names. Police do not have a good reputation in my area. Two pretty infamous deaths-by-cop have happened here, which I'm sure is part of it.
posted 1-Jul-2017 7:17am  
No, I reside in a sleepy suburban small town which is a low crime area. There was a police station here, and I got to know some of the police there when I was stopped on a drink-driving misdemeanor aged 21, but it closed down decades ago. Of course, it's on the edge of London, which is a high-crime city, but I rarely visit the city of my birth, nor have any knowledge of its police.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 2-Jul-2017 5:16am  
I don't know the names of any police officers in my town. Not a single one.
paulyw Gold Star Survey Creator
posted 2-Jul-2017 10:41am  
I know quite a few officers in my city since my father is a retired cop. I met most of them through my father when he'd take me to his office when he needed to pick up something, at the station and he will be talking to his coworkers.
posted 3-Jul-2017 3:28pm  
Don't know any of them, and rarely even see them. They are employed by the county so none of them have a permanent town to take care of.
posted 6-Jul-2017 4:49pm  
posted 6-Jul-2017 7:11pm  
Here in this town of Kremmling Colorado I know just about all the names of our police officers such as Bob Dillon and Scott Spade and also Charles Jones our newest police officer some are friendly and some not so nice
posted 15-Jul-2017 2:16pm  
Why yes of course I know most of our police force
posted 5-Aug-2017 2:43pm  
Nope. The less interaction I have with the cops the better.
posted 7-Aug-2017 12:38am  
No. There's too many. I'll bet there are some civilians who are known by every cop though.

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