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multiple27-Oct-2010food/drinkcloudhugger Survey Central Gold Subscriber by votes34262.5%


When do you know you have had too much sugar?

14When I..............
6Never have I had too much sugar.
4I don't know.
0I'll ask my doctor.

posted 27-Oct-2010 3:52pm  
This is rare, as I consume vast quantities daily; but sometimes I'll be eating a very sweet chocolate bar (possibly my second), and get a negative reaction to the intense sweetness: it'll seem so sickly. But it's very rare; I'm a real sugar head. Dangerous I know, as there's diabetes in my family.
posted 27-Oct-2010 4:11pm  
When I feel guilty about it - that is, about eating something unhealthy. Otherwise I have a very sweet tooth and just try to hold it down as best I can.
cerealkiller Bronze Star Survey Creator Survey Qualifier
posted 27-Oct-2010 4:22pm  
when I check my glucose level with my meter each morning and it's higher than normal for me.
jettles Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 27-Oct-2010 6:09pm  
too much caffeine yes, too much sugar, i have never had.
posted 27-Oct-2010 7:16pm  
I get hyper & cant sit still. Lol.
LJD Survey Qualifier
posted 27-Oct-2010 7:53pm  
I feel dizzy, not clear headed. I recently ate a pastry that literally made me sick for two days.
bill Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 27-Oct-2010 8:34pm  
get twitchy
cloudhugger Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 27-Oct-2010 9:43pm  
I feel shaky and then crappy. After the sugar yay! wears off.
cloudhugger Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to jettles) posted 27-Oct-2010 9:44pm  
I could really flirt
cloudhugger Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to bill) posted 27-Oct-2010 9:44pm  
> get twitchy

That could be fun  * wink *
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 27-Oct-2010 10:07pm  
As a diabetic, I know my limits.

Some of my high sugar symptoms are lethargy and frequent urination. Most of the bad feelings from my diabetes come from low or quickly dropping sugar though.
jettles Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to cloudhugger) posted 27-Oct-2010 10:25pm  
go for it!
posted 28-Oct-2010 7:09am  
I just can't stop laughing.
FordGuy Survey Qualifier
posted 28-Oct-2010 8:52am  
When I've had some.
Enheduanna Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 28-Oct-2010 11:20am  
When I start craving something salty to counteract it.
Biggles Gold Star Survey Creator Survey Qualifier
posted 31-Oct-2010 6:10pm  
I've probably had too much sugar long before I know I've had too much sugar.
posted 1-Nov-2010 1:39am  
No such thing as to much sugar..
posted 1-Nov-2010 12:42pm  
I can tell cuz I just don't feel good.
posted 2-Nov-2010 12:33am  
When I get a sugar rush
posted 2-Nov-2010 5:30pm  
When I get all unfocused and headaches and like....ehbeththththltttt abababagagaga blblblthththth... zing zing
FauxLo Survey Central Subscriber
posted 3-Nov-2010 4:22am  
I don't have much of a sweet tooth. I LIKE SALT!
posted 4-Nov-2010 9:40am  
i don't know
posted 6-Nov-2010 4:04pm  
Tummyaches. This happens especially when I drink sugary drinks, although strangely it does not happen with beverages which naturally have sugar, like orange juice or beer. Yummm.

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