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multiple22-Oct-2011productsGalomorro by votes32157.8%


What kinds of retail stores would you like to be in your immediate area that you cannot now find enough of, or any at all?

Groceries, bookstores, certain kinds of clothing stores, whatever...

21I'd like to see ...
8Nothing comes to mind. I'm fine with what is there now.

posted 22-Oct-2011 3:33pm  
I would like to see a Wal-Mart but that will never ever happen in this crap small town people here are to narrow minded or maybe some kind of Denver store up here but that is not possible
posted 22-Oct-2011 3:33pm  
posted 22-Oct-2011 3:43pm  
More craft or fabric stores (Only one is close to me; I really like it but there are some things they just don't carry that other craft stores do)
Pretty much anything else I need is easily accessible by foot or bus. I live in a very convenient neighbourhood.
posted 22-Oct-2011 4:18pm  
a home depot or Walmart................... but I live in Jamaica
posted 22-Oct-2011 4:56pm  
Well, one of my favourite retail stores is Virgin Megastore, where I like to buy music books from, biographies and so on, but it's a few miles away; and it would be wonderful if a large Virgin Megastore were set up in my home town, although you'd wonder where it'd fit. Mine is a small industrial town about a dozen miles from the centre of London; and there's not much here in consequence.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 22-Oct-2011 5:56pm  
Hmm, I suppose there's not much in my immediate area - a couple of village shops, a paper shop, a Chinese takeaway, a Post Office, a chemist, an Italian restaurant, a couple of hairdressers/barbers, a kitchen-fitters and several pubs. That makes it sound much more thriving than it actually is! I don't use any of the local shops but I wouldn't want to see any big shops move to the area. I'm happy to have those a bus ride away, though I'm hoping to move somewhere a bit more urban in the next few weeks.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to CarlHalling) posted 22-Oct-2011 6:00pm  
I thought they went under? Or at least, they changed their name to Zavvi and then Zavvi went under?
posted 22-Oct-2011 10:08pm  
Better and more plant nurseries. The ones near me only sell houseplants, not very many herbs or unusual stuff, and not very many varieties of seeds either. I search online for seed companies.
(reply to CarlHalling) posted 22-Oct-2011 11:00pm  
There used to be a Virgin Megastore where I live (U.S. San Francisco) but it's gone now, went out of business. I guess because so many people get their music online now.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 23-Oct-2011 8:38am  
We just lost 2 department stores to flooding from Irene, so I guess I'd like 1 back. I'll pick Kohl's because I used to go there more often than JC Penney. I got various things there like clothes, kitchen stuff, maybe a watch (I just noticed the battery in my watch is going).
We also lost our big bookstore Border's because of the bankruptcy. So, a bookstore would be nice (but not really needed, I rarely bought stuff there [expensive]) and I guess Books a Million is going to take over that empty space, so yeah.
But, I'm not really answering your question... It's hard, I'm not a big fan of stores or shopping. I like to buy stuff online. I spent the first half of my life near an area with 2 large shopping malls and many strip malls, about 10x more stores than where I live now, and lots of traffic too. I moved away from that. But, surely, I must miss some of the stores. I think I did initially, but it has been 10 years now and it's hard to think of something... More often it has been the chain restaurants that I miss (like Olive Garden or whatever). I used to like checking out stores like Brookstones or Sharper Image, but mostly I think their stuff is junk now. The little videogame stores (EB Games) were kind of cool. We had a GameStop that also got flooded, but I didn't go there much.
posted 23-Oct-2011 10:02am  
Muzzle Loading/Buckskinning store. The one store here closed and now it is almost impossible to find any lead for making bullets, fur trapper period clothing, muzzle loading guns, and various equipment that you need for re-enactments.
posted 23-Oct-2011 10:07am  
Hmmm, I don't want much in my immediate area ...we already have two grocers 2 hardware 2 convenient stores 4 gas stations about 3 resale shops.
I would like to see about 3 more exceptionally good restaurants in town. There are 6 now and 4 of them suck really bad. We will not go to those if we were starving. One is just burgers, fries and such and it isn't too bad, and the other a nice sit down lunch and dinner that is starting to go downhill. If I could add pizza to fast food, we have 6 of those too.
I have heard a few times some would like a shoe store here in town, I'm thinking why? One store alone would not have the selection to suit more than a few needs.
A book store would be ok, but the library has sales from donated used books and that can be really great sometimes.
Looks like all I need more of is good food. I realy do miss good food, I left that all behind when I left the chicago area
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 23-Oct-2011 11:47am  
I wish there were a grocery store closer by. We have a small natural foods store that's great but a little limited for everything but produce and a few basics (and nutritional supplements, which I don't use). It's also a bit expensive for many things. There used to be a small but more mainstream grocery store three blocks away, but it closed. Now we have to drive to the bigger grocery store. I wouldn't mind if there were some decent clothing and shoe stores nearby, although I suppose it's just as well that there aren't.
(reply to Enheduanna) posted 23-Oct-2011 12:25pm  
I notice that Whole Foods and Trader Joe's haven't yet made it out to the Richmond (or the Sunset, except that one Trader Joe's in the Stonestown shopping center). You guys out there could sure use one or both. Nob Hill is getting a new Trader Joe's next year to replace a regular market called Cala (Ralph's).
posted 23-Oct-2011 12:39pm  
My home away from home is Trader Joe's. I rarely shop at malls. I buy some things on the internet.
posted 23-Oct-2011 4:35pm  
A Target store to give Wal- Mart some competition.
posted 24-Oct-2011 12:11am  
A major chain grocery store closer than 20 miles.
posted 24-Oct-2011 9:49am  
L'eggs Outlet. smiley:::grin
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to Galomorro) posted 24-Oct-2011 10:27am  
We could! Instead we got a Fresh and Easy at 33rd and Clement; I haven't been yet, as I hear it's not very good (it's also not quite close enough to me to be walkable with more than a couple of items). We'd been hoping for a Whole Foods or Joe's in that spot. The market just a few blocks away used to be a Cala, and then it was an IGA. The IGA iteration was great. We usually go to Joe's (at Masonic or Stonestown) and to the Andronico's in the Sunset (which I love).

Is the Joe's going where there was the Cala on, what, Sacramento and Leavenworth? (I know there was one somewhere around there! It was the first market I went to when we moved here; our temporary housing the first week was near Union Sq.)
(reply to Enheduanna) posted 24-Oct-2011 10:49am  
I've seen that Fresh 'n Easy when I go to Land's End for hiking but never went in. I hear the Bayview also got one of those. I've heard of Adronico's but never gone in. Yes, the Cala on California and Hyde is the one that's getting the Joe's.
posted 24-Oct-2011 4:40pm  
Any big box store would do. There is nothing in my town except for a supermarket, a couple drugstores and a couple small hardware stores. It's 20 miles away for any decent large store.

Walmart is in the process of starting construction on a super Walmart about 2 minutes from my house that will be open 24 hrs. I can't wait. There currently is nothing in town that is open all night.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to Galomorro) posted 25-Oct-2011 10:59am  
I'm way more excited about the CVS that opened next to the Fresh 'n Easy; CVS is my favorite drugstore and there are so few of them on the west coast. I haven't been to it yet, but next time I need to go to a pharmacy, that's where I'm going!
(reply to Enheduanna) posted 25-Oct-2011 11:02am  
I've never been in one yet. Why do you feel it's better than Walgreens? I don't pick up any prescrips for myself so the pharmacy wouldn't matter to me. Do they also sell wine?
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to Galomorro) posted 25-Oct-2011 11:11am  
Partly it's because they were what I used all the time when I lived on the east coast, so they just look right to me somehow. Walgreens always looks sort of cheaper and seedier. So I guess CVS is slightly higher-end. The things that they sell that aren't drugs and cosmetics and the like are generally a little nicer than what they have at Walgreens. I don't know if they'll sell wine; in Boston where I used to go to CVS, they wouldn't legally have been able to sell wine.
(reply to Enheduanna) posted 25-Oct-2011 1:40pm  
Yeah, I agree Walgreens does look cheap and seedy even though I don't go to other drugstores - mainly cuz Walgreens is everywhere. Higher-end stuff appeals to me LOTS more. So then from what you've said I think I'd appreciate a CVS more. smiley:::smile
posted 26-Oct-2011 3:40am  
I'd like to see more Mom & Pop stores but that's not going to happen with all the major chain stores in my area. I don't need to go in town to find things, unless they're really exclusive - but I don't need them in my neighbourhood.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to Galomorro) posted 26-Oct-2011 10:37am  
Let me know what you think! (I hope I haven't given you too-high expectations--it is just a drugstore, after all!)
posted 26-Oct-2011 10:43am  
Music store, decent art gallery, better second hand book store.
(reply to Enheduanna) posted 26-Oct-2011 11:23am  
Yeah, well, we all need to go to drugstores sometimes, and they might have something interesting for myself (or maybe a gift) that I'd not find at Walgreens... I've been disappointed with Walgreens in the past, their lines, customer service, out of what I was looking for... so I get in and out as quickly as possible.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to Galomorro) posted 27-Oct-2011 11:53am  
It's true. And I think they're more likely to have interesting things, definitely. They also usually have some products that my SO and I use that Walgreens doesn't carry. I hope that will be true of this one as well.
posted 30-Oct-2011 5:36am  
Clothing stores. There are none at all in my town, so have to go to neighboring town for clothes shopping.
posted 6-Nov-2011 5:48pm  
posted 23-Nov-2011 10:33pm  
I live at a pretty good spot, right at the border of commercial and residential zones. I'm close to a grocery store, gym, charity shop, electronics store, etc. They're building a Wal Mart.

I wish there was a Shoppers Drug Mart and Metro instead of Rexall and Freshco.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 24-Nov-2011 10:16pm  
I like little odds and ends shops with a smattering of cool things to look at. We have a shop here that sells things like jewelry, decorative items, incense, bumper stickers, body products, keychains, buttons, redwood tree seeds, and all kinds of unusual giftable items.

I got Irene a bonzai tree kit there and got Maarten's Darwin Fish there. It's the best place to shop for gifts.
posted 1-Jan-2012 7:15pm  
A bakery that isn't the chain, Greggs. A decent butcher. A decent fishmonger. I live in the city centre, so it's just supermarkets and chain stores. The only good local produce around is vegetable stalls on the market.

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