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multiple1-May-1998food/drinkdoom by votes591254.2%


Jello is ...

24not something I eat.
23a refreshing treat.
20fun to throw at people.
17a childish dessert.
14fun to wrestle in.
10completely disgusting.
8something to eat when I feel sick.
7a fruity inhalant.

bill Bronze Star Survey Creator This user is on the site NOW (4 minutes ago)
posted 1-May-1998 1:40pm  
I like to suck it into my mouth, swallowing it isn't always something I like to do though. *** Doom, I modified this survey to be multiple choice (shortly after fiore and jen voted on it - they can and should revote if they want to pick multiple answers)... And, doom - I hope what I did didn't screw up what you were trying to do with the survey.
posted 1-May-1998 2:19pm  
gelatin isn't vegetarian, but kosher gelatine is-- and it's much better than it used to be.
posted 1-May-1998 3:37pm  
Jello is as Jello does. Jello is an eyesore. The desert describes itself.
posted 1-May-1998 3:56pm  
***BILL thanks!
I think jello is cool even though it's made of nasty stuff. Also, it would be cool to throw at people for fun. I heard the liquid format is good if you are sick. Who knows, could be a myth
posted 1-May-1998 4:27pm  
Its made of animal skins that are putrefied... not something I would willfully digest
posted 1-May-1998 4:30pm  
I can not completely get over what it is made of but it has its uses... such as jello wrestling... (bill multiple choice is ok with me...)
posted 1-May-1998 5:16pm  
I thought it was horse hooves, or is the active ingredient the same in all those things? could we use, say, fingernails to make Jello? does Jello actually have hooves in it still? I've not looked at a package in a long time.
posted 1-May-1998 10:27pm  
not very good
posted 1-May-1998 10:38pm  
Kinda cool. Also, I'm not an expert, but I think Jello is made from kelp these days?
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 2-May-1998 1:57am  
Jello would be one of the most disgusting things i've ever eaten
posted 2-May-1998 10:15pm  
Not something I currently eat--I haven't had any in years. I'm not particularly opposed to it, but there is no longer any kind of moment when I think "I want some Jello(tm)." ***ATZILUT--A homophone error? From Grammar Queen? I'm shocked! *** Well, look at that, it's not a homophone. Boy, is my face red. What do you call those (desert/dessert), other than easily confused words?
posted 3-May-1998 7:49am  
yay! jello!
posted 4-May-1998 10:25am  
It is also best when prepared in the old-style, though for giving to the kids, the "wigglers" preparation is neater. I like to swish it around in my mouth until it becomes liquid (again), then "drink" it.
posted 4-May-1998 1:44pm  
I like jello, but not if I have to eat it. Yuck. I like to feed it to other people, and play with it, though. :)
posted 4-May-1998 2:28pm  
havent had it in a while.. gelatin and hooves and all that
posted 4-May-1998 7:00pm  
...made of cow hooves. Yuck. Well, hooves of some type, anyway. ***steve: I think he meant what he said. Sometimes deserts do provide descriptions of themselves ("Well, I am about 500 square miles, I am very hot, don't have much vegetation; my turn-offs are rude people and seafood, and my turn-ons include mirages and bleached cow skulls.") I know there is a name for easily confused words, and it's driving me crazy that I can't think of it. I always fall victim to interchanging effect/affect.
posted 5-May-1998 11:20am  
I hate that hard skin you get on the top of jello sometimes. that is pretty gross.
posted 5-May-1998 8:45pm  
I'll occasionally use gelatin packets in recipes that call for it, but on the whole I try to avoid the stuff. Horse hooves - blech
posted 6-May-1998 12:04am  
I like Jello, personally. I find it tasty and when it is electric jello..then it really rocks.
posted 6-May-1998 9:47am  
I could never stomach this wiggily bizarre creation.... And for jello shots is about the most vial thing I can think of... ICK! Hooves... perhaps, but that is not the most gross part of it.... : )
posted 6-May-1998 3:02pm  
The crushed bones of our less fortunate mammalian brothers and sisters. Oh, the cruelty of it all. Why, I can hear their pleading cries now...oh wait, that's my phone.
posted 6-May-1998 4:48pm  
eating jello gives me the heebs. it is a fun toy though...
posted 8-May-1998 11:51am  
Excessively trembling for me...
posted 13-May-1998 12:04pm  
...a creepy, bombastic spoken word artist who's more than a little bit full of himself. (Oh, you meant the jiggly stuff. A refreshing treat. sadly, I can't vouch for the wrestling bit. ;)
posted 19-May-1998 10:18am  
Also, flammable (the powder), not to be frozen (it becomes something that is better left unknown by man), something there is always room for, good for use with vodka, confusing.
posted 25-May-1998 11:11am to eat through a straw.
posted 27-May-1998 10:48pm  
Jello tug-of-war is good, too. Incredibly, Jello is claimed by its makers to be kosher.

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