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multiple25-May-2005hypothetical questionMatty by votes67954.7%


If you were infatuated with and attracted to a teacher while you were still in school, how would you tell him/her?

43I wouldn't
5I don't know.
4Anonymously, using notes or something similar
3Directly and openly
2Through someone else

posted 25-May-2005 10:24pm  
I'd just whip it out of course! Isn't that what they always do in the movies? smiley:::grin
posted 25-May-2005 11:33pm  
If it was just an infatuation or attraction on my part, I wouldn't say anything. If I felt the attraction was on both sides, I would bring it up in conversation.
posted 26-May-2005 12:13am  
I wouldn't. This is not a relationship that one should pursue.
posted 26-May-2005 12:37am  
I wouldn't seeing as I wouldn't want them to end up fired or forced to transfer.
posted 26-May-2005 5:51am  
People are sometimes attracted to teachers and instructors and just people "of power" or greater knowledge in general. Self control is the best route where this is concerned lest you look like an idiot to the person you admire. Or end up getting fired if it's your boss/mentor.
posted 26-May-2005 7:59am  
Dunno, I've never been in this situation.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 26-May-2005 8:30am  
Such thoughts are a path to the dark side.
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 26-May-2005 8:35am  
if i was in school as an adult, i would possible tell them but not when i was in high school.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 26-May-2005 9:16am  
Unless the teacher were near my own age and I was soon going to be out of their class... I wouldn't. I'd drown my sorrows in masturbation and pr0n.
posted 26-May-2005 11:00am  
I wouldn't ........ I had loads of crushes on teachers and there is NO way I am telling them .... I couldn't handle the rejection.... Plus what do you say?........ I know your a teacher and all, but I have the hots for you and cannot stop thinking about you, maybe we can do lunch?
(reply to bill) posted 26-May-2005 11:02am  
You have learn't well, young Skywalker........ Your training is almost complete.......
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to gambler) posted 26-May-2005 12:08pm  
Almost?! WTF?! I wanna be a gosh darn Jedi Master... NOW!
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 26-May-2005 12:27pm  
I wouldn't. And you shouldn't, either.
posted 26-May-2005 1:25pm  
Judging by my past experiences I wouldn't tell her.
posted 26-May-2005 4:14pm  
Why would I?
posted 26-May-2005 4:32pm  
I wouldn't, it's not appropriate, & the HS crush would go away. If it's on a collegiate level <ahem>, then I wouldn't say anything until after grades were turned in, & assuming that I had no intentions of taking another of that prof's courses, then persue a relationship.
(reply to bill) posted 26-May-2005 4:56pm  
Hee hee smiley:::smile
posted 26-May-2005 9:13pm  
Didn't everyone fudge their 11th grade English teacher? Oh well, I guess I am the only one.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to Matty) posted 26-May-2005 10:18pm  
You fudgeed my 11th grade English teacher, Mr. Woodcock??
(reply to romkey) posted 26-May-2005 10:20pm  
No, she was a very short, very skinny, Jewish woman. But looking back, she was the best fudge I ever had...what talent. She milked my cock like I was a cow.
posted 26-May-2005 10:41pm  
I wouldn't, as it'd likely be obvious.
posted 27-May-2005 9:59am  
I wouldn't and never have been attracted to any of my teachers
posted 27-May-2005 10:41am  
Can you say "death sentence"?
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 28-May-2005 9:12am  
posted 28-May-2005 12:35pm  
I wouldn't i'd be very shy and a bit frightened to tell them!!!
but if someone was brave enough to tell them i'm sure their'd have the guts to tell them to thier face!
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator This user is on the site NOW (3 minutes ago)
posted 28-May-2005 5:38pm  
I wouldn't - that would be so inappropriate and embarrassing. Even at university it would be a no-no (although, I have heard rumours) so at school it would be awful.
posted 1-Jun-2005 6:52pm  
I found my physics teacher hot and i ended up flashing him....
posted 2-Jun-2005 6:34pm  
You know, I actually did this--through some fellow students. I was attracted to one of my fourth grade teachers in elementary school.
posted 14-Jun-2005 7:13pm  
I was extremely infatuated with my high school band teacher. Everytime I looked at him I just wanted to kiss him and I often fantasied what it would have been like to have sex with him. Mmmm wonderful.
posted 28-Jun-2005 5:01am  
I would keep it to myself, but still dream of our big wedding of course
posted 11-Aug-2005 12:30am  
Inappropriate. No, couldn't, I like the secret of the infatuation, without the headache. Assuming these are two mature adults, I would , oh....I don't know.
posted 11-Sep-2005 5:21am  
Not at all.

posted 5-Oct-2005 1:08am  
I don't know how I would react. All my teachers have been female (nuns, mostly) and I'm not attracted to women. Of course, there is their vow of celibacy to consider, too.
posted 9-Nov-2005 8:42am  
It has never happened to me although I do think a teacher was interested in me.
posted 12-Nov-2008 6:01pm  
Who on Earth would be foolish enough to become infatuated with a teacher? Or, for that matter, four teachers over the course of their education?


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