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multiple13-Sep-2000ethics/moralityNorth79 by votes104861.7%


Should immigrants to a new country assimilate to the majority or retain their ethnic culture?

Assimilation essentially means that when people immigrate to a country, they are expected to adopt the ways of their new country. Retaining your old culture is self-explanatory.

59I think immigrants should assimilate to a degree, but retain some of their ethnic culture
31I think some groups have an easier time assimilating than others
26I think immigrants should assimilate as best they can
19Assimilation means less cultural diversity in a country
16I think assimilation is a good thing
11Other opinions
3I think assimilation is a bad thing
2I think immigrants should not try to assimilate

posted 14-Sep-2000 4:38pm  
I think they should learn to speak and read the language(s) of their new country and familiarize themselves with laws and customs that differ from their homeland. Other than that, I don't really care.
posted 14-Sep-2000 5:36pm  
...I believe in diversity, not assimilation...I AM CANADIAN!!!!!
posted 14-Sep-2000 6:19pm  
I think that it is up to the individual to decide just how much they wish to assimilate. It would be very difficult to resist assimilation completely. One would have to be very insular in some kind of cultural ghetto. If I were to immigrate, I'm sure I would embrace my new culture to some extent, but I would also hold onto some of my old ways.
posted 14-Sep-2000 7:13pm  
I think it does depend on how that expectation works itself out. Assimilation in and of itself is not a bad thing, but if it is enforced assimilation, then it's a bad thing.
I don't agree with your explanation that assimilation is an expectation - there must be some concrete action to it, surely?
posted 14-Sep-2000 7:46pm  
I think the degree to which immigrants assimilate should be up to the individuals involved. Some cultures assimilate easily into a new situation where as some cultures tend to keep their own ways. Look at all of the China towns that still exist.
posted 14-Sep-2000 8:56pm  
The only assimilation that they should do is learn the lingo, other than that no assimilation is needed. Diversity leads to a non-stagnant society and a much more interesting world.
posted 15-Sep-2000 12:43am  
I assimilated.
posted 15-Sep-2000 9:05am  
I am pro-assimilation. Thats one thing you Americans have down much better than we do up here!
posted 15-Sep-2000 9:08am  
I think resistance to assimilation leads to cultural and ethnic ghettos. Furthermore, the pro-diversity argument of is founded solely on the premise that assimilation and diversity are mutually exclusive..which I think is untrue.

posted 15-Sep-2000 10:33am  
I think some groups assimilate very easily. I am Australian. I think it wouldn't take long to adapt to American life. Someone from China may find it more difficult. I do believe that immigrants should try to assimilate. If I moved to Saudi Arabia, I would not sit in my front yard with friends, in a childs blow up pool, with my shirt off, drinking beer with metallica blasting out the window. I would respect local customs and adapt to the majority. I would not retain all my Aussie ways then scream "discrimination" when I am subjected to local Islamic law.

Some cultures practice female circumcision, others practice polygamy or take child brides. Do those who believe in cultural diversity think these aspects of culture should be retained when immigrants move to a western country, or are only some practices acceptable?
posted 15-Sep-2000 11:14am  
At least learn the language at some point in your life.
posted 15-Sep-2000 3:36pm  
It pisses me off when people move to america, and act like they are still in mexico/latin america. ON the contrary, though, My grandma cooks german food, speaks german once in a while, etc. So I think they should assimilate, but retain some of their ethnicity.
posted 15-Sep-2000 7:28pm  
I think immigrants should learn the local language, laws, and customs, but I would hope that they would retain as much of their ethnic culture as possible.
posted 15-Sep-2000 10:47pm  
I would love to see responsible assimilation; not forsaking their culture, but adapting the native language and common practices of the new country. I know this sounds bigoted, but have you any idea how difficult it is to converse w/ non-English speaking people and keep your temper when they blow up because you don't understand them?! It's very, very frustrating -- because it's their flaws that prohibit the crossing of the language-barrier.
At least, that's one aspect.
posted 15-Sep-2000 11:16pm  
Well...considering that I am from Canada I believe that where immigrants are concerned, it should be more like a "tossed salad" rather than a "melting pot" like in the US. Cultural diversity is good in some ways and bad in others. The same goes for assimilation. Immigrants should assimilate to a certain extent, but not completely.
They should adopt the ways of the country because they are in that country and expected to interact with the people within the country. However, they should not be asked to conform to a certain religion or traditions. The only problem with Canada not assimilating like the US is that many of the Canadian traditions are being infringed upon in order to avoid offending immigrants and I don't agree with that at all. Not to sound racist, but it is Canada and Canadians should not assimilate to the immigrants cultural beliefs. For example, some cultures have complained about being offended by Christmas and we now have to say Happy Festive season, instead of Merry Christmas which is absurd because Canada was founded on Christian and Catholic beliefs. People can't just come in and attempt to eliminate the existing beliefs. Anyways I'll stop babbling now. Good survey! smile
posted 16-Sep-2000 2:00pm  
I think they should assimilate to their new surroundings since they are in a new country after all and culture is very different I think it is best that they try to fit in as best as they can but still hold on to some of their old ethnic culture.
posted 16-Sep-2000 5:15pm  
I think it's good for immigrants to assimilate, but they should still keep their ethic heritage especially in their home/personal lives. When it comes to being out on the streets, they should at least know the language and customs of the new country and abide by them. If people move to a new country and still behave the way they did back home, it makes the people there feel uncomfortable, besides they'll probably stare at you.
(reply to Andyroo) posted 16-Sep-2000 5:30pm  
I totally agree with the religion thing, if I (Christian) moved to some Islamic country for example, wouldn't I be persecuted? But if the Islamic move here (I'm in the US) we have to respect them and be careful of what we say to them. I do respect the freedom of religion thing, but instead of letting them do their thing and us do our thing, we have to go out of our way to accommodate them.
posted 17-Sep-2000 9:46am  
Because of these "end times", we in this country, as well as, Canada, Australia and many of the other "caucasian Christian countries," are being "replaced" by third world peoples because of diversity. They have come in, without firing a shot, and have taken over our countries. I do not believe in diversity. It brings war. It will prove to be our demise, we will turn into an ungodly ghetto. We white Christians are in a fight for survival. Prophesy is unfolding before your eyes. The subversives want to replace us (white Christians) with immigrants that breed more for their (subversive) economy. World economy. Remember the "beast" in the Bible?

I belong to a Canada internet site and they are having pretty much the same problems we are having. I have noticed also this is happening in other white Christian nations as well. I feel there is definitely an agenda to destroy white Christian nations, because we are God's chosen children. Satan will do anything to destroy these children. We must keep the faith folks and not succumb to the enemy. This is what they have done in our "higher education," as well as the other government schools. They (subversives) have to reach the masses of young people to have them accept diversity. In the Bible, it says, for those that can see and hear. Do you see and hear? Can you see under the guise of diversity, the subversives want to replace you? Christians that have Godly values, and breed responsibly are a threat to the subversives.
(reply to Jeanne) posted 17-Sep-2000 11:37am  
I'm about as white as one could be, but your ideals scare me. I don't understand how you can think that you are better than other people. I'm so tired of people using the bible as an excuse to be bigots. What happened to "love thy neighbor"? I guess in your case that only applies if your neighbor is white and goes to your church?
posted 17-Sep-2000 12:00pm  
I believe everyone should retain some of the heritage, but when moving to another county adjust to the ways of that county...
(reply to Jeanne) posted 17-Sep-2000 12:44pm  
But love ye your enemies, and do good, and lend, hoping for nothing again; and your reward shall be great, and ye shall be the children of the Highest: for He is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil.

Be ye therefore merciful, as your Father also is merciful.

Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven:
Luke 6:35-37

(More good advice from the Big Guy! wink )
(reply to Jeanne) posted 17-Sep-2000 12:50pm're onto us!


Queen of the Subversives

P.S. I'm coming to get your children.
(reply to Jeanne) posted 17-Sep-2000 2:07pm  
God is too big for one religion.
(reply to Zang) posted 17-Sep-2000 9:08pm  
Thanks for that "judge not" passage. I've been trying to recall how that goes. The bible does have SOME good stuff in it.
(reply to SueBee) posted 18-Sep-2000 4:08am  
Oh, it has LOTS of good stuff in it. I read it often. I would normally refrain from quoting it, but I would want anyone to get the wrong idea and think that Jesus was a bigot.

I found a real nice quote a few years ago when I was really down after losing a great job, and finding myself in poverty. It helped me feel a lot better about my situation.

...Naked came I out of my mother's womb, and naked shall I return thither: the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.
Job 1:21
(reply to anonymous) posted 18-Sep-2000 4:10am  
#2: Yeah, right! Like that was real anonymous! wink
(reply to Jeanne) posted 18-Sep-2000 9:50am  
Being of mixed race, I find your comments to be highly offensive (aside from the scary religious fundamentalism in general!). You are also confusing two very different things: race and culture.
(reply to Jeanne) posted 18-Sep-2000 9:50am  
By the way, who is the "we" you keep referring to..certainly not the majority of people in here, or in Canada!
posted 18-Sep-2000 2:03pm  
Immigrants should retain as much as their ethnic culture as they can and want to. At the same time they should assimilate at least enough to be able to interact smoothly with the people of the country the are moving to (learn the language, be aware of the customs, etc). If immigrants don't assimilate at least a little thay are asking the people of their new country to assimilate for them. A person should not move to a different country and expect everything to change for them. That would defeat the purpose of moving to a new country.
(reply to Jeanne) posted 18-Sep-2000 2:18pm  
Yikes! That was down right frightening. Are you truly so naive that you think world peace will be attained through division and bigotry rather than unity, acceptance, understanding and love.
posted 19-Sep-2000 10:23am  
If you in Rome, do as the Romans do.
posted 19-Sep-2000 2:45pm  
I think they should assimilate to a degree. I think learning the local language, for example, is really important. But the goal shouldn't be to entirely discard one's culture. I certainly do not think this kind of assimilation means less cultural diversity in a country. On the contrary: I think it means the same amount of diversity in the country, but more diversity in the world because a new culture has been created.
(reply to joachim) posted 19-Sep-2000 4:09pm  
You made a very good point at the end. Insular behaviour (that is, resisting assimilation) does not contribute to diversity, it only reproduces an existing culture somewhere else. Assimilation feeds the dynamic culture of the receiving country, by contributing to it.
posted 20-Sep-2000 8:25am  
In the US, very few retain their culture. We have some "festivals" etc., but for the most part all are assimilated. Look around your house. See anything from your "homeland" ?
(reply to bobert) posted 20-Sep-2000 9:27am  
I think its interesting you use the word "homeland", because I think vast maajority of us who have assimilated consider the country we were born in and currently live in to be our homeland.
(reply to bobert) posted 20-Sep-2000 12:30pm  
Well, here in Boston, we have a lot of ethnic groups which have retained a large part of their cultures. So you see Chinese or Portuguese or Cambodian neighborhoods with the associated shops and entertainment. I think what's less common is artifacts that get absorbed into the local culture. It's easy to do that with food, and not too hard to do with music, but things like philosophy are hard. You see some American buddhists around, for example (and many don't really stand out) but it's not a huge and growing movement.
posted 20-Sep-2000 1:44pm  
They moved here, they should adapt to a degree. We will suffer if they can't change.
(reply to bobert) posted 20-Sep-2000 3:14pm  
I see things from my homeland all over my house.
(reply to marty) posted 21-Sep-2000 4:44pm  
how will you suffer?
posted 24-Sep-2000 3:45pm  
If immigrants don't assimilate to some degree they will establish the
same conditions that made them leave their country of origin.
posted 25-Sep-2000 12:12am  
Going to a foreign country means you have to adjust or just stay away.
posted 27-Sep-2000 3:32pm  
the only thing an immigrant should assimilate is the language. they should be able to communicate and speak the language of the country that they are living in.
(reply to Jeanne) posted 6-Oct-2000 12:32pm  
Soooooo, you don't beleive in missionary work, huh?

Um, If satan COULD destroy God's chosen children, then your faith would be useless! Don't you see how silly your views are. The bible says, we are not Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male or female, but one in Jesus Christ! Your "teacher" is an ignorant liar! He has steered you down the wrong road! Put that Strong's down, open up your New Living Bible, and turn off the voice of Arnold Murray. Then maybe you would be able to hear the Holy Spirit speaking to your heart. He did not lead you to Arnold Murray. No. God lead you to the false religions so that you would learn their tricks and teach others how to avoid the traps! Come out of it now. God sent me here to tell you the truth. The Truth is not Arnold Murray. You asked, God has told you! Murray and his teachings are false! Don't be sad about being fooled. God takes all things to work for your good. He loves you, and wants you to feel that love, in a way you never knew before! Yes, I know that Black people did monsterous things to your family. But that is not because they ARE monsters! They were just humans who gave themselves over to sin. Satan has no sons. You know that is true. You know Murray is wrong about Noah's flood. Jesus said a tree that produces bad fruit can never produce good; so if Murray's teaching on Noah is wrong, so is the rest. Think about it. Have you ever seen Murray pray to God, in the Name of Jesus Christ? No. All he does is pronounce: "let us ask for wisdom from our father"; and grab the air with his hand and pull it toward himself! No real prayers. You know better Go to this site: written just for you
(reply to Jeanne) posted 6-Oct-2000 7:34pm  
You are sooo pathetic. You have the mind of a child.
posted 7-Oct-2000 8:55am  
I just feel the need to make my standard disclaimer: The views expressed by Jeanne are not representative of orthodox and Biblical Christianity. Please do not be fooled into thinking that all Christians are like that.
(reply to msgman) posted 12-Oct-2000 2:41pm  
Ah, so the fanatical formerfig would be a better person for me to model my views on? wink
posted 28-Oct-2000 7:23am  
Canadians are cool, but that is the limit of the cultural diversity North America should have.
posted 9-Nov-2000 12:55am  
If you are going to live in our country, you'd better be prepared to assimilate. If I were to go to another country, I would expect to have to assimilate. However, retaining your own culture within your home and family is perfectly ok, we do need to remember our roots.
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 22-Jul-2008 5:32pm  
Assimilate enough to relate in job/professional settings. What people do in personal settings is their own freakin biz

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