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essay15-Sep-2006politics/religioncrystal_wolf_an by votes49555.3%


I'm running for 8th grade class president. My name is Heather - what would be a good Slogan? I only have 4 days to campaign.


Iseult Survey Central Subscriber
posted 15-Sep-2006 2:40pm  
I don't know. I'm old and I'm jaded. I ran for the class president in grade eight myself and I lost to Andrea DeLong.
posted 15-Sep-2006 2:42pm  
Sorry, Heather, but I suspect the, uh, elections are over by now. How'd you do?
(reply to Iseult) posted 15-Sep-2006 2:43pm  
> I don't know. I'm old and I'm jaded. I ran for the class president
> in grade eight myself and I lost to Andrea DeLong.

Not Andrea DeLong......oh, Iseult, how could you let that happen?
posted 15-Sep-2006 2:53pm  
The election is probably over now, but you didn't give us much to work on.
posted 15-Sep-2006 3:00pm  
I think that this is been on there for 4 days, so why ask now?
Iseult Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to CarolL) posted 15-Sep-2006 3:14pm  
Well, Andrea was the popular one. She was blond and had a boyfriend.
cerealkiller Bronze Star Survey Creator Survey Qualifier
posted 15-Sep-2006 4:25pm  
You can't do better than Heather in leather.
posted 15-Sep-2006 4:28pm  
Heather is better!
Light as a feather!
Here is my slogan!
I'm wearing Brogans!

posted 15-Sep-2006 4:51pm  
I know how to give really good head. Vote for me and I my head will meet your little head. Heather for president, yey!
bill Survey Central Subscriber Survey Qualifier
posted 15-Sep-2006 4:55pm  
Vote Heather, because change just causes problems.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 15-Sep-2006 5:20pm  
Heather for president!

You are running for class president hon, take the initiative to think up your own slogan.
posted 15-Sep-2006 5:35pm  
Well... Coming from past obesrvations of when I was in grade 8 through to 12... When people ran for president it was pretty much just a popularity contest. And slogans didn't really matter....But you should still have one so I would pick something short but sweet..... Something that really gets their a slap in the face....But a good slap in the face... nothing long and boaring...
(reply to Zang) posted 15-Sep-2006 5:38pm  
Nope too long and baoring!!!!!! interesting shoes though.
posted 15-Sep-2006 5:40pm  
Heather, Heather...........I don't know.It would have helped to know what you are running for. I mean do you have this plan to try to make changes or just to have the title? I'm no help here...Good luck anyway.
cloudhugger Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 15-Sep-2006 6:35pm  
How about this...
I'm running for 8th grade class president. My name is Heather.
Heather is a good name for a president!
(reply to Iseult) posted 15-Sep-2006 7:11pm  
That dog put out.
posted 15-Sep-2006 7:16pm  
I don't know, they don't do all that class president stuff here.
posted 15-Sep-2006 10:16pm  
Heather wont "cut n' run" like that cow who's running against her.

Vote for Heather, or else the terrorists will win.

A vote for Heather is a blow against the Taliban.

Heather knows where Osama bin ladin is. If you elect her, she will hunt him down and kill him for you.

Join Heather's Jihad.

A vote for Heather will bring back hope that America can kick anybody's ass.

and if those don't work:

Vote for Heather, and 20 bucks is yours!
Iseult Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to hypersky) posted 15-Sep-2006 10:32pm  
If I ever decide to run for anything, you're working for me.
Iseult Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to CarolL) posted 15-Sep-2006 10:33pm  
I know.
(reply to CGTREE) posted 16-Sep-2006 2:31am  
But it rhymes!  * grin *
posted 16-Sep-2006 8:41am  
I'm no good at this, but good luck to you.
(reply to Zang) posted 16-Sep-2006 9:40am  
Well I guess you get some points for rhyming...but just a few...
posted 16-Sep-2006 9:43am  
Vote Heather.. how original am I???????
paulyw Survey Central Subscriber Gold Star Survey Creator Survey Qualifier
posted 16-Sep-2006 10:37am  
I know this may sound strange, but this slogan came to my mind.

"Vote for Heather, because she is better!"
(reply to Iseult) posted 16-Sep-2006 12:00pm  
 * laughing out loud * You are on!  * yes *
posted 16-Sep-2006 9:47pm  
Heather hasn't even been on since she created the survey.  * laughing out loud *
posted 18-Sep-2006 12:55pm  
Vote for Heather. I wear a coat made of pleather.
FordGuy Survey Qualifier
posted 19-Sep-2006 1:44pm  
Vote for Heather. DAMN IT!  * wink *
posted 20-Sep-2006 10:33pm  
If you are clever, you will vote for Heather.

You could do worse, and often times have!
Biggles Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator Survey Qualifier This user is on the site NOW (7 minutes ago)
posted 22-Sep-2006 11:52am  
"Vote for All-Weather Heather!"
posted 25-Sep-2006 2:31pm  
I'm hazarding a guess that the election is long over. I hope you won.
posted 10-Oct-2006 4:50pm  
no better than heather
posted 5-Nov-2006 9:07am  
I am to late to help Heather out. I wonder if Heather won.
posted 28-Nov-2006 2:44pm  
I'm playing catch up, so at this point, you either got elected or lost.


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