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single11-Aug-2012possessionspaulyw Gold Star Survey Creator by votes30151.7%


Does your house have a large porch?

14No my house does not have a large porch.
8Yes my house has a large porch.
4I have something else to share.
3I did live in a house that had a porch but I no longer live in that house.
0What is a porch?

posted 11-Aug-2012 6:26pm  
I do not live in a house, but a super-tiny studio, as in a 9X14 room. No house I lived in ever had a porch. Those who live in an actual house and have a porch or deck don't know how lucky they are...!
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 11-Aug-2012 6:40pm  
we have a good sized porch but I wouldn't say it's large
posted 11-Aug-2012 6:40pm  
No. I'm planning on rebuilding the porch next summer. I want to make it bigger, with room for some porch chairs, and maybe with a little roof
posted 11-Aug-2012 9:58pm  
A small porch.
posted 11-Aug-2012 11:39pm  
Yes, It goes around half of my house
posted 12-Aug-2012 1:08am  
We have an adequate porch, but not like the large farm style porch.
posted 12-Aug-2012 7:28am  
It's kind of small, but it's got the gas and electric meters in there. My dad's is larger but also really ugly, so he dresses it up with pot plants and stuff.

Edit: Ha, totally forgot about the difference between English/American 'porches'...
posted 12-Aug-2012 10:39am  
It's not that's large enough for two people smoking hookah, holding hands and blowing circles at each other smiley:::smile
posted 12-Aug-2012 10:44am  
One day a blonde comes up to a man's door and asks him if he needs any help around the house.
"could you paint the porch for me? All of the materials are in my garage."
"I'll charge $50."
so she goes to work, and the guy's wife says "does she know the porch goes around the entire house?" "I don't know." After 30 minutes, the blonde comes back, and tells the man she is done.
"Wow, that was fast!"
"yeah, I know. But that wasnt a porch. It was a Ferrari."
posted 12-Aug-2012 2:11pm  
sorta kinda?............ not in the true sense, but I have a largish "front Patio" which we covered and tiled, with a nice table and chairs, with fish tank- You walk "through" it to get to the front door to get in the house?
jen Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 12-Aug-2012 9:05pm  
we have a porch and a deck. the porch is big enough for two comfy chairs and a table, plus a third chair not so comfy. Big enough for us, and screened-in which is delightful.
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 12-Aug-2012 10:11pm  
yes, screened in on the back of the house!!
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 13-Aug-2012 10:45am  
No. We have a small front porch (big enough for a few plants, but no chairs or benches). The back has a deck, not a porch.
posted 13-Aug-2012 12:13pm  
No. I live in an apartment. Upstairs.
posted 13-Aug-2012 3:02pm  
My last house did. Large front porch with brick floor, white post railings. Never sat out there much. It was nice for decorating for Halloween and Christmas. Could have stuff set up that wasn't supposed to get wet when it rains.

Now we don't even have a canopy over the front door and the house is on a slab at grade level.
posted 13-Aug-2012 8:45pm  
I wouldn't say it's large. It's long and narrow. Kind of useless. I have this urge to keep planters on the edge to keep people from accidentally falling off the edge. Which makes it narrower. I used to have a wicker couch on it and I would snooze out there, that was nice. I'd love to screen it in and make it a southern type design, that would rock.
posted 14-Aug-2012 1:04pm  
Nope my home has a small porch
posted 18-Aug-2012 3:20am  
Its long and narrow.The front of the porch is all glass windows ( floor to ceiling) Theres a glass door at each end of the porch, that go outside. the floor is cement with small smooth rocks in the cement, like cobblestone.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 18-Aug-2012 9:48am  
No, my house doesn't have a porch at all. There's a porch-like extension at the back but it has my kitchen in it, so I wouldn't class it as a porch (though it may originally have been one).
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 18-Aug-2012 9:49am  
Yep, definitely confused now.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 18-Aug-2012 9:18pm  
The house I am at right now has a huge porch. I am in the hammock at one end, and it's so long that I can't see the hottub at the other end.

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