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single6-Mar-2005computers/internetCain unsorted641152.6%


What is your highest score on the game Minesweeper? (Expert Level)

16My highest score is..........
13I don't know.
5I play minesweeper, but not at the expert level.
10I've never played minesweeper.
1I'm not on the PC that I usually play on, so can't tell you.

posted 7-Mar-2005 9:43am  
511 seconds smiley:::grin
posted 7-Mar-2005 10:03am  
I'm crap at minesweeper.
posted 7-Mar-2005 10:47am  
I haven't played Minesweeper in years. I used to be quite good at it, but I can't remember my highest score.
posted 7-Mar-2005 10:49am  
I don't actually keep score; I am just happy to win.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 7-Mar-2005 11:28am  
It's been so long that I played that I really don't remember.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 7-Mar-2005 12:03pm  
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 7-Mar-2005 12:14pm  
I have played minesweeper maybe four times in my life. I have no idea what my scores were, but they were very low. I sucked at it. It is one of the games on my Palm Pilot, which is why I have played it at all, really.
posted 7-Mar-2005 12:44pm  
I don't remember, and I am too busy to play it right now.
posted 7-Mar-2005 12:47pm  
I have no's been a long time...
posted 7-Mar-2005 2:57pm  
I used to be a huge Minesweeper freak. I'd spend hours trying to beat my top score. I don't know what that score was, though, as I've never played on this computer.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 7-Mar-2005 4:41pm  
On this computer: 590 seconds.
posted 7-Mar-2005 5:10pm  
132 seconds on expert. I spend way too much time on this game.
posted 7-Mar-2005 5:53pm  
i like to play but im crap! (i luv that word)
i normally customize it and make it were it is huge and there are only 10 mines.
crappy ain't it!!!
posted 7-Mar-2005 7:02pm  
I've never played it.
posted 7-Mar-2005 7:40pm  
I've played minesweeper once or twice many years ago, so I have no idea.
posted 7-Mar-2005 10:42pm  
sseehh, like I can remember that far back. Its been forever since I played that.
posted 8-Mar-2005 11:21am  
218 seconds.
posted 8-Mar-2005 11:22am  
I thought more people would have played it, being a standard feature of Windows (I think).
posted 9-Mar-2005 10:09pm  
i cannt rember but it was high
posted 9-Mar-2005 11:59pm  
I've played, maybe once, a while ago, I don't remember my score, that would be really nerdy.
(reply to Zang) posted 10-Mar-2005 8:42am  
The high score is saved on your PC.
(reply to Zang) posted 10-Mar-2005 4:28pm  
> I don't remember my score, that
> would be really nerdy.

(reply to Cain) posted 11-Mar-2005 12:06am  
No, it is saved on some kind of Game-Boy-like device that belongs to one of my friends. Perhaps. That is if he still owns it and it actually saves every game score for years and years...
(reply to pandora) posted 11-Mar-2005 12:06am  
posted 11-Mar-2005 4:51pm  
I know what Minesweeper is, but with all the other awesome PC games out there, why play Minesweeper?
posted 26-Mar-2005 11:49pm  
I've been playing Ultima Online for 4 years now. Also the statistical game, Kings of Chaos. My nephew (38 yrs) has both ps2 and Xbox, and I do those, but Minesweeper I am not familiar with. Sounds very cool, though. I never played any computer or video game before Ultima Online, and now I'm "hooked like a big dog" At 59, I thought I was immune.
(reply to Cain) posted 26-Mar-2005 11:52pm  
This is a game my Windows 2000 Professional has? ( I use to have 98 2nd edition, but they upgraded me for free when I reformatted. ) I've only been online for 5 years, I'm a neophyte.
(reply to patarnone) posted 27-Mar-2005 7:14am  
I thought Minesweeper was common to all versions of Windows. Perhaps not.......
(reply to Cain) posted 27-Mar-2005 4:08pm  
Cain, until Ultima Online, I'd never played a video game in my life... so my base knowledge is double below zero... but now that I have 4 years under my belt, I might explore the game options...(hell, I didn't even know about all the games bundled automatically! ) if there's any time after I do SC!
(reply to patarnone) posted 28-Mar-2005 9:25am  
I also thought that Minesweeper was quite addictive, but given the majority of responses here I think I got that wrong too! Worth a look though.....
(reply to Cain) posted 28-Mar-2005 9:32am  
I remember an old game called Battleships where you had a piece of cardboard between the two board halves so you couldn't see where your opponet places his pieces
(reply to patarnone) posted 29-Mar-2005 6:16am  
I like Battleships - lots of opportunities to play that online now too!
(reply to Cain) posted 29-Mar-2005 6:29am  
jeeze, between Ultima Online, Kings of Chaos, Survey Central, Ratlist, email, and various and sundry "links"... I only wish I had TIME for something else... and oh ya, Return to Krondor loaded on the laptop. Where DOES the time go???
(reply to patarnone) posted 29-Mar-2005 6:41am  
For the ultimate in wasting time in online - try Conceptis puzzles - Japanese logic puzzles online. I can usually waste about an hour and a half a day on these things.

Must do uni stuff!!
posted 24-Apr-2005 11:58pm  
104............ W00t W00t
posted 24-Jan-2006 8:06am  
my highest score is about 350 Seconds.So You keep on trying.
posted 3-Feb-2006 12:34am  
Pretty high, but I can't remember.
posted 9-Feb-2006 9:47am  
My highest score is 110 in the expert level....I know that over this score is not impossible but i can bet on it that no one can go below a 100-102....
posted 9-Feb-2006 9:51am  
i dont even trust on scorvetteC57....104 isnt easy at all for such nerd people...
posted 10-Sep-2006 7:12am  
112 seconds on expert.
posted 12-Sep-2006 3:23pm  
My Highest score on expert is 101 I am dying to break 100 sec.I am a huge minesweeper fan.... : ) I love the simple things lol.
posted 7-Nov-2008 12:25am  
Mine is 116. And, seeing as I'm only 15, that's REALLY good. I love minesweeper. I probably play for at least half an hour every time I get on the computer, if not more. I actually JUST got that high score. My previous was 132, so I'm really excited, which is why I just looked up "minesweeper high score" on google. Which is how I found this site, and why I just went and got a username. Whoever it was that got 101, JEEZE. Nicely done! I hope I can get that low eventually..

Hah. I must sound ridiculous; but, honestly, I'm so, so excited right now. My best friend is gonna FREAK.
posted 27-Feb-2009 8:10pm  
95 - just got it and i am FREAKING OUT
posted 13-May-2009 12:38am  
not sure about all-time high score, but my high score for tonight is 91 seconds. I *think* my all-time high score, which was on Linux's version of Minesweeper (KMines?) was around 69 seconds.
posted 31-Jul-2010 10:57am  
posted 27-Jul-2012 10:24pm  
I just hit 167...! hope to get down to 100 soon

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