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single22-Aug-2006personal experienceRGirl by votes50557.4%


Has your hand or wrist hurt from being on the computer too much?

If I am on the computer too long or too much my wrist gets sore from resting it on the desk while using the mouse.


posted 23-Aug-2006 11:39pm  
Yes, see up top.
posted 23-Aug-2006 11:43pm  
posted 24-Aug-2006 12:35am  
Yes, I have carpal tunnel syndrome. The pain is in my wrist, hand all the way up to my elbow.
posted 24-Aug-2006 2:32am  
No, never had that problem.
posted 24-Aug-2006 5:09am  
About 10 years ago, this started to happen to me. So, I started using wrist pads and that fixed it.
posted 24-Aug-2006 6:47am  
No, I'm never on that long.
posted 24-Aug-2006 6:53am  
posted 24-Aug-2006 10:29am  
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 24-Aug-2006 11:02am  
Yes; I particularly notice it if I am using the mouse more than usual or if I am using my laptop a lot.
posted 24-Aug-2006 11:16am  
I had this happen when I used my laptop. I recently sold it and I haven't noticed my wrist hurting since.
posted 24-Aug-2006 3:15pm  
Yeah, sometimes. When I notice it I just take a break for a while. I wouldn't want to get carpal tunnel.
posted 24-Aug-2006 3:35pm  
No, but I think I'm going blind.
posted 25-Aug-2006 11:03am  
other - sometimes
posted 25-Aug-2006 3:39pm  
Yes, my mouse hand has become sore from all the clicking... especially when playing Solitaire Showdown with my mom.
posted 26-Aug-2006 11:36am  
No, Im never on the computer for that long.
posted 26-Aug-2006 8:11pm  
It ha only happened when I was playing a game my eyes starts hurting first.
posted 27-Aug-2006 9:24am  
It has done.

I once got a sore thumb from playing some frantic game on-line. I'm not a big gamer at all - but I got hooked on this one and played it for hours.
gambler Silver Star Survey Creator
posted 27-Aug-2006 6:21pm  
........... not yet
posted 27-Aug-2006 11:19pm  
more often than not - my right hand gets cold from being extended out away from my body....they keep my office extremely cold at work!!
posted 28-Aug-2006 12:13am  
I work on a computer all day long, yes sometimes they do.
posted 28-Aug-2006 2:43pm  
I do wear a brace on my mouse hand to help prevent this.
posted 28-Aug-2006 3:45pm  
Yes, but I work at a computer all day and then spend my evenings on it too. I'm a geek.
posted 30-Aug-2006 10:33pm  
No, just no
posted 30-Aug-2006 11:06pm  
Yes, for fives years...then I got a liferaspberry
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 31-Aug-2006 9:14am  
Curse you, Survey Central!
(reply to RGirl) posted 31-Aug-2006 2:08pm  
No carpal tunnel for this girl. I have slaves do my typing.
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 10-Sep-2006 2:15pm  
Yes... but mostly the problems have been in my shoulder.
posted 19-Oct-2006 10:16pm  
No, but I've worked with computers for so many years, that I probably conditioned myself to it. When I started working with computers they cost many, many million dollars and the monthly electric bill was 5 figures. My $1 calculator can probably do more and faster than those monsters. By the way, I use a wrist rest---a little plastic thing that is fastened the the front of the keyboard and keeps your hand angle at much more comfortable angle. Also I use a trackball. Instead of moving a mouse I put my hand on a kind of ergonomic mouse-looking think with a big red ball near the tail. You move the ball with your finger(2) and put less strain on the wrists.
posted 2-Dec-2006 2:18pm  
Not at home.

I rest the keyboard on my lap so it's more ergonomically friendly and my shoulders can drop down and not be unnaturally extended to a desk. I also have my mouse pad on a book and have that in my lap when I'm not constantly two finger typing SC responses.

Since I started doing this, I have no problems with my hands or arms while on the computer.

My neck use to get fudgeed up when I wore my tri-focal glasses, trying to keep the screen in focus. Since I got a second pair of glasses as bi-focals with just my near and mid range, I eliminated that problem, too.

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