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Are you a good listener?

26Yes, nearly always
40Yes, frequently
32Sometimes I am and sometimes I'm not
3No, not that frequently
0No, nearly never
2I'm not sure

jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 8-Mar-1999 8:37am  
huh?? what was that??
posted 8-Mar-1999 9:10am  
Yes, but it takes effort, and I get distracted easily.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 8-Mar-1999 10:09am  
I used to think so, and I can be, but I'm now aware that there are times when I am not.
posted 8-Mar-1999 10:52am  
why did you become anonymous : what a great survey rating ( 75% )
posted 8-Mar-1999 10:57am  
Wicksy, I often create anonymous surveys, and they usually have good ratings, better I believe than if I had created the identical survey non-anonymously (although I can't prove this).
posted 8-Mar-1999 12:39pm  
posted 8-Mar-1999 2:30pm  
I used to be one of the world's best listeners. Then I found out I am also one of the world's best talkers, and my life kind of went downhill from there.
posted 8-Mar-1999 5:14pm  
posted 8-Mar-1999 5:54pm  
I'm sorry, could you repeat the question?
posted 8-Mar-1999 6:59pm  
I try to be a good listener but often the rehersal of what I should say in response distracts me from fully paying attention.
posted 9-Mar-1999 9:14am  
I used to do so much listening, that my boss put a "The Doctor is IN" sign outside my cube (you know, like the Peanuts character Lucy who charges a nickel).
posted 10-Mar-1999 4:07pm  
I know I am a good listener because all my friends & family always come to me & call me with their problems & always ask what would I do & most say to me you are the only one I could talk to or tell this so I would say I must be a good listener
posted 14-Mar-1999 11:42pm  
I don't "hear" well... it takes a few seconds to register if i'm not paying attention, but I "listen" extremely well when someone needs to talk about a problem.
posted 16-Mar-1999 10:37am  
My personality has been consistently perceived as introverted. I apparently appear to be quietly listening to others, and consequently am perceived to be a good listener by most. I do try to interject pertinent, intelligent questions, occasionally, when others speak to me. I also maintain deep interest in psychology which leads me to try to determine the motivation of others who speak to me, based on their manner of speech, subject matter, intensity of their reactions, etc.
posted 22-Mar-1999 9:43pm  
I am too good a listener. People take advantage of I'm sick of listening.
posted 23-Mar-1999 12:52am  
My whole family has ministerial genes, apparently. We occasionally amuse ourselves at family gatherings by repeating the amazingly personal things that *strangers* have told us during chance meetings. (We don't usually repeat the things told to us by people we know, but that's also pretty common.) Lately I've had a number of people say that talking to me always makes them feel better and that makes me feel very good.
posted 23-Mar-1999 7:46am  
hunter: sounds like it could be bar-tending genes smile
posted 24-Mar-1999 5:45am  
Oh, I'm sorry. You go ahead, really. You started first.
posted 24-Mar-1999 5:52pm  
I listen more than I talk. Although, I would like to talk more but I like helping my friends with an open ear and mind.
posted 29-Mar-1999 9:48pm  
I love to listen, most people say that I should be a psychologist, but who has the time for all of that school.
posted 30-Mar-1999 11:18pm  
it all depends on what mood i'm in.
posted 1-Apr-1999 7:30am  
Unless they insist on talking about something I'm not the least bit interested in!
posted 25-Apr-1999 10:44pm  
I listen to my SO, tho.....and my child......
posted 13-May-1999 7:27am  
pardon ?
posted 19-May-1999 3:10pm  
Yeah, um. I'm really busy. . .
posted 19-May-1999 6:37pm  
I think that, in my experience, people have more often wanted to be understood rather than dispensed advice. When I realized it, listening to people became more important to me. Although just because you listen, doesn't mean people will share.
posted 19-May-1999 8:59pm  
and just because YOU listen...doesn't mean others will listen back......
posted 20-May-1999 3:27am  
...especially if they are male people.
posted 20-May-1999 1:59pm  
That's sexist, unfair and untrue. I have known many, many good listeners who happen to be male.

Elijahblue, don't let the pain make you bitter. The people who have hurt you don't deserve so much power in your life.
posted 20-May-1999 2:53pm  
Hunter: Right on!
posted 20-May-1999 4:51pm  
some men do not listen...some men do....I find it is equally the same with women.....
posted 26-May-1999 4:53am  
oh blah blah blah. Of course there are good listeners who are male. But as generalizations go it's a valid one, at least in my experience. Males are less likely to listen than are females.

And hunter, puh-lease. I am getting really sick of your condescending advice about my life, which you know next to nothing about. You're welcome to be as optimistic as you want to about your own life, but I do not welcome your uninformed and denial-based comments about mine, thanks, so don't bother addressing them to me.

Actually never mind, I will just filter you.
posted 11-Aug-1999 4:44am  
Fortunately i remember everything said, so eventually i reach every interpretation. I have seriously had jokes or overheard situations that i didn't for years. I probably listen to a tv ad 20 times before it has the meaning intended by an advertiser. People though, i'm about 80% ground level, 20% ionosphere on how i take them. Though with close friends, it's often 40 ground, 40 ion, & 20 strato.
posted 12-Aug-1999 2:00am  
and you are now 100% filtered by me.
posted 28-Oct-1999 3:53pm  
I think I'm a good listener because I try to fully understand what the person is saying and where they are coming from. But I always try to give advice and help out...that keeps me from being an excellent listener.

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