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single2-Sep-2013sportspaulyw Gold Star Survey Creator by votes29157.1%


Are you a golfer?

20No, I am not a golfer.
4I have something else to share.
2I used to be a golfer, but not no more.
1Yes, I am a golfer

posted 2-Sep-2013 12:58pm  
posted 2-Sep-2013 1:51pm  
I enjoy golfing. I wouldn't necessary identify myself as a 'golfer'.
posted 2-Sep-2013 2:11pm  
Only online. I like World Golf Tour and it's free.
posted 2-Sep-2013 2:20pm  
UGH. No way in the world. Have had a couple of negative experiences with snooty golfers advising me I should not be walking on a particular trail or sidewalk in a park's golf course area because it's only for golfers. One directed me to a hiking trail that was out of my way and not plainly marked. I did not consider myself in the way in the least and the dude made it a point to come riding up in his golf cart to tell me this. To me parks would be a lot nicer without huge open areas of perfectly manicured lawns and instead have more trees and forested hiking trails. Some of them are just so *big* it's ridiculous. It's to me a game for the rich. Consider the cost of those clubs they have to have, memberships, etc. I think they should maybe build skyways over golf courses where the trails are inconvenient for hikers and the latter have to go way around to skirt the blasted things to get across, then have to worry about someone coming up and saying get back on the trail, or getting maybe hit by someone's ball. Parks look better with lots of trees...
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 2-Sep-2013 2:56pm  
No, but I did try it a little when I was a teenager. My father had clubs and my brother played more than I did back then.
posted 2-Sep-2013 6:17pm  
No I am not a golfer but I play volleyball
posted 3-Sep-2013 4:33am  
I used to but it became way too expensive.
Give me a trail in the woods and I am happy to walk that all day smiley:::smile
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 3-Sep-2013 10:50am  
No. I've never played real golf (only mini).
posted 3-Sep-2013 10:57am  
Does miniature golf count?
posted 4-Sep-2013 4:19am  
No, I don't play or watch any sports; but if I were wealthy, it might be interesting to get dressed up in some costly designer golfing duds, and see what the fuss is all about! So I'm not ruling it out.
(reply to CarlHalling) posted 4-Sep-2013 10:26pm  
Honestly, golf is usually the sport of the wealthy, but it doesn't have to be. You can buy irons used or rent and there are plenty of public golf courses which was quite inexpensive (at least in there are in Canada).
posted 6-Sep-2013 12:45pm  
I have golfed. I am not particularly skilled. My parents have become avid golfers in the past 25+ years since they retired. My father golfs just about every day and my mother probably golfs at least once a week. My son-in-law also enjoys golfing.
posted 13-Oct-2013 1:40pm  
Not a golfer. I've gone to a driving range a time to two just tooling around with some friends. I've contemplated it before, for the career networking opportunities, but never picked it up. Now I'm alright with not being a golfer. Several of my colleagues are.
(reply to JessicaWoman99) posted 5-Nov-2013 9:03am  

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