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multiple15-Mar-2001hypothetical questionjettles Survey Central Subscriber by votes851060.0%


If you were going to search for a significant other/lover/partner/mate at this time in your life, where would you look?

If you had to start over at this point, for any reason, or if you don't have a partner, where would/are you look(ing)at this time in your life to find love?

27I wouldn't look at all.
22Through friends or blind dates
15Community Organizations
14By getting involved in charity work
12Book store/book club
9Another kind of store
9Online-either personals or chat rooms
9Sports Center/Participate in an athletic activity
7Dance Club
4Grocery Store

posted 15-Mar-2001 7:46pm  
Charity work, blind dates (I always have a blast on those), music stores, clothing stores, dance clubs.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 15-Mar-2001 7:57pm  
my relationships have generally just "happened" and haven't been as a result of me looking. Most people who I know who've started searching have had a rough time.
posted 15-Mar-2001 8:16pm  
I don't plan to look anywhere except inside myself.
posted 15-Mar-2001 8:36pm  
If I had to start problem...there are about five people I can think of who would be happy to love me. I'd call them all one by one and see who had the best offer!!!
laughing out loud
posted 15-Mar-2001 9:40pm  
The morgue.
posted 15-Mar-2001 10:35pm  
or Alaska!!!!
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 15-Mar-2001 10:36pm  
in my pocket! smile
(reply to romkey) posted 15-Mar-2001 10:40pm  
laughing out loud
posted 15-Mar-2001 11:31pm  
I love the idea of looking at a bookstore; if you could do it in a non-stalky-creepy way
posted 16-Mar-2001 12:28am  
I'm celibate.
(reply to Ethan) posted 16-Mar-2001 12:29am  
Are you into necrophilia?
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 16-Mar-2001 2:27am  
lol No, I just figure there aren't any live females who would be willing to associate themselves with me.
posted 16-Mar-2001 4:00am  
Art environments (ie. receptions) seem to work well, the grocery store has seemed promising, I used to hang out with various women who would help bring the groceries out to my bicycle and hang around chatting. I just spent an evening tonight talking awhile with someone at the grocer. I find people anywhere I go. Social organisations and ecclectic retro-antique stores work well too, especially when your friend keeps the store open till sunrise while drinking champagne and getting visits from intense folk. I like to go out dancing in the alternative scene, but i wouldn't visit someone I hadn't spent a couple hours talking with first. No, I take that back. I knew in the first 10 seconds that I wanted to be with Tara, though I only played with her for 10 minutes at an art party. Months later, I prayed she'd find my name/number and call. The next day she did, and we've had quite an active friendship. We talked on the phone for six hours yesterday. She usually doesn't talk to people for more than a few minutes.
(reply to Ethan) posted 16-Mar-2001 4:04am  
Then you're probably right. Decide instead that you're a hot commodity, but waiting for Ms. Perfect, and you'll be swamped with offers.
(reply to mandy) posted 16-Mar-2001 4:05am  
Uh, what's in AK?
posted 16-Mar-2001 4:30am  
Actually, I would find a nice comfortable coffee shop to study/read at all the time, get to know all the workers and regulars there just by being around all the time, and something will happen eventually.
posted 16-Mar-2001 5:23am  
Sports Club, most definitely!!! smile smile
posted 16-Mar-2001 7:51am  
Someone at work probably.
posted 16-Mar-2001 8:31am  
Don't have one, not looking for one.
posted 16-Mar-2001 8:58am  
Ooooh, good timing. I just broke up with my boyfriend last night. I wouldn't look, because it never happens when you're looking. Also, I find that when everyone becomes a candidate, you're looking for something special instead of it catching your attention, so you're more likely to settle.
posted 16-Mar-2001 10:07am  
Where I look for everything: At a bar!
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 16-Mar-2001 10:08am  
That doesn't mean you can't have an SO. So where would you look?
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to Pomeranian) posted 16-Mar-2001 10:38am  
Which section would you look in? wink
(reply to jkiehart) posted 16-Mar-2001 11:57am  
Nowhere. I'm too easily tempted.
(reply to Ethan) posted 16-Mar-2001 11:58am  
At least you'll have the last word.
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 16-Mar-2001 1:21pm  
Good answer!
posted 16-Mar-2001 6:37pm  
Through friends, and maybe joining some kind of social service group, although I have no idea which one.
posted 16-Mar-2001 6:40pm  
Through my religious group. I saw a personals web-site for people for various faiths that interested me.
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 16-Mar-2001 6:55pm  
Rich men desperate for female companionship
laughing out loud
posted 16-Mar-2001 7:24pm  
Im only 16, so I didn't have a lot of real options for this one...a lot of them I could get in alot of trouble for!! :)
(reply to mandy) posted 16-Mar-2001 11:53pm  
According to, my ex-inlaws, there was someone buying a round for the house every few minutes, and sometimes even $30,000 riding on a pool game. But that was 30 years ago. The pipelines long done.
posted 17-Mar-2001 6:49am  
All of my lovers, boyfriends, and my husband I met on the internet. So if I needed to start looking again, I'd come online.
posted 17-Mar-2001 3:01pm  
I don't think I would actively look, but if I did it would probably be by getting involved in community theater and that sort if thing.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 17-Mar-2001 5:17pm  
I've never really thought about it. I've never had one and at the moment I'm not looking. I'm most likely to meet someone like that through my education, either at school (where I am now) or at university (where I'm going after sixth-form and my gap-year).
posted 17-Mar-2001 10:32pm  
I wouldn't look anywhere. I would just go about my life and eventually I would find someone I clicked with. That's how I met my honey.
posted 18-Mar-2001 7:12am  
As an older person (crunch!).. smile I have found that the more you look the less likely you are to find that special person. In fact usually "that" person doesn't need to be searched out.. they are probably right under your nose! The relationship I have now is so good in so many ways, that I think if he were to go under a bus or something drastic happen to him, I think any one else would be a disappointment so I would prefer to be on my own.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 18-Mar-2001 8:56am  
my impression is the best way to find someone is to stop looking
posted 19-Mar-2001 6:45am  
church and within my christian friends introducing me at times..who knows..these days a girl can't be too carefull in looking for a mate. So I am just single and enjoying life, not focusing on looking.
posted 20-Mar-2001 11:24am  
I wouldn't look because I don't have to. I'm already with the person that I want to spend forever with.
posted 21-Mar-2001 6:44pm  
helo? is anyone out there? (a voice in my head shouts "NO, SHEESH, WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO BE SO PROUD") I meekly shrivle up and talk 2 myself about blah blah you get the picture.
posted 24-Mar-2001 5:31pm  
Thru church. But I have no need to look, 'cos I already have the most wonderful man I could ever imagineraspberry
posted 26-Mar-2001 7:11pm  
Community organisations, church activities. I'd want to meet someone with similar ideals...
posted 27-Mar-2001 6:19am  
Through college, or through my wiccan group, though funnily enough I didn't meet my current boyfriend through either of these

they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 30-Mar-2001 12:31am  
I wouldn't look. I'd be done with it.
posted 1-Apr-2001 6:57pm  
Does this include birds? You know, I'm thinking of having a meaningful relationship with a Macaw.I could hug him, and kiss him and stroke his pretty feathers. Then if he mouthed off I could put him in a cage and ignore him. Ahhhhh, what a life!
(reply to Ethan) posted 1-Apr-2001 7:03pm  
Isn't that called necrophilia? I hear that's connected with serial killers. Um, by the way, where do you live? You wouldn't like it here. It's dreary and cold and boring. Have a nice day.
(reply to nasale) posted 1-Apr-2001 7:56pm  
Are you seriously planning to get a macaw soon? Have you ever had a bird before? They're incredible creatures, but they take a lot of time and attention. Do you know what you're getting yourself into? smile
(reply to nasale) posted 2-Apr-2001 10:32pm  
It was a joke.
posted 3-Apr-2001 11:51pm  
I think, although this may sound quite sappy, that 'love' finds you, especially when you aren't searching for it in the first place.
(reply to Ethan) posted 9-Apr-2001 10:42pm  
Surprise! I knew it was a joke you silly guy!
(reply to SueBee) posted 9-Apr-2001 10:52pm  
Oh, if you only knew! I have eleven birds right now. Yup, I caught on. They are a lot of work. I have these huge bruises on me regularly because one of my babies takes great exception to me showing any attention to other birds. The big thing is, you have to be able to take it without reacting because it's very easy to frighten them and it has taken me two year to get this little guy to sit on me. I am well aware of what I want to get myself into. I do a lot of research and I used to visit one Macaw in a pet store(he was already sold; sob, sob)All I have left to say is I WANT A MACAW!!!!!!!
posted 10-Apr-2001 11:41pm
(reply to nasale) posted 11-Apr-2001 12:39am  
Well, you certainly do know what you're doing. That's nice to hear. It makes me sad when people get pets without knowing what to expect. Good luck! I hope you find the perfect macaw! Are they really hard to find in your area?
posted 11-Apr-2001 2:11pm  
I am involved right now, but if I had to look for him again, I'd look in a library, where we first met (and had sex).
posted 17-Apr-2001 5:45am  
Church maybe, sometimes you meet some of the worse people there.
posted 16-May-2006 12:28am  
Darn.. I don't think I would look, mama always said don't go looking for love !!!
posted 16-May-2006 12:29am  
gee I just looked at the date this was created HOLY POOP!!!

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