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multiple16-Feb-2012productscloudhugger by votes31258.3%


Are you going out to buy Valentine's Day candy on sale now that the day is over?

3Did already.
1Going to wait a few more days to see if the price continues to drop.

posted 16-Feb-2012 8:19am  
Don't need the sugar so nope not gonna buy any.
bill Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 16-Feb-2012 8:40am  
It might happen if I happen to run into it. I have done it in the past for sure (also after Easter). But, buying candy cheap has its dark side as well.
RainingFeathers Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 16-Feb-2012 9:39am  
I usually do this (after each holiday, any chance to buy cheap candy is great!), but I've been spending too much money lately, and been eating too much junk as well. I decided to skip the sales this time around.
posted 16-Feb-2012 11:06am  
No. I do not eat candy.
posted 16-Feb-2012 11:50am  
We're still working our way through the Christmas candy.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 16-Feb-2012 11:55am  
cerealkiller Survey Qualifier
posted 16-Feb-2012 2:33pm  
I didn't intentionally. But when I went into the grocery store there was no Valentine's Day candy in sight. They either boxed it all back up or already sold out of everything.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator Survey Qualifier
posted 16-Feb-2012 2:55pm  
Nope. It will still be over-priced for what it is.
posted 16-Feb-2012 4:00pm  
Nope. Already got a box from my BF and I laugh to think that he paid full price for them and the profusion of flowers he got me! If you knew him like I do; you'd understand. Mr. 50% Off or Mr. GoodDeal! laughing out loud I think he's making up for all the times he let me down... I like boys - they're stupid!
posted 16-Feb-2012 7:50pm  
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 16-Feb-2012 9:11pm  
No. I've been staying away from crap.
posted 20-Feb-2012 12:12pm  
Much cheaper that way...
posted 22-Feb-2012 11:27am  
I already did. I ate half a box of Lindor chocolates and got really sick.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator Survey Qualifier
(reply to Iseult) posted 24-Feb-2012 4:05pm  
Can I have the other half then?
(reply to Biggles) posted 27-Feb-2012 5:28pm  
Hehe, sure!
posted 2-Mar-2012 9:40am  
I just bought some valentine heart candys yesterday lol
The hearts with the words, I like those.
JessicaWoman99 Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 15-Jan-2014 8:32pm  
No next month is Valentines Day then I will get some chocolate on Februrary 14 right before my BD

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