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When you go to sleep do you close and lock your outside doors and/or windows?

It is the summer and fairly warm inside your house, there is a nice cool breeze outside. It is not going to rain overnight, would you leave doors and/or windows open to let in the cool breeze?

1Yes I would leave both outside doors and windows open
13Yes I would leave windows open
0Yes I would leave the outside doors open
4No I lock up like Fort Knox at night

posted 22-May-2014 9:20am  
I make my rounds at night, locking all doors, but not all windows.

When I was young, we left our doors unlocked. I remember leaving the keys in the car. BUT, not now. It's a shame, when we let the criminal element creep into our neighborhoods.
posted 22-May-2014 10:36am  
No I lock it up tight in here and batten down the hatches
paulyw Gold Star Survey Creator
posted 22-May-2014 10:53am  
I rarely leave windows open at night.
posted 22-May-2014 11:09am  
I wouldn't leave the door open, that seems a bit vulnerable. It would be no big deal, but I like morning privacy when I wander in the kitchen for coffee.
posted 22-May-2014 11:21am  
The answers correspond to the question in the "explanation" rather than the question itself.

I myself am peculiarly susceptible to draughts. However, my wife likes a draughty home, so we always leave windows open. This is also very helpful in the wintertime, to keep the utility bills nice and high. My wife also likes to keep the doors unlocked most of the daytime, but carefully locks them up at night. I'm more of a keeping the doors locked all the time when I'm not using them kind of guy.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 22-May-2014 11:59am  
Upstairs windows, and sometimes one downstairs window that is too far up from the ground for anyone to reach without a ladder. Ground-floor windows stay closed and locked at night, as do doors.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 22-May-2014 3:23pm  
I keep my doors locked. In the summer, I often keep my (street overlooking) bedroom window open, and sometimes have other upstairs windows open a crack but locked in place. i wouldn't leave downstairs windows open when I wasn't downstairs.
posted 22-May-2014 4:42pm  
Our doors and windows are closed and locked 24/7.
RainingFeathers Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 22-May-2014 5:44pm  
My doors are always closed and locked, whether I'm at home or out, and whether I'm awake or asleep. The only time they're unlocked is when I'm actually opening one.

I close the windows on the main floor when I go to sleep. I often keep the upstairs windows open though (not too worried about break-ins there - I figure if someone's motivated enough to use a ladder, a locked window probably won't stop them either.)
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 22-May-2014 9:21pm  
Certain windows.
posted 22-May-2014 9:54pm  
Depends. If I lived in house, I would lock everything. An apartment on a high floor, I would leave everything open.
FauxLo Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 22-May-2014 11:31pm  
Windows on the road and in the light can stay open, if they are high enough to discourage cat burglars. Everything else gets locked up.
posted 23-May-2014 5:02am  
Sorry folks I just noticed that the answers are opposite the question, aggghhhhhh dumb dumb dumb.

But anyways at my house everything remains open at night when it is warm.
Hardly ever do the doors get locked.
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 23-May-2014 11:46am  
So the question asks if you close and lock your doors and windows and then the answers state, Yes, I leave them open............... AGAIN THIS MAKES NO SENSE!!
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 23-May-2014 11:48am  
We always lock doors when we are not home and always when we go to sleep. Windows are open if it is nice enough and bedroom windows are open at night to hear the frogs and toads.
(reply to jettles) posted 23-May-2014 12:42pm  
Yes jettles I noticed it after it went live my apologies for the confusion.
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 23-May-2014 10:46pm  
I leave windows open when it is too hot. I might not tonight though, smoke forecast.
posted 24-May-2014 6:54am  
There is no air conditioning in the homes in Hawaii. Open windows and doors are what we do to stay cool especially since it is spring/summer year round here.
(reply to LJD) posted 24-May-2014 6:55am  
Move to Hawaii. That is a way of life here.
(reply to MysticKat) posted 24-May-2014 1:12pm  
Hawaii, sounds like it is as the U.S. in most places, years ago. I miss the old times.
(reply to LJD) posted 25-May-2014 9:28pm  
(reply to MysticKat) posted 25-May-2014 10:33pm  
I wish you well. Enjoy the good times.
(reply to LJD) posted 26-May-2014 3:58pm  

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