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single27-Jan-2013languagedab by votes34157.6%


GLEN :: What do you think of first?

16a man
6a valley
3something else
3nothing comes to mind
1Scotch whisky
0a woman

posted 27-Jan-2013 3:07am  
A man
posted 27-Jan-2013 7:59am  
I actually first thought "acronym".
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 27-Jan-2013 8:22am  
a friend
posted 27-Jan-2013 10:25am  
Glennallen, AK
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 27-Jan-2013 11:19am  
My friend Glen (a man).
posted 27-Jan-2013 11:59am  
A valley, of course. Glen CANYON, a park, is a ravine of San Francisco's Twin Peaks. Another GLEN is the neighborhood just next to the Canyon, Glen Park, one of my fav. 'hoods.
posted 27-Jan-2013 2:21pm  
It's the Scottish word for a valley I think.
posted 27-Jan-2013 4:16pm  
A valley.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 28-Jan-2013 8:11am  
For some reason, this film. I've no idea why.
posted 29-Jan-2013 9:31am  
a man,the Astronaut, was my first thought
posted 30-Jan-2013 8:46am  
Scotch Whisky
posted 31-Jan-2013 6:35pm  
Nothing comes to my mind
posted 2-Feb-2013 12:48pm  
A guy I used to know about 25 years ago. I was working at a gas station and started to socialise with the people I worked with. A woman who worked nearby joined the group and then her boyfriend "Glen". I'm sure I've known other guys named Glen, but for some reason he was the first one to pop into my head.
posted 10-Feb-2013 7:05pm  
Nothing really...
posted 19-Feb-2013 4:38am  
A valley, particularly a generic one with light tree shade, dappled sunshine, some flowers, and perhaps a brook, surrounded by small grassy hills.
(reply to Biggles) posted 19-Feb-2013 4:49am  
Wow, that's really weird, so did I actually.

I've never seen the movie, just envisioned the cover. No one in the cast is named Glen either. I guess I just somehow renamed the movie 'Glen' in my head after the astronaut. There don't seem to be any movies with the name 'Glen' either. I'm pretty sure this is the one I was thinking of.

There is this Glenn movie which I haven't seen either,
but while even that memory may have been subconsciously supporting my memory, the memory still pointed to DARYL.

The review for Glenn was hilarious, something along the lines of "This movie has everything! Pianos, robots.. Did I mention pianos?"

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