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single3-Mar-1999opinionNorth79 unsorted67959.5%


If you had to give up one of your senses, which would it be?

I have left out "touch" since it is kind of awkward.

6Not sure

posted 3-Mar-1999 1:29pm  
In order of how much I value them: sight, hearing, taste.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 3-Mar-1999 1:31pm  
Smell and taste are orders of magnitude less useful than sight and hearing.
posted 3-Mar-1999 2:34pm  
I am trying to imagine a sense of smell without a sense of taste. How would the food experience change. 'Hmmm (Look up "Hmmm" in Dictionary)... neither sweet nor salty... but spicy!'
posted 3-Mar-1999 3:21pm  
I know people who have lost their sense of touch in parts of their bodies.
posted 3-Mar-1999 3:30pm  
none of the above. although I guess if I had to, I can't do it. sorry.
posted 3-Mar-1999 3:37pm  
Why did you leave out touch? And why would anyone (4 people so far) rather lose their hearing than their sense of smell or taste??
posted 3-Mar-1999 4:12pm  
Assuming that you can have a sense of taste with no sense of smell I would choose to lose my sense of smell.
posted 3-Mar-1999 4:20pm  
Separating smell and taste like that would be quite a trick I think.
posted 3-Mar-1999 5:07pm  
well, smell and taste are really the same sense, but since you list them both I assume "smell" refers to range only, so I picked it.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 3-Mar-1999 5:28pm  
dpolicar - I think that smell and taste are different senses. The tongue's taste buds and the olfactory receptors in the nose are separate and operate differently. Yes, a lot of what we perceive as "taste" is actually smell, but I think they are two different senses.
posted 3-Mar-1999 6:34pm  
Smell or taste, I think, but I'm not sure which.
posted 3-Mar-1999 6:35pm  
I'm with romkey. It's just that the taste experience with the sense of smell turned off would be entirely different than what we now experience as taste.
posted 3-Mar-1999 8:27pm  
i can't smell anyway
posted 4-Mar-1999 4:22am  
north 79 : I really like your surveys. Keep them up !!!!
posted 4-Mar-1999 10:04am  
elijahblue: I am already have a partial hearing lose so I would rather give up a sense that I already have a set back in than one that is currently fully working.
posted 4-Mar-1999 11:58am  
steve, romkey - no argument on the biology, it's the semantics we disagree on.
If I interpret "taste" to mean "perception through the tongue's taste buds" rather than "the subjective experience of tasting" then I'd absolutely give up taste first, but it's unclear enough that I won't revote.
(BTW, how many senses of touch would you say humans have? Given the way you're defining "sense" I'd expect at least a few and possibly several dozen...)
posted 4-Mar-1999 4:20pm  
dpolicar: Well, let's see. There's heat, cold, light touch, deep pressure, flutter/vibration, active stretch, and the kinesthetic sense (built from static stretch and joint capsule receptors, but processed in the same place, I think). So I get seven. What am I missing?
posted 4-Mar-1999 11:20pm  
I marked 'Taste', but only because so much of what people think is taste is really smell. If losing taste would also mean losing most of smell, but losing smell would mean retaining those bits, I might choose smell instead.
posted 4-Mar-1999 11:55pm  
Technically I have a sense of smell, but it is basically dead, so it makes this a very easy choice :)
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 5-Mar-1999 5:30am  
I picked taste because I equate it with bitter, sweet, salty and that's all. Smelling food is most of what makes it "taste" good.
posted 5-Mar-1999 4:08pm  
steve - that's a fine list, though I wouldn't class kinesthesia as a touch sense, myself. We could also get into a whole digression on how to class pain, but I'll defer that (perhaps indefinitely).

posted 5-Mar-1999 4:52pm  
easy choice; smell.
posted 5-Mar-1999 6:55pm  
Well, duh. I forgot pain, which is pretty touchy. Thanks.
posted 8-Mar-1999 5:48pm  
After years of allergies, I can't really smell anything, anyway.
posted 10-Mar-1999 7:32pm  
jen, you're so cool!
posted 3-Apr-1999 11:12am  
I already know ASL, so maybe hearing. But I don't really know. I like music too much.
posted 6-Apr-1999 8:10pm  
hearing definately
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 29-Oct-2017 7:08pm  
Smell and taste go together and I would hate to lose them, but it would be better than losing my sense of sight or hearing. I would have to get very good at cooking meals that were all about texture and mouth feel, but it would probably be a good way to lose weight.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 30-Oct-2017 12:54pm  

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