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single18-Aug-2006monkeeeeeeeBionicLips by votes49557.6%


If you were getting a weasel for a pet would you prefer the long-tailed or the short-tailed variety?

8I'm undecided
6It doesn't matter

posted 18-Aug-2006 2:12pm  
I have no idea. I don't see myself ever having a pet weasel. Short tailed, long tailed, no tailed. Weasels just aren't my cup of tea.
posted 18-Aug-2006 2:24pm  
I don't think that I would ever get a weasel as a pet. I wouldn't get a pet unless I had a yard for it. Weasels don't strike me as very good pets. I think I would go with something more traditional, like a pussy cat. I wasn't aware that there were weasels with short tails.
posted 18-Aug-2006 2:30pm  
I wouldn't probably have any wild animal as a pet.
posted 18-Aug-2006 2:57pm  
A weasel is not a type of pet I'd choose. I wish you luck!
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 18-Aug-2006 5:07pm  
I don't know. What do they look like? What are the relative advantages and disadvantages? I just don't know enough about weasels.
posted 18-Aug-2006 5:17pm  
I don't want a weasel at all.
posted 18-Aug-2006 5:40pm  
Short, I don't know why though. That is if they are born that way. If they are cropped to be short then go for the one that hasn't been mutililated.
posted 18-Aug-2006 6:44pm  
I don't know. I always get the pet that seems to want me rather than the other way around. Besides I don't think I want a weasel.
(reply to RGirl) posted 18-Aug-2006 6:47pm  
> Short, I don't know why though. That is if they
> are born that way. If they are cropped to be short
> then go for the one that hasn't been mutililated.

That is a good point I didn't think of.

(reply to ultamate) posted 18-Aug-2006 7:24pm  
I have a miniature pinscher. They usually have their ears cropped & tails docked. Her tail had already been docked before I got her but they left the ears & up to the new owner. I left her ears natural. I watch dog shows & I am noticing more and more dogs are being left natural & it doesn't go against the score they get. Some animals have things altered because of their jobs and stuff I guess, but if it just a pet why not leave it how it was born?
posted 18-Aug-2006 8:05pm  
Long tailed.
But forget weasels, one day I will own a ring tailed lemur.
posted 18-Aug-2006 9:48pm  
It doesn't matter as long as it's dead.
posted 19-Aug-2006 12:51am  
Long tailed. A weasel is not a true weasel if it does not have a long tail smiley:::smile
posted 19-Aug-2006 2:29am  
Long-tailed. More bang for the buck.
posted 19-Aug-2006 2:48am  
Which ever one would taste better. If they taste the same then which ever one I can get a clean shot off first on. After all, I gotta feed my boyz smiley:::raspberry
posted 19-Aug-2006 7:36am  
Undecided. I don't know that I'd even want a weasel for a pet. Long tail, short tail, does it really matter? What's the difference?
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 19-Aug-2006 9:05am  
I wouldn't get a weasel as a pet.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to CarolL) posted 19-Aug-2006 9:06am  
! smiley:::grin
posted 19-Aug-2006 10:03am  
Long tailed so I can keep it tied to something. I don't particularily care for rodents for pets.
(reply to CarolL) posted 19-Aug-2006 10:05am  
smiley:::grin laughing out loud
posted 19-Aug-2006 11:30am  
I dont think I would get one. but It wouldnt matter on the tail.. however I must admit I do prefer the Long haired cat to short haired.. but all in all it shouldnt really matter.
posted 20-Aug-2006 5:11pm  
Don't really have a strong preference.
posted 20-Aug-2006 5:11pm  
...or any for that matter.
(reply to Enheduanna) posted 20-Aug-2006 5:12pm  
Longer tail - more fur for the jacket?
posted 20-Aug-2006 9:52pm  
Long, I guess
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to Iseult) posted 21-Aug-2006 11:07am  
laughing out loud
posted 21-Aug-2006 5:56pm  
I surely did not know there was a difference. Now i will have to ponder this....
Ponder, ponder, ponder.......
i certainly thought they were all the medium sized varieties.....and i have never seen a weazel with a tail as short in approximate size to his body as say.....a hampster? so....I guess i would have to say long-tailed as short would look just plain weird.
posted 23-Aug-2006 6:08pm  
A bald one with no tail.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 13-Sep-2006 9:22am  
long tail

For some reason, I love this survey smiley:::grin
posted 19-Oct-2006 11:03pm  
I like long tails. I wouldn't want to get a dog with docked tail either.
posted 3-Nov-2006 7:45pm  
I'd want to compare them side by side before choosing.
posted 2-Dec-2006 4:38pm  
I prefer the long-tailed variety. I can't imagine a short-tailed ferret!
posted 22-Dec-2006 5:50am  
I don't think I'd be bothered.
posted 16-Jan-2007 1:03am  
I don't think the tail length is so much as issue as whether or not the weasel will get along with my cat.
posted 18-Feb-2007 1:39pm  
posted 25-Jul-2008 6:42am  
hey im interested in getting a least weasel can anybody help me?
do you know a breeder?

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