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multiple25-Oct-2001opinionspidertea by votes2381768.9%


In general, which of these things do you consider to be immoral?

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By "in general" I mean under normal every day circumstances.
For example- you may believe it is wrong to hit a dog, but if you were being attacked by a dog, you probably wouldn't think twice about it. But for every day circumstances you believe it is wrong.

173Having sex with someone against their will
165Killing another person for financial gain
162Not telling a sexual partner that you have a sexually transmitted disease
152Having sex with someone who is too intoxicated to give consent
148Necrophilia (sex with corpses)
147Bestiality (sex with animals)
141Killing another person out of anger/revenge
138A high school student sleeping with a teacher for a better grade
135Cannibalism (eating human flesh)
135Cheating on your significant other
132Hitting a significant other
127A college student sleeping with a professor for a better grade
125Driving while intoxicated
119Prostituting someone (pimping)
117Disliking someone because of their race/age/sex/sexual orientation or ethnicity
114Hitting a child
108Hitting a dog
107Smoking tobacco while pregnant
106An adult having sex with a minor
97Cheating on an exam
86Aborting a fetus for financial reasons
85Testing cosmetics on animals
81Corporal punishment (caning for example)
80Calling someone fat/ugly/stupid
76Cheating on your taxes
74Doing cocaine
74Hunting for sport
70Being a prostitute
67Sleeping with a prostitute
59Capital punishment (the death penalty)
54Burning your country's flag
48Telling a lie
47Doctor assisted suicide
44Having a threesome
43Same sex couples adopting children
42Aborting a fetus because of rape or incest
40Smoking marijuana
37Exaggerating on your resume
36Aborting a fetus because it is not likely to survive
35Same sex marriage
34Wearing fur
30Premarital sex
27Smoking tobacco
23Aborting a fetus because of danger to the mother
23Getting a divorce
21Drinking alcohol
17I don't believe in the concept of morality
15Wearing leather
13Killing another person in self defense
12Eating meat
11Religious views other than your own

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posted 26-Oct-2001 6:43pm  
Great question
posted 26-Oct-2001 7:38pm  
A lot of these are unethical, but not necessarily immoral in my view.
posted 26-Oct-2001 9:40pm  
This is tough to use one scale on. There are things that are really disturbed like necrophilia, but maybe not immoral, one could consider tobacco immoral as doing harm to ones self but within an acceptable range.
I would answer much different depending if the adjective was bad, wrong, immoral, unacceptable, etc.
posted 26-Oct-2001 9:46pm  
A lot of people would gladly shoot a wolf for fun but not have sex with it and let it go. PLEASE, If I have a choice in the matter, I would much rather you get me too drunk to care and screw me than hunt me down for kicks.
posted 26-Oct-2001 9:52pm  
Abuse of people (especially children) and animals of any sort. Prejudice. Cannibalism (I know in Fiji they still do it, but where else??!!!  * surprise * ).
I also learned a new word from this survey. Necrophilia. I had seen a report on CNN or something about it, I forget. I didn't get the name. That also is immoral.
posted 26-Oct-2001 11:43pm  
Hmm. That was pretty thought-provoking. Most I gave a lot of serious thought to, I had a problem whether or not to check cocaine. Wanting to alter consciouness is a perfectly natural thing to do, and humans aren't the only ones who seek to do this, but people on cocaine do some pretty immoral things. I've never known anyone to become nicer and more even-tempered when doing coke.
LindaH Triple Gold Star Survey Creator Gold Qualifier This user is on the site NOW (7 minutes ago)
(reply to jkiehart) posted 27-Oct-2001 12:00am  
If someone occasionally engaged in 'adrenaline sessions' in which they listened to loud music, thought angry thoughts, and punched a punching bag, afterward leaving them in a hostile, angry, mean mood, would that be immoral?
posted 27-Oct-2001 12:46am  
Some of these things I might find distasteful and I might not choose to do...or I might discourage my child from doing these things...

but ultimately each individual(even my offspring) must define what for them is right...or wrong....

I refuse to label things as moral or immoral
posted 27-Oct-2001 12:47am  
I am a bit surprised that so few people think that pimping is wrong. It is so abusive and exploitive.
Also, apparently not everyone thinks it is wrong to have sex with someone against their will. Rape! That REALLY scares me.
(reply to Wicksy) posted 27-Oct-2001 12:48am  
posted 27-Oct-2001 1:31am  
I think 3 of the worst are Necorphilia, Bestiality, and Cannibalism even though there a lot more those are just plain nasty!!!
(reply to LindaH) posted 27-Oct-2001 5:31am  
No, not at all. That's healthy and normal.
(reply to spidertea) posted 27-Oct-2001 5:35am  
I put pimping as immoral without even thinking about it. Just read about a bust pimping bust (happy that they didn't title it a "prostitution bust" here in Queens. They controlled women with hot clothing irons, they had a 12-year-old-girl... sick. I have no problem with a mature woman, and a mature man who would exchange money or --
sorry, listening to music...
love radiohead
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator Survey Qualifier
posted 27-Oct-2001 6:25am  
A lot of these things I consider worng, but not immoral. Morality is a complicated concept and without a precise definition it's difficult to say what exactly I consider immoral.
posted 27-Oct-2001 10:49am  
Most of what I checked off I did because it is against my morals, but I'm not nessicarily going to think it is wrong if someone else does it. But some things, like rape, I think are wrong no matter who does it.
posted 27-Oct-2001 10:52am  
Rape; a teacher having sex with a student; cheating on your spouse or significant other; being a pimp; killing someone for financial gain; abusing any person or animal. A couple of the things on this list are too gross to even think of (bestiality and cannibalism). I don't know is immoral is the word. They're just plain GROSS!
posted 27-Oct-2001 11:32am  
Sleeping with a teacher/professor, sleeping with animals (eww), being a prostitute/pimping, calling someone names, cannabalism, cheating on an SO, taxes or exam, disliking someone for no good reson, corporal punishment, doing cocaine, gambling, drink driving, rape, hitting a dog or SO, hunting, killing for financial gain or anger, necrophilia, not informing sexual partners of STD's, shoplifting, smoking pot, testing cosmetics on animals, and wearing fur.
LindaH Triple Gold Star Survey Creator Gold Qualifier This user is on the site NOW (7 minutes ago)
(reply to jkiehart) posted 27-Oct-2001 12:35pm  
Do you have AOL IM? Radiohead has a bot with the screen name Googlyminotaur. It's fun.
posted 27-Oct-2001 2:41pm  
I selected all but twelve. I was going to list the ones I didn't pick, but twelve is too many. Just for fun, I'll name in my next comment, the one I didn't pick that appears highest on the list and the one I did pick that appears lowest on the list.
posted 27-Oct-2001 2:44pm  
I don't think that cheating on an exam is immoral. I do think that wearing leather is. Oddly enough, I've never cheated on an exam, but I wear leather quite often...
(reply to autumnlight) posted 27-Oct-2001 4:30pm  
What about wearing leather?
posted 27-Oct-2001 6:11pm  
Some of these where difficult for me to answer,as some of them did not have a condition under which it might be done.

Like spanking a child,for me is not immoral.Not unless some tend to go above & beyond the reason for a swat on the butt to correct a child,then that to me is considered child abuse in my eyes.

Many to me were to vage a question for me to answer properly. * frown *
(reply to LindaH) posted 27-Oct-2001 7:29pm  
Darn! Nope, no AOL.
posted 27-Oct-2001 9:14pm  
20 of these things. I'm not going to list them.
posted 27-Oct-2001 11:15pm  
I'm not sure were wearing leather or fur, or eating meat would be really bad. Could be, I guess.
LindaH Triple Gold Star Survey Creator Gold Qualifier This user is on the site NOW (7 minutes ago)
posted 28-Oct-2001 12:11am  
I'm baffled as to why disliking someone for stuff that shouldn't matter got more votes than calling someone a name. I think there's a difference between disliking someone, and acting on it. I think a silent dislike (for whatever reason) is a whole lot better than name calling and harassment.
SueBee Survey Central Subscriber
posted 28-Oct-2001 12:45am  
I think "immoral" means different things to different people. I checked the things on this list that I think are really awful and should never be done (like killing someone for financial gain). There are other things on the list that I think are bad, but not necessarily immoral (such as not liking someone because of their race, etc.).
SueBee Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to LindaH) posted 28-Oct-2001 12:54am  
I agree with you there. I didn't consider either of them immoral though. Mean and stinky yes, but not immoral. Which brings us back to trying to find a common definition. Even the dictionary definition didn't help me.
SueBee Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to jkiehart) posted 28-Oct-2001 1:01am  
Actually you don't need to be on AOL to have AOL IM (Instant Messenger). You can download it for free at and it allows you to chat with individuals or groups in your own private chat window. I really love it! It's super easy to use, and very handy. The hardest part for me was finding a screen name that wasn't already taken. I highly recommend it if you have any interest in that sort of thing.
(reply to SueBee) posted 28-Oct-2001 1:11am  
Okey dokey!
I have the Yahoo one loaded, but I never use it. I always get odd messages from people I've never even met before.
SueBee Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to jkiehart) posted 28-Oct-2001 1:49am  
Ew, that's weird. On AOL IM people have to know your screen name in order to send you a message, and nobody knows your screen name unless you tell them.
(reply to Jemmy) posted 28-Oct-2001 4:55am  
I was gonna say that because it is immoral but then I would be a hypocrite cos I wear leather myself. I might not in the future though. I've never really thought about leather until now.
posted 28-Oct-2001 11:07am  
Quite an immoral list!!! I checked quite a few.
(reply to SueBee) posted 28-Oct-2001 2:54pm  
On Yahoo, you can browse the profiles of the users and send them messages if they're logged in to IM. Needless to say, I don't log in anymore. Oh, but it's really annoying, because when I'm in games (which is all the time), it allows others to reach you. I HATE having my Bingo game interrupted.
Bingo: I'm getting old.
(reply to jkiehart) posted 28-Oct-2001 3:18pm  
Beach blanket bingo?
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 28-Oct-2001 3:28pm  
Just plain old "speed" bingo. I don't know why I play it so much, you don't even win anything. Just a non-drug time-waster, I guess.
posted 28-Oct-2001 3:58pm  
Sleeping with teachers for better grades (sleeping with teachers for fun or love is okay for me),capital punishment,corporal punishment,disliking on the base of someone race/etc...,having sex with someone who don't or can't give consent,not telling your partner that you have a disease,testing on animals....hitting a child or a this is hard/humiliating problem if it's a "light" spanking.Everything else,killing,necrophilia,same sex not immoral for me.Maybe disgusting (necrophilia) or just something I would never do (like killing or marrying another woman).
I'm very moral,but my morals aren't in the average I suppose!  * wink *
posted 28-Oct-2001 6:30pm  
There were a number of things I didn't mark here because they weren't drawn quite narrowly enough. For instance, in this country an 18-year-old is an adult and a 17-year-old is a minor. But, in my opinion, there's nothing morally wrong with them sleeping together. Had the question been "having sex with someone under the age of consent", which implies a first person point of view and doesn't use a term with a legal definition unrelated to sex, I would have marked that option as immoral.
posted 28-Oct-2001 6:46pm  
i clicked off 21 of those.
posted 28-Oct-2001 6:49pm  
me and lovelight are wondering why, according to the statistics of this survey at the time we looked at it, why it is more immoral to hit a dog than to hit a child.
(reply to autumnlight) posted 28-Oct-2001 6:58pm  
Yeah, I know. I was always against fur, but then I realized I wear leather, and it is basically the same thing.
(reply to jkiehart) posted 28-Oct-2001 7:35pm  
It seemed like such a catholic old lady thing to do, waiting for your number to come up.
SueBee Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to jkiehart) posted 28-Oct-2001 10:42pm  
On AOL IM you don't have to set up a user profile, so you can be totally anonymous. I really like that feature a lot.

I play Bingo and some other games at Excite sometimes. Can you actually win any money playing Yahoo games?
SueBee Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to heyzeus1) posted 28-Oct-2001 10:49pm  
I think they're both bad, but I wonder if some people think it's okay to discipline a child with a spanking, but that it's never okay to hit a dog. It's also possible that people skimmed over the choices quickly and missed some. *shrug*
(reply to SueBee) posted 29-Oct-2001 1:59pm  
Um, I'm pretty sure you can only win money from 11 pm to 12 am on Yahoo.
(reply to Jemmy) posted 29-Oct-2001 3:32pm  
Fur looks more more obviouslt animal like! That's my excuse, at least leather doesn't *look* like a dead animal!  * smile *
(reply to autumnlight) posted 29-Oct-2001 3:35pm  
 * smile * Yeah, I know.
posted 29-Oct-2001 10:16pm  
I checked everything, because it's all situational. Granted, I also didn't look at what I was checking, but hey, that's me.
SueBee Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to jkiehart) posted 30-Oct-2001 12:10am  
posted 30-Oct-2001 7:27am  
Well, I'll probably hear about this...
LindaH Triple Gold Star Survey Creator Gold Qualifier This user is on the site NOW (7 minutes ago)
(reply to jkiehart) posted 30-Oct-2001 1:07pm  
posted 30-Oct-2001 5:08pm  
I had a hard time deciding on hitting a child and a dog. I think they need to be punished buy a spanking if they did something bad, but hitting them just for the hell of it, ABSOLUTLEY WRONG.
posted 30-Oct-2001 5:09pm  
(reply to LindaH) posted 30-Oct-2001 10:49pm  
I don't know whether to congratulate Radiohead, or take the Johnny Rotten stance.
 * wink *
LindaH Triple Gold Star Survey Creator Gold Qualifier This user is on the site NOW (7 minutes ago)
(reply to jkiehart) posted 30-Oct-2001 10:50pm  
What's the Johnny Rotten stance?
(reply to LindaH) posted 30-Oct-2001 10:54pm  
Past Q awards ceremonies, held at London's expensive Park Lane hotel, have seen boisterous behavior by some attendees. But this year the present-day chart-toppers were upstaged by John Lydon - formerly Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols - who received the ``inspiration'' award for his influence on music.

Lydon - who arrived at the hotel in a horse and cart and with his trademark shock of hair dyed orange and black - accepted his award in stalwart punk fashion.
``Who wants this?'' the 45-year-old punk pioneer asked the audience, ``because it doesn't mean anything to me.''
LindaH Triple Gold Star Survey Creator Gold Qualifier This user is on the site NOW (7 minutes ago)
(reply to jkiehart) posted 30-Oct-2001 11:01pm  
Oh.  * laughing out loud *
LindaH Triple Gold Star Survey Creator Gold Qualifier This user is on the site NOW (7 minutes ago)
(reply to jkiehart) posted 30-Oct-2001 11:04pm  
For some reason, my last comment reminds me of a sneeze.
(reply to LindaH) posted 30-Oct-2001 11:23pm  
That word's actually in the SC dictionary!
LindaH Triple Gold Star Survey Creator Gold Qualifier This user is on the site NOW (7 minutes ago)
(reply to jkiehart) posted 30-Oct-2001 11:51pm  
cool  * smile *
(reply to Wookiewoman) posted 31-Oct-2001 3:16am  
posted 31-Oct-2001 8:14am  
what a stoopid website. What in the motherfuk is the point of this. U lot never talk about the subject, so just go to a damn chatroom. K?
(reply to bluedog) posted 31-Oct-2001 9:15am  
Sod off then, blue dogcrap!
posted 31-Oct-2001 10:51am  
I checked everything except
Burning your countries flag (that's unpatriotic, not immoral)
Calling someone fat/stupid/ugly (that's just mean)
Capital punishment
Corporal punishment
Driving while intoxicated (dangerous, not immoral. Being intoxicated is immoral, not driving while)
Eating meat
Hitting a dog (mean, not immoral)
Hunting for sport
Killing another person in self defense
Not telling a sex partner about an STD
Religious views other than my own
Same sex couples adopting children
Testing cosmetics on animals (mean, not immoral)
Wearing fur
Wearing leather

posted 31-Oct-2001 11:39am  
They're all immoral!!!! I need to go to church after reading these immoral thoughts!!!
posted 31-Oct-2001 1:41pm  
I didn't check any of them, but then I don't use the word immoral.
posted 1-Nov-2001 11:18am  
While hitting a child may be TECHNICALLY immoral, it sometimes becomes necessary to gain their attention when all else fails. This from a father of 3, step-father of 3, & grandfather of 11 who HAS hit children and regretted it.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator Survey Qualifier
(reply to anonymous) posted 1-Nov-2001 2:28pm  
#2 To get their *attention*??? That's sick!
(reply to bluedog) posted 1-Nov-2001 6:55pm  
We've been here forever. One needs more in life that repeating their astrology sign, favorite CD, and sexual turn on every three months.
posted 5-Nov-2001 11:02am  
I'd always wondered what necrophilia was. And now I know. Ick.
posted 5-Nov-2001 3:40pm  
I feel that as long as you are not causing harm to another that it is not not immoral.
posted 8-Nov-2001 10:42am  
"My Gramma, what a large list you have."
"All the better to condemn you to hell with, Little Red Riding Human."
(reply to Oscar) posted 10-Nov-2001 7:12pm  
Why is it just mean to hit a dog, but not immoral?
How do you define immoral?
posted 11-Nov-2001 5:18pm  
what the heck is wrong with hunting for sport?
posted 11-Nov-2001 11:15pm  
I love to hunt for sport in fact I am going to hunt a squirrel tomorrow!! and then I am going to skin it and lleace the carcus on someones car
(reply to anonymous) posted 12-Nov-2001 5:19am  
how did you vote on bestiality?
(reply to spidertea) posted 12-Nov-2001 9:05am  
Immoral is against what the Bible says. I don't remember seeing anything about hitting a dog in the Bible.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator Survey Qualifier
(reply to anonymous) posted 12-Nov-2001 4:25pm  
#3 - killing for pleasure is a little sick. But a straight shot that kills isn't as bad as hunting with dogs, say.
(reply to Oscar) posted 13-Nov-2001 12:06am  
Biblical rules changed. At one time animal sacrifices were appropriate, later they were not. Saints' sages, apostles, whatever were responsible for transcribing the morality appropriate for the time. They would probably consult with god and reside in the wisdom of the heart to prescribe things a bit different now. They probably do in fact, but with thousands of modern spiritual authors out there now, who knows how to find those in communion with god for advice on modern morality. My recommendation is to learn to talk to God and to follow the wisdom of your heart. Every moment calls for spiritual morality, yet the answers to situations won't always be in the book. True ethics transcend rules of behavior. If you act solely by the book, you will not be developing discernment. People who learn entirely from books, no matter how holy, run the risk of denying what is right in front of their face. For instance there are those who think because of how they interpreted what books teach, that animals don't feel. You damage them, they cry just like you or I would. It bugs me that people would deny that because a book was interpreted otherwise. Books were written for people that don't think or talk to god. What did the bible say about so many modern issues like cloning? Alone, it's not enough in this age. A higher connection than rules of morality written for desert tribes is required. The eskimos encourage wife swapping on long visits. This was not appropriate for large desert tribes, but in the arctic, societies would have died of gene strangulation following the bible. Folks like Moses talked to god and got the latest scoop. You can too. Read about the logos in the bible. That is talking to God, and the bible encourages it. It will supercede or interpret the bible for you. Follow the path of love, wisdom, and spiritual connection and you will prosper.
(reply to Oscar) posted 13-Nov-2001 12:30pm  
I'm sorry you can't make decisions without looking it up in the Bible. :(
(reply to spidertea) posted 13-Nov-2001 1:38pm  
I'm sorry you have to be mean to me.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator Survey Qualifier
(reply to Oscar) posted 13-Nov-2001 1:45pm  
I'm sure she didn't mean it in a mean way, people who don't believe in the Bible don't see it in the same way that people who realy do (like you) do.

((hug))  * smile *
posted 13-Nov-2001 5:15pm  
a college/high school student sleeping with a teacher, an adult having sex with a minor, pimping/prostetution, calling some one a fata$$ or a dumba$$, driving while intoxicated, having sex against someone else's will or when they're intoxicated, killing for finacial gain or revenge, neocrophila, not telling a sexual partner about having dieseases, shoplifting, sleeping with a prostitute, smoking while pregnant, testing cosmetics on animals, suicide, canabolism, cheating on a test, cheating on an SO.
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 13-Nov-2001 5:21pm  
Keep in mind, people do come before animals.
posted 13-Nov-2001 8:38pm  
Exaggerating on your resume: only to a Im only semi-fluent in a language, but I say I speak it

Homosexuality: Whatever. Sexuality *period* gets on my nerves....

Telling a lie: Only if its to avoid hurting someone or a white lie...

What really gets on my nerves is ANIMAL abuse, especially hunting FOR SPORT. My friend just got a gun and went out and shot a couple birds, then let them rot....

posted 14-Nov-2001 1:02am  
Maybe I have no morality, I feel like as long as what you do,does not directly or indirectly harm someone else, put them in danger of any kind, or violate their beliefs or standards, it's ok, I guess. Hate to sound so wishy-washy, seems like the only thing that really gets people in an uproar on a personal note anymore is when ya mess their money or possessions. Anything other opinion is affected by who is around or what they want people to believe of 'em. But hey, I am just a hick.
posted 14-Nov-2001 8:29am  
Wearing Corduroy.
(reply to southernyankee) posted 14-Nov-2001 5:27pm  
Not in every faith out there. Some clans even were filters to prevent killing bugs from inhalation (though perhaps there's some self interest there). If you been in psychic bond with an animal or conversed with a maucau, you might put them on the par with children (granted, the children will grow up, but they start as complete beings in God too), and you know valor calls for saving the children first. I would probably save people before animals myself, but I surely grant them more respect than sport hunting. I admire native americans who pray for the soul of the animal while aiming their bow.
(reply to Oscar) posted 15-Nov-2001 9:20am  
This is an excellent survey and it can't be flawed. However, one person voted it bad and it was Oscar. She votes ALL surveys bad.

What a sad dog!
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 15-Nov-2001 4:34pm  
I don't understand the whole hunting thing myself, but I do know that many of the animals that are hunted end up being eaten. And anyway, there are very, I mean very strict laws to how one can and can not hunt. One needs licence, and there are often limits on how many animals one can kill. So you can't say that animals don't have any rights.

As far as people who were filters to prevent themselves from killing animals: I wonder if they brush their teeth or not. I wonder if they take showeres and baths. WE'RE ALL MASS MURDERERS, WE KILL BILLIONS OF INNOCENT BACTERIA EVERYDAY!!!! LOL
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 15-Nov-2001 5:14pm  
Jains wear masks over their mouths so they dont swallow insects and they also sweep in front of them as they walk.
(reply to anonymous) posted 16-Nov-2001 2:31pm  
Why would you talk about me instead of to me in a reply?
Excellent surveys don't go to 68% with just one vote.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator Survey Qualifier
(reply to Oscar) posted 16-Nov-2001 3:28pm  
Too true!
Irene007 Survey Central Gold Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 17-Nov-2001 8:51am  
I checked only a few obvious ones... Like necrophilia - weird! In others, the question of morality can be debatable given the circumstances.
posted 18-Nov-2001 1:11am  
Whether I've done any of that is beside the point.......... right?
posted 18-Nov-2001 6:08am  
There were a lot of things on here that could be judged as just plain stupid instead of immoral.And some that were more unethical than immoral.I was a little annoyed that anyone could think a person's sexuality could be immoral but screw em.I'm queer and proud.
posted 18-Nov-2001 1:22pm  
Geez, I think a LOT of things are immoral... O.o;;;
(reply to EmoKidSmiley) posted 20-Nov-2001 1:14am  
I think that homosexuality is very immoral. I'm a very religious person and most of the things on that survey were immoral. Sexual preferance being just one of them.
(reply to nosoniceguy) posted 20-Nov-2001 8:34am  
Religious bigotry being another!
(reply to Oscar) posted 20-Nov-2001 11:10am  
So why did you rate it bad?
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