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multiple29-Jun-2013productsJessicaWoman99 by votes24145.8%


Do you have a furniture store in your town or city

A furniture store where you can buy dressers beds and dining room chairs and tables etc.


posted 29-Jun-2013 11:23pm  
posted 30-Jun-2013 12:27am  
Yes. a lot of them.
posted 30-Jun-2013 12:49am  
Yes. We have a store by the name of some guy's first name with the family name of "Clément. I'm sure he's a relative of the original store on the North Shore with some female's name with the same last name. Her store has some renown because of her knack of finding "trendy" furniture. It might also be important to add that her store is in a very "bourgeois" area of Montreal's suburbs (Laval - North Shore of Montreal). I am not from there and nor is her brother (or cousin). I'm surprised that his store is still open after all the time I've been in this area.

Msgman created a survey asking how much has changed in our lives since we've been involved with SC; my personal changes were obvious but the town I live in has had dramatic changes. I suspect the guy "Clément"'s business will pick up very soon. We will have the "urbane train" service next year - it's so close to me that I feel the vibrations of a train going through. (I kinda like it - reminds me of 25 cent beds in motel rooms) so people who work downtown will now want to live here because of the train service. Good for me - makes my house go up in value!
posted 30-Jun-2013 12:52am  
Gawd... My response to this survey seems grandiloquent by comparison...
posted 30-Jun-2013 10:12am  
Yes, there are furniture stores in my neighborhood, Rego Park.
posted 30-Jun-2013 10:21am  
Many, many - I live in a big city. If I were to buy furniture, besides garage sales, I would shop around a lot because my tastes are highly unusual, and might end up buying online.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 30-Jun-2013 11:21am  
I live in a fairly large city, so there are lots of furniture stores.
posted 30-Jun-2013 11:29am  
According to Google maps, there are at least ten.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 30-Jun-2013 1:38pm  
posted 30-Jun-2013 2:04pm  
Yes here in Kremmling there are 3 furniture stores
(reply to Irene007) posted 30-Jun-2013 2:16pm  
Wow Irene Montreal sounds a lot like Denver Colorado because Denver has those light rail trains RTD and soon from downtown Denver to DIA there will be train service to the new airport some day plus DIA Denver is building a new Hotel at DIA and expanding light rail around the city those trains are so cool to see
paulyw Gold Star Survey Creator
posted 2-Jul-2013 1:01pm  
Yes, in my area we once had 5 furniture stores. Now we only have 3. but we only have 1 family owned furniture store. the other 2 stores are franchise furniture stores.
posted 8-Jul-2013 4:09pm  
Yes, plenty. I live in furnished rented accomodation so other than the odd bookshelf I never really have to worry about buying furniture.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 28-Jun-2015 9:56am  
lol Yeah. Hundreds of them at least.

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