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multiple24-May-2000hypothetical questionAustinsMom unsorted67750.8%


What would you do if a friend/sibling called and threatened your life?

Suppose your sibling or friend called you and threatened to kill you with a gun. You know they have the means to do this, because they just bought a gun two weeks before. What would you do?

36Call the police.
8Go and confront them.
2Get a gun myself.
2Leave state.
1This question doesn't apply to me, because I don't have a sibling or a friend.
21Other, please explain.

posted 25-May-2000 3:41am  
Talk to my/their family and try to see what's going on.
posted 25-May-2000 5:17am  
Call police and have them confront the threater
posted 25-May-2000 7:15am  
kill them first
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 25-May-2000 10:31am  
I'm trying to imagine phi calling and threatening to shoot me. Nope, it's just not working...
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 25-May-2000 10:41am  
If anyone tells me their going to kill me with a gun and I truly believe they mean it, calling the police seems like the best thing to do.
posted 25-May-2000 11:46am  
My friends would know better than to warn me.
posted 25-May-2000 12:24pm  
Odd thing is that I can imagine a few friends who I would truly believe if they did this.
posted 25-May-2000 12:34pm  
Beat 'em to it.
posted 25-May-2000 2:07pm  
The police have to be the first recourse, but even though I'm British (firearms are illegal) and female I feel very strongly that I would have to take full measures to ensure my protection (the police here would never be able to afford me full protection) so yes, I would get a gun if I felt threatened; and I would make sure I knew how to use it better than the person who was threatening me. Nobody should deny you the right to defend yourself. I don't know whether it reached the US news; but I am fully behind the Tony Martins self-defence case, even though the home invaders were not armed. If someone broke into my house who I thought was going to try to hurt or kill me, I think I would have to kill them pre-emptively, not wait and see!
posted 25-May-2000 3:51pm  
I really can't imagine this happening, but if anyone threatened my life, I would call the police.
posted 25-May-2000 5:05pm  
It depends on whether I thought they were serious. If I did, I'd call the cops.
posted 25-May-2000 6:20pm  
I'd call the police and then get my child to a safe place where she would not be at risk of getting caught in this kind of a dispute. I'd also load my gun and wear it on my body....
posted 25-May-2000 6:33pm  
I don't know. Something like this has happened to me before and we just got our gun out and waited. Nothing did happen though.
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 25-May-2000 8:30pm  
if i thought they were serious in the threat, i would let the authorities know, i guess
posted 26-May-2000 2:12am  
invite them over...and as they pull into the driveway..i'd snipe 'em with a high-powered rifle..muhahaha
posted 26-May-2000 3:07pm  
I'd laugh my ass off because it would obviously be a joke! If someone actually seemed serious, I guess I'd load my gun and be prepared to defend myself.
(reply to Beachy) posted 26-May-2000 3:11pm  
Are you saying that you think you'd be able to get a gun even though they're illegal there?
(reply to SueBee) posted 26-May-2000 8:29pm  
since when does something's legality have anything to do with whether or not peeps can get a hold of it smiley:::raspberry
posted 27-May-2000 12:02am  
Funny you should ask.............
(reply to SueBee) posted 27-May-2000 12:48pm  
No, I was speaking purely hypothetically- but then it's highly unlikely that they'd have a gun either, so I guess we'd be talking more commonly about knives in the UK. And for your peace of mind; I never felt the need carry one, despite the the kind of school I went to. It's just, post discussion over Tony Martins, something I feel quite strongly about...
posted 27-May-2000 1:41pm  
Beachy...actually you'd be talking about broken bottles.....not knives
(reply to mandy) posted 28-May-2000 12:08pm  
No-one I knew at school ever carried a broken bottle around with them.
posted 28-May-2000 1:38pm  
mandy & Beachy - I was just curious because so many people use the UK as an example when they talk about outlawing guns in the US. I worry that criminals who really wanted guns would still be able to get them, even if they were illegal, so I wondered if that was the case there.
posted 2-Jun-2000 9:59am  
Laugh in their face and dare them to kill me.
posted 2-Jun-2000 12:56pm  
No one would threaten me. I am well loved. Plus I'm buff and intimidating ;)
posted 3-Feb-2007 10:24pm  
I'd call them first & try to find out why they are threatening me & try to work things out. If that didn't work, I'd call the police & make certain I'm well barricaded within my home.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 4-Mar-2012 5:06pm  
Try and go somewhere they wouldn't find me while calling the police. However, given that owning guns is illegal here (bar specific circumstances like farmers being allowed shotguns) I think I would have alreday been quite alarmed that someone I knew had illegally purchased a gun. I might have already reported them to the police. Maybe that's why they want to kill me? smiley:::wry smile
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to Beachy) posted 4-Mar-2012 5:09pm  
> And for your peace of mind; I never felt the
> need carry one, despite the the kind of school I went to.

laughing out loud laughing out loud laughing out loud


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